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Friday, September 28, 2012


I basically feel like a celebrity.  I got to be featured on Heavy on the Veggie.  Hell hath frozen over. 

I'd like to say thanks for all of the bday love.  Started the day awesome and hope to end it that way.  Very, very thankful for you people.  Love you, mean it. 

At 11:30 pm tonight I will be 27.  I hope 27 is a good one.  I'm ready.  In honor of 27, I've compiled a list of 27 things that I am thankful for. Boom.  (in no order of importance)

1-Love.  Thank you all for your love.  For reals.  Appreciate it more than you know.
2-Mozzo.  Really.  I would die without it.  Mozzo, I love you.
3-Adventure.  So glad I got to have one this summer.  So awesome. I look forward to spending more time with you
4-Jesus.  God. Holy Spirit.  I mean lets be real.  I wouldn't be here without them.  Coolest adventure of my life.
5-Fridays.  I love you.  I need you.  Keep coming.
6-Itunes.  You are both my favorite and my nemesis at the same time. 
7-Failure.  You keep teaching me and I am secretly grateful.
8-HOTV.  You motivate me.  you inspire me.  you scare me.  Thank you.
9-Writing.  Music, books, etc. You are my outlet.  Don't ever leave me.
10-Diet Mt. Dew.  Where would I be without you??
11-Sass Fam.  Wouldn't be here without you also.  Love you long time.
12-Married friends.  Even though I see you less, you are awesome.  Please start popping out kidlets.  So I have someone to play with.  Great. Thanks.
13-Mom Friends.  Yall are badass.  I have nothing more to say.
14-The YOLOS.  No comment.
15-Needtobreathe.  I am obsessed and there is no going back.
16-Friday Night Lights.  I bought into you. 100%.  Tami, you are my hero.  Please come back.  Let me segway to Tim Riggins here. Hot damn.
17-Parenthood.  I laugh I cry.  You get me every single time.  You also have made me turn bright red at the mention of Funkytown. Thank you.
18-The Girl Palace and her women.  Could not live without you. 
19-Friendship.  This is one of my all time favorites.  So important to me and I am so blessed.
20-My camera.  You make me feel cool.  You also make me try and be creative. 
21-Mt. Perfect.  I couldn't love you anymore.  You've done me well.  Now please stop with the orange cones.
22-Fishin pole.  You are my life saver.  I plan to spend some more quality time with you quite soon.
23-Grace.  Keep it coming.  I'm prolly going to need a lot more of you
24-People of the Bridge.  You brighten my day. Mostly.  I like to talk smack about you.
25-Chacos.  I wear you everyday. 
26-Backwards hat.  I know you are not the coolest, but I will keep on rocking you. 
27-Stephen G. Sayre.  You da bomb.

I have many more, but I will spare you for now.  Over and out.  Stay cool.


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  1. As one of your mom friends, I've never been called that before. I guess that moves me up into a new place. Thank you. Hope your birthday was so much fun. You are so loved. I love you dearly. cozy