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Friday, September 28, 2012


I basically feel like a celebrity.  I got to be featured on Heavy on the Veggie.  Hell hath frozen over. 

I'd like to say thanks for all of the bday love.  Started the day awesome and hope to end it that way.  Very, very thankful for you people.  Love you, mean it. 

At 11:30 pm tonight I will be 27.  I hope 27 is a good one.  I'm ready.  In honor of 27, I've compiled a list of 27 things that I am thankful for. Boom.  (in no order of importance)

1-Love.  Thank you all for your love.  For reals.  Appreciate it more than you know.
2-Mozzo.  Really.  I would die without it.  Mozzo, I love you.
3-Adventure.  So glad I got to have one this summer.  So awesome. I look forward to spending more time with you
4-Jesus.  God. Holy Spirit.  I mean lets be real.  I wouldn't be here without them.  Coolest adventure of my life.
5-Fridays.  I love you.  I need you.  Keep coming.
6-Itunes.  You are both my favorite and my nemesis at the same time. 
7-Failure.  You keep teaching me and I am secretly grateful.
8-HOTV.  You motivate me.  you inspire me.  you scare me.  Thank you.
9-Writing.  Music, books, etc. You are my outlet.  Don't ever leave me.
10-Diet Mt. Dew.  Where would I be without you??
11-Sass Fam.  Wouldn't be here without you also.  Love you long time.
12-Married friends.  Even though I see you less, you are awesome.  Please start popping out kidlets.  So I have someone to play with.  Great. Thanks.
13-Mom Friends.  Yall are badass.  I have nothing more to say.
14-The YOLOS.  No comment.
15-Needtobreathe.  I am obsessed and there is no going back.
16-Friday Night Lights.  I bought into you. 100%.  Tami, you are my hero.  Please come back.  Let me segway to Tim Riggins here. Hot damn.
17-Parenthood.  I laugh I cry.  You get me every single time.  You also have made me turn bright red at the mention of Funkytown. Thank you.
18-The Girl Palace and her women.  Could not live without you. 
19-Friendship.  This is one of my all time favorites.  So important to me and I am so blessed.
20-My camera.  You make me feel cool.  You also make me try and be creative. 
21-Mt. Perfect.  I couldn't love you anymore.  You've done me well.  Now please stop with the orange cones.
22-Fishin pole.  You are my life saver.  I plan to spend some more quality time with you quite soon.
23-Grace.  Keep it coming.  I'm prolly going to need a lot more of you
24-People of the Bridge.  You brighten my day. Mostly.  I like to talk smack about you.
25-Chacos.  I wear you everyday. 
26-Backwards hat.  I know you are not the coolest, but I will keep on rocking you. 
27-Stephen G. Sayre.  You da bomb.

I have many more, but I will spare you for now.  Over and out.  Stay cool.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cha cha changes

Read at your own risk.
So tomorrow I leave the young buck year of 26 and will be the old age of  27.  I'm a little leery of 27.  It sounds so dang old.  But, I have to admit- I'm ready to be done with 26.  At 26 I feel like I saw the good, the bad, the ugly.  Lots of things happened in 26 that I loved and some that I'd like to drop like hot potato. Good- I went on adventures, I saw some incredible stuff, made new friends and I am proud of myself.  Bad and or ugly- Change.  It was everywhere.  But, mostly I was just a witness.  I had a little chit chat with a dear friend last night and she made me feel a whole lot better.  I was headed for quarter life crisis meltdown stage 10. Code red.  She said that I was seeing a whole lot of change. Change with other people.  Like I have a whole crud-ton of people that have had some huge life changes.  I've lost them to marriage, they've birthed kidlets, they've got cool jobs and a lot of them have moved.  For a while I was just trucking along.  And Boom.  Hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am steady eddy so it takes me a while to process these things and when it hits me- its incredibly delayed.  Well, it has hit me.  Boy was it ugly.  Last week I was a hot mess.  I was most likely the most insecure person that I knew.  I was 2nd guessing every possible thing I could think of.  It was the first time that I think I was ever not comfortable in my own skin.  I panicked.  Not cool. All these things were making me lose sleep.  And that my friends is not gonna fly.  Things like: Where are my friends?  Do I have friends? (yes I know I have them- bare with me) Do people like me?  Do I need a cooler job?  Am I doing all this right?  What's wrong with me?  Why do I feel like a freak, everyone has their junk together.  Did I miss something? Am I normal?  Did I fail? I don't want to be just ordinary.. Why can't I give to the Lord?  Where are you Lord?  Chello?  And the list could go on forever.  I got a little desperate so I scheduled some Ananias prayer.  I'm sure my prayer people were shocked that I willingly scheduled it (as they are not used to that..).  When I'm insecure, vain imaginings rear their ugly little heads and its down hill from there. It was not fun.  So here is the deal.  I have friends.  Yes, I do.  Very good friends.  People who really pour into me.  But, I have been relying on people a whole lot more than I have been relying on God.  And I think that has become evident.  Have I had a quiet time?  No.  In fact, my bible is missing.  Do you have it?  It's been a while.  Can I rely on God?  I think I have a little trust issue or something in that department...  Just because I don't have something to do on a random Tuesday night does not mean that I'm going to become a 40 yr old recluse cat lady.  Seriously.  Cool out.  Change will always be happening.  I have to deal.  I think it comes down to when I second guess myself, it's because I'm worrying about what other people think.  TRUE story.  This is the one I can't stand the most.  Fear of man.  I'm trying to figure out how to kick that habit.  I also am not big buddies with fear of failure.  This one is always lurking somewhere.  No I am not a failure.  Yes, sometimes I will fail at things.  It's ok.  Also, I've decided that I'm not abnormal.  Everyone does not have there shiz together at all times.  It may look like it, but the grass is always greener.  Life is messy.  It happens.  I've decided that I'd rather do it messy than do it any other way.  And I'd like to do it with other messy real people.  We all do it different and it looks different for everyone. Two things for sure.  1-I have to trust that the Big man up there has my back.  And he does.  He never fails. But, I have to put a little effort in there. 2- I am so thankful for those that are my friends.  Seriously.  kids, roommates, moms, g mas.  Love you all.  Blessed. 100%.  I love my people.   So, my goal for 27 is to leave my junk from 26 behind.  We shall see how this goes.

On a lighter note.  This morning a man was doing high knees at the top of the bridge.  I just could not contain myself.  I tried to get a little video action, but he basically caught me red handed.  I couldn't even hide it.  I giggled the whole way down.  I'm starting to like my people of the bridge... 

catch you later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

People of the bridge: Hot mess

Today was ugly my friends.  I clearly have no shame so here goes.  I got up way too early after some un anticipated late night pre bday fun.  I hit the bridge when it was still dark out.  I think I was still half asleep as I meandered up the bridge.  I even tried to listen to the Bible on my ipod. That didn't go too well.  As I was going up, I realized that I should have just stayed in bed.  Today was not going to be my day.  I kept my head down and headed up.  Well, I accidentally rammed like 2 people on the way up because I was trying to find some lovely Mariah Carey to listen too, but she was hiding.  The lady with the stroller did not appreciate my not paying attention to oncoming traffic.  Road hog. Then I get to the top.  Here is where it went real bad.  I have just gotten over a horrendous cold or whatever it was.  I rode it out all natural and used no Affrin, much to my chagrin.  But, I did blow my nose a ton.  Which always ends up in unfortunate situations.  I'm famous for getting a nose bleed at the worst possible moment.  For instance, high school graduation.  I had to walk across that dang stage with my nose to the sky.  Awkward?  Clearly I'm not scared for life.  Any ways, I get to the top.  Look out over the lovely water and do some contemplating.  When I feel my nose itch.  I got to touch it and realize that it is bleeding.  Awesome.  I also realize that it has dripped.  On to me and the bridge.  Really awesome. I bled on our beautiful bridge.  Now there are some people around me, so I have to act natural.  So there I stand.  With my head pointed to the sky.  Totally normal.  I stood there for a good 5 minutes and waited for it to subside.  I was nothing, but a hot mess up there.  Then of course the old lady posse in their running skirts and visors that I see everyday is stopping by to say hey.  Well as soon as I turn, they see the nice little bits of blood that I decided to accessorize with today.  So now there are like 4 grandmas asking me if I'm ok.  FYI- when I'm having a situation, such as blood loss etc, I like to keep to myself.  Draw no attention to it. I said Hi and bye and made my descent.  Which was just painful because I had no way of hiding the damage on my nice white shirt.  I got the stank eye from each passerby.  I'm sure I traumatized some small children and what not.  Just trying to keep it classy here folks. 

Bleeding Betty.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

a case of no filter

It's Sunday morning and I'm at the office before church (ew).  I pit stopped at Starbucks.  Where I had a case of no filter on accident this morning.  There I am just minding my own biz. Proud of myself for going to the office at 8 am.  All I want is my little iced coffee to give me some encouragement.  I'm standing behid a giant man with a shaved head. I mean he kind of looked like Stone Cold Steve Austin (wrestler).  He is holding up the line.  He just can't decide.  People are getting anxious.  He finally comes to a decision.  He orders a strawberries and cream frap.  DISGUSTING.  Well, I accidentally said the word disgusting.  Loudly.  Directly behind him.  Bad decision.  Oh junk.  He whipped around and I had yet another awkward eye contact.  This time I had no out or sorry excuse to offer up.  There he stood, staring into my soul.....  All I could think to say was oops.  Starbucks was pretty much full of awkward silence until he got his drink and left.  Smooth.  Score another cool point for this girl.  Hahaha. 

Happy Sunday.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012



People of the bridge: The Hand Holders

PDA.  (Public displays of affection).  It's everywhere.  You really can't escape it.  It's like an epidemic that takes a hold of people.  Some have more severe cases than others, but they still need treatment.  No matter the degree of PDA, it's all around unpleasant if you are an innocent bystander.  It's always lurking where you least expect it.  Like on the bridge.  Where innocent people go to have some alone time.  Or to exercise. Or to sneak pictures of innocent people.  Take me (always innocent) for example.  Today, I woke up bright (it was actually quite dark) and early to take a peaceful stroll up the bridge.  Half way up, I notice people holding hands.  At first this doesn't bother me.  For a split second I think "aw that's sweet.  little delicate moment."  Until I realized that they are holding hands the whole way up. Then I took it to a whole nother level (I tend to do that). I think this only really erks me because I 100% could not hold hands up the bridge.  Not because I don't like touching (I'm doing better).  Actually, I still don't love touching.  It's because if I was on a date and we were walking the bridge- Hold that thought- if I was ever on a date and we had to walk the bridge- GAME OVER.  Donezo.  Sarah will have no bridge walking dates.  Any dates that will end in me sweating on a man is not going to help any body's situation.  Back to my thoughts.  If I was on a date and we were walking the bridge- 1) I would be mortified.  I received 100% of the Herb Sass sweat situation.  I have the supernatural power to break into a sweat just from walking out of my front door to my car.  In the driveway.  10 ft away.  (Don't judge).  Genetic disposition people.  So if we were walking the bridge I can guarantee some sweatage will be happening.  And there's this thing called gravity (she sucks for many reasons).  But, if we had to hold hands then I would most likely sweat down onto this person.  Things will most likely not go smoothly from there. 2) I also don't do sweaty hugs or anything else so its a lose lose situation.  I would then be embarrassed.  I don't do well after that.  3) There would also be no talking.  Lots of awkward silence.  I mean, I don't have a plethora of extra breaths hanging around when I walk the bridge.  I'm thankful to still have a pulse when I get to the top.  PTL.  Any who, back to my story.  So I pass the hand holders.  Did you catch that- I actually passed someone.  Just call me Mario Andretti.  Or I think Speed Racer has a good ring to it.  I walked to the 2nd tower and made a little u turn to head back.  I got back to the 1st tower to find the hand holders.  However, the hand holders had turned into the awkward embracers.  That hadn't made it very far.  They were standing at the benches. Having a tender moment.  Ew.  They were totally boxing out at the benches.  They were standing in between all of the benches.  That means that if anyone (like innocent old me) wanted to take a pit stop or ponder thoughts over the ocean, they would have to sit awkwardly close to the standing side huggers.  Then you would most likely have to listen to them whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears.  They totes looked like that type of uber cheeseball couple.  No thanks.  But y'all just make yourselves comfortable.  There you have it.  Just another day on that concrete hill.  Bottom line: Be careful when you want to unleash your PDA on people.

Peace and blessings...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

People of the Bridge: Free peep show

Today was windy to say the least.  I was so proud of myself for actually getting up when my alarm went off.  I went to bed at 10:30 which is the earliest I've gone to bed since like 8th grade I think.  Anyhow, I hit the bridge at about 7:10.  As I was making my way up, the wind got increasingly gustier.  I lost my hat a few times.  I put on my boy Eddie Money for a little extra push up the bridge.  Well, the extra push did me wrong.  Half way up, my shirt flew up.  Total, 100% flashing going on.  The cars whizzing by got a nice little show to start their day.  Trust me- it was worse for me than it was for you.  Just my luck- there was a nice old couple coming right at me during the first flashing.  Well, if they weren't awake before, they definitely were then.  This happened like 10 more times on the way up.  I was getting pissed at this point.  I had to carry my hat and hold my shirt down like some hunchback of Mt. Pleasant.  I tried tucking it in, but it was just not working.  I thought that maybe the way down would be better.  Wrong.  See you tomorrow.  I will be wearing the windproof romper.

Love you long time,
Peep show polly.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Whole Foods Butt Bump

I don't normally blog twice in a day, but desperate times call for desperate measures...  I'm spending the night with Becca