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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Grady Bunch

So they are nothing like the Brady Bunch, but it rhymed so I totally went with it.. Now I am laughing at myself.  Last night I took the Grady fam out in the boat and it was delightful. For serious.  They are super fun to hang with.  Plus I got to take them to my spot:) Here are a few pics:
 Forgive me, I tried to be creative...
After I got the boat put up, my dramatic friends called.  Whom I love dearly.  Apparently Tyler had malaria.  Or maybe it was a case of the molly grubs due to some M&Ms.  I went over to the B&B on Barbara to make sure the situation was secure.  Today I cleaned out the garage.  It was hot as hell, but I feel so much better now.  I also sustained an injury and I am bleeding, but I have no idea how it happened.  Oh well.  I'm off to strum a few at church.  Catch you on the flip.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterday I made a lil jaunt down to Pawleys/Litchfield for dinner and a wicked dance party.  I also got to see where the future Biz Foxworth will be living. Super cool house.  Good job Shaun.  Here is what I found when I got to Litchfield:
Last night's sunset was so pretty.  They just keep getting better and better.  After sunset and dinner at Litchfield, I moved over to Pawley's to visit Mary Crawford and The Freeman Family Beach Week 2k11.  Holy Moly they know how to have fun.  After teaching them the wheelchair and laughing a lot, I headed home.  Since my phone was dead, I serenaded myself.  Boy was it a good serenade.  Gap Band, Earth Wind and Fire, U2, Mammas and the Poppas, Elvis, Jackson Browne, Redbone, The Supremes and many many more.  I am now hoarse.  Oh well.  I had myself a darn good time.

Friday, July 29, 2011


That's how I would describe my last 24 hrs (minus a few hours of work).  Yesterday morning I woke up to a wonderful downpour of rain. I am not at all being sarcastic friends.  I love it when it rains because I would love to go on my boat every single, solitary day of the week, but being in the real world has put a damper on that little thought.  So when it rains, I feel no pressure about not being able to go on the boat.  Plus I love the sound of a good rain.  Any who, I woke up at 7am to meet mi madre at the pool to swim laps.  Side note-go for a swim in the rain.  It's awesome.  Feels so so so good.  Very theraputic.  I swam.  Then I showered and booked it over to Starbucks for an ice coffee and a cram sesh.  My huddle (very cool group of women from St. A's that meets together) was due to head to Edisto (my favorite place in the world universe to see Susalee and discuss a book we are reading.  Some of my favorite people + my fav place = gloriousness..  Big surprise, I needed to read the chapters before I got down there...So I read/listened to music/people watched before heading south.

We got to Edisto and I immediately felt right at home (this always happens when I land on that lil island of paradise).  We all sat around on the porch and talked about the book, which is actually kind of interesting (Breaking the Rules by Fil Anderson).  We discussed many things.  A lot about transparency and being real and what not.  Then we ate a delish lunch and sang Happy Bday to Susalee who just so happened to have a very special birthday today! Happy Bday Susalee:)  Then we headed out to talk some more.  Here's where things got a little interesting for me.  We were discussing some topics.  I asked a ? pretending to not be talking about me (uh, like that ever works.  idiot box) Less than 10 min later we were inside, I was on a couch and they sneak attacked me with Ananias prayer.  Little bandits they are.  I was panicking inside.  (Although.. there is a .07% I hid that..)  I was immediately trying to come up with a clever exit strategy, but none came to mind.  So I took one for the team.  All I can say is that it was AWESOME.  I have almost no recollection of all that was said, but it was good and I wish I could have done it all over again today.  There is something so cool about having people that you love, admire and respect pray for you.  I don't even know how to describe it.  It made me feel so loved.  No joke.  It was really cool.  And I am super duper thankful.

