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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Big Teets

The Tetons were AWESOME.  Off to Yellowstone today!

Monday, July 30, 2012

2,200 miles later

We finally made it to Jackson Hole!!  Today we head to the Tetons.  Here are some pics so far!

Going to see the teets:)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


We picked up my travel buddy at the Denver airport today!!  Wahooooo.  We headed out on the town for a delicious supper and did some walking around.  It was awesome.  So good to just get to hang with 2 great friends.

 I developed a crush on our bartender waiter man

 Let me introduce my Wild West travel buddy who is already disabled....

Saturday, July 28, 2012


(please don't be offended) Sorry about the title of this post, but I am scared for life.  By Kansas.  500 miles across that damn state almost killed me.  And White Lightening.  I will fill you in on the pre Kansas leg, but let me focus on the topic at hand.  Kansas.  BORING.  Here is what I saw:

Here was a message from death (see below)
 And some more flat ass Kansas.
I thought I would never leave.  When I crossed into Colorado I wanted to pull over and do a triple axel of joy.  All I saw were windmills, cattle on trailers headed to meet their maker, adult bookstores and scary Jesus signs.

Now lets talk other parts.  Day before yesterday I was in Indiana.  Staying with the Kellers (see below)

 I found their lovely family portraits
 Hey Barb
 My lovely host katherine.  PS- she is hilarious.
I left Indiana and headed west to St. Louis to find my boy Nelly and hang...  The drive from Evansville, Indiana to St. Louis was oddly peaceful and calm.  Beautiful farms everywhere.  I arrived in St. Louis around 2:30.  I got to each lunch with my friend Lauren Keller!  And I accidentally rode through 3 states with my fruit on top of White lightening...

 St. Louie.
 Jut some sight seeing
 I thought it was cool:)

Then I headed out a little behind schedule to Kansas City, MO.  I arrived around 10pm and headed over to check out IHOP.  (International House of Prayer)
I woke up early on Fri to head to IHOP for some prayer and worship.  As soon as I cranked White Lightening up the dang service light came on.  So I headed to get an oil change, where the stinkin people told me I had an oil leak. Insert mild panic. I bought extra oil just in case and headed back to IHOP before I hit the road.  Only 9.5 hours to Boulder....  Well, I got a late start, say 1pm?  Just as I crossed into Kansas, I saw the mother of all mothers.  CABELAS.  I immediately felt my car veer off onto the exit ramp and I found myself in the parking lot and headed into the store....

 It was glorious.  I even made a purchase... while checking out the animals..
 (Stephen- you missed out)
I had to remove myself very quickly. It was about to get bad...

And that's when I went head to toe with Kansux.  I just don't understand how people live there.  I was depressed the whole way across(no offense I promise).  I mean, I went 34 chapters of an audio book just in Kansas.  Thank God I made it to Colorado.  You know my Kansas thoughts, so lets move on to Boulder.

Boulder is cool.  Fresh and clean.  Here are some important staples of Boulder, CO.  Subarus, road bikes, spandex, trendy dress vests, and coffee shops.  With some street performers thrown in.  Plus, I am staying with Courtney Nicoletti who is one of my FAVORITE friends.

Court's porch
 Cute bread:)
 Craft Cappuccinos
 Boxcar Coffe
 So sweet
 I'm high class...
 Just some spandex walking around...
 Sweet Court
 Tandem bikes everywhere...
 Very cool shopping area
 Awesome kid musicians on the xylophone
 Some oboe players playing Mario Brothers.

We are now heading to Denver to pick up my travel buddy Emily!!!  So excited to end the solo leg of the Wild West adventure.  It was good having 4 days of alone time, but I'm ready to mingle! Thanks to all who have called to chat me across the country.  Keep them coming:)

Off to Jackson Hole tomorrow!