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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Happy Camper version 2

I'm going to stick with the Young Life theme today and tell you about the second best camp experience I ever had. 2006. I had never actually left Charleston for more than a week. Some how, some way I applied for YL summer staff.  And some how I got it.  In British Columbia.  Hot damn.  I will admit that I had a panic attack/mild heart attack at the air port gate, begged my dad not to make me go and maybe cried... Short of the story is that I made it to camp. And never wanted to leave. I made the greatest friends from all over the country.  I also forgot long pants...  I can't explain it, but YL life camp is life changing. Malibu Club in British Columbia is magical. Good things are pretty much guaranteed to happen.  And happen they did:) I also happened to score the best job ever possible. I was in charge of the dock and stuff. Stuff as in boats:)  Basically I spent my entire day on boats, on the dock and talking to people.  With a slight chance of a nap in side my dock house.. We also got to chill with Bob Goff at his house.  And got to play street hockey every week.  I was sold..

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Camper

I had a real aha moment the other day.  This is a sentimental post so beware. In 2002, my life pretty much changed forever. I wasn't as extremely cool and smooth back then as I am now... It was Junior year and my only friends were boys.  It is safe to say I was a tom boy and extremely shy.  My friend invited me to this thing called campaigners.  I had no idea what it was, but went anyway.  It was a bible study within Young Life and it was full of really fun people. Well, I never missed a single thing after that.  I was hooked. I scored the best leader ever, the best friends ever and I went to camp that summer and it was the best week of my life. Really. Its hard to explain what happens at camp, but its AWESOME. You are at the most beautiful place ever, with your friends and are forced to have fun 24/7. And it just so happens, that your world is rocked (in a good way). Everything is planned for you. So flash forward 12 years. Some boys I love hopped on a bus and headed to Saranac. One of my favorite people, that actually road the bus with me to Colorado in 2002, was on that same bus to Saranac.  It was the weirdest thing. I've never wanted to be back on a bus so bad. I realized just how awesome camp was for me as a kid and a leader. I wanted another round:) Actually, I just wanted to see their faces when they got there. I think it was the first time that I wanted someone else to have as great as of an experience as I did. I thought about it so much. Prayed about it so much. I wanted them to know how loved they were, to know that people were investing in them and I wanted them to see that they have the power to do all of that for other friends.  It was life changing for me and I wanted it to be as good or even better for them.  And I think it was:) I felt genuine thankfulness for what I experienced and for what they got to experience. And I hope this is just the beginning.  I happened upon some camp pics from a long long time ago..
I am forever thankful that I got invited to campaigners on a random Thursday night at the Martin's house.  And I am forever thankful and lucky to have gotten to be a part of something that I truly believe is life changing.