When I opened my eyes, this is what happened...
Then I got to see this
 Best part was that I got to watch it with these lil ladies.  Just look at em
Then I really scored because I got to feast on this
 Man oh man was that a good supper.  The Sassers are super awesome hosts.  Good people.  I got to spend the night last night.  I slept so so so so so good.  I did not want to wake up this morning.  However, I have a small confession.  In the middle of the night I woke up for some reason.  It was pretty dark in there, but I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  Keep in mind that I had been in the middle of a deep sleep, so I was somewhat delirious.  I got a little scared and saw something.  I immediately flicked on the lights... only to find...
Then I laughed at myself.  For several minutes...  Once I realized that there was not a sketchy man in my room.. just a large dead animal, it was safe to resume my delightful slumber.  Unfortunately, I had to wake up and go back to town.  For work.  Boo.  Today I inspected a house with some very interesting things.  And people.  Hope i never have to go back.  But, it went by fast.  Then I got to go celebrate Caroline's bday.   On my way home I was pleasantly surprised with a proposition to go hang with the Grady's.  Good people.  Funny people.  I like them. Lots.  (They are prolly reading this right now...This shout out totally warrants an invite to the frog)  All in all it was a pretty good 24hrs.  I think I'd like to do it again.. How bout tomorrow?  Hope you had a good one.


P.S.- Do yourself a favor.  Make a Patty Griffin station on your Pandora.  Next time it rains. Put it on.  Turn it up.  Light a candle.  Trust me.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wannabe Wizards

I live with wizard wannabes.  Just look at the lil nuggets.  They love Harry Potter.  Now they have no more wizardry to look forward too...  but I do love these pics:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Another fashion no-no

In my eyes at least.  Stop reading if you are one to be offended easily.  Please.  I don't want to hurt any feelings.  This one is for the boys.  Actually I think I have two lil no-no's. 1st- boys and pumas.  For some reason, these don't mix well for me. (This is excluding soccer cleats).  I just don't like them. They are too trendy on guys.  Girls seem to pull it off.  Man Pumas look weird with pants, but even weirder with shorts to me.  I guess some can sport them ok.  Others, not so much.  Keep in mind, this is solely my humble* opinion.  They even have ballerina type ones.  Not cool.
I just thought that I would let you know.  I'm just not diggin it, but the choice is yours.  On to no-no # 2. Men + tank tops = NO GO.  BAD DECISION.  Seriously.  Especially homemade ones.  Some are okay, but I'm just not a tank top liking kind of girl I guess.
I am aware that I am no fashionista, but I just can't handle some things.  I understand if you like a good tank top.  I am all about comfort, but some boys should definitely go for sleeves.  Its just a personal preference.  Read at your own risk.   Please don't be offended.  


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Into the wild

It was survival of the fittest.  Lives were at stake.  Extreme risks were being taken.  Danger was all around.  Okay, okay.  Not so much.  This weekend I went to Cove Creek, which is up in Brevard in Pisgah.  Not too extreme, sorry I was being dramatic.  It's a St. Andrews camping trip.  Except its not exactly backwoods camping.  More like, pack up your belongings in Mt. Pleasant and then drive them 4.5 hours north and then unpack them.  If you spoke to me on Fri last week, don't be confused.  I did say that I was not going.  I think I had my worst bout ever of indecisiveness last week.  I lost all ability to make decisions.  Plus I am not exactly a happy camper.  I like my bed.  Man am I glad I decided to head north.  I had so much fun.  My views on camping have changed just a hair.  Having a tent that you can stand up in totally changes the game.  I felt like my tent was the Taj Mahal.  Much better than last years midget tent. See:
I thought it was kinda cute.  Of course the guitar, drum, teddy grams and disco ball had to make the trip.  I had the best air mattress.  I slept so well.  My company was amazing.  Love them people on the lower meadow.  The food was stellar.  The lower meadow roasted a pig all day long and there was a lower/upper meadow BBQ.  We had an awesome jam session several times.  Georgia and I started the inaugural Cove Creek LM Dance Party.  I think it was a success if I do say so myself.  Some of the best moves I've seen in a while.  We started with 2 people and ended with most of the lower meadow.  We sweated so much that we had to go night time sliding down sliding rock.  Never ever has freezing water felt so good...Then last night we had an amazing camp fire.  Best s'more I have ever downed thanks to Cain Compton.  That boy can roast a mallow like none other.
We sat around the camp fire singing most every popular Motown song and some eminem...  Then had a marsh mallow war which I did not enjoy because some nasty ones ended up in my know who you are...At about 1 am I headed back to my tent to do some late night reading and got the disco ball going..  Some think its weird, I personally enjoy it.
 The weekend was pretty awesome.  Well except at the very end.  Literally, 5 min after we started breaking things down to pack up- the sky fell.  Rain was pouring.  We got soaked.  Our stuff got soaked.  Our dry clothes were already packed...You know how the story goes.  I didn't look my best..
Oh well.  We can't have everything...  Hope y'all had a good weekend.  I can't wait for next year!


Thursday, July 21, 2011


has frozen over.  Yes.  I am now a Belieber.  A belieber is one who likes/loves Justin Bieber.   I am now a convert.  Do not judge.  I used to be anti.  Now I am a fan.  Seriously, this kid has a cool story.  I just watched his movie.  Did I cry?  Kind of (I am having stoppage in that department).  I welled up though.  Is he a good kid?  So far so good.  He can play the drums and guitar really well.  Seriously.  And the boy can dance.  I can't believe I am a fan now.  I love his whole little crews plus I have a huge crush on his manager, scooter.  This is bad, I  know.  I guess it could be worse.....

A fantastic voyage part 2

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say Cheese?

If you need a lil chuckle, then look no further.  Meet some friends.  They are awesome.

Here we have the "man of sod." A true American people.  I am convinced that he is actually Bernie Mac's long lost twin brother.  'Merica, the man is in his element.

And here we have the water aerobics queen.   I believe that is the classic "frame the face" move.  

Get down on it,


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Betty goes bridal

Word.  I got to go wedding dress shopping this weekend and I survived.  And it wasn't terrible because I was a spectator and didn't have to touch the dresses.  Thank God.  It was actually kind of awesome.   Biz took us to Fabulous Frocs and we roamed around the store while she had to strap them dresses on.  At first I was overwhelmed and didn't know if I would make it or not because it reminded me of prom dress shopping which is a whole nother story.  I may have even felt a little glamorous.  Mainly because people would walk by and look through the windows at us.  (maybe that's dumb, but I enjoyed it).  I took advantage of the situation and took a lot of pics.  (Sorry none of the bride and her selection...)
 Worse dress I've seen
 Glamorous...I think the veil suits me...
 Dress overload.  I didn't like that part
 This little animal was attacking me the whole time so that I could not focus on the bride
 Felt a lil "sex sass and the city-ish"
 Was beginning to lose it 
 So I went outside to snap some pics
All in all, it was a successful venture.  I think that I'm starting to get a handle on all this wedding stuff.  It's not quite as terrible as I thought.  Have a good one.

Betty Bridesmaid

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Engagement Festivus with the Bestofus

Sorry.  I just made that title up.  Dumb, but I think I shall keep it. Last night was Logan & Mark's engagement party. I think fun was had by all.  I love when all of my old friends/friend's parents get together.  It's hilarious.  Here are some of my favorite shots:
 show me xmas pose...
 With the groom..
 Kind of love this one..
Betty the M.O.H. @ her finest..
After the party, Betsy, Leigh and Clay peer pressured me into going downtown.  Now I haven't been downtown since like 1959 or 2009ish.  It was hilarious.  Never have I felt so old.  Which is totally unfair because everywhere we went tons of kids that I know, that are no where near 21 were all up in the bars. Therefore, I felt old.  Not cool.  Any who, it was hilarious.

That's all I've got:)