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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yesterday I made a lil jaunt down to Pawleys/Litchfield for dinner and a wicked dance party.  I also got to see where the future Biz Foxworth will be living. Super cool house.  Good job Shaun.  Here is what I found when I got to Litchfield:
Last night's sunset was so pretty.  They just keep getting better and better.  After sunset and dinner at Litchfield, I moved over to Pawley's to visit Mary Crawford and The Freeman Family Beach Week 2k11.  Holy Moly they know how to have fun.  After teaching them the wheelchair and laughing a lot, I headed home.  Since my phone was dead, I serenaded myself.  Boy was it a good serenade.  Gap Band, Earth Wind and Fire, U2, Mammas and the Poppas, Elvis, Jackson Browne, Redbone, The Supremes and many many more.  I am now hoarse.  Oh well.  I had myself a darn good time.

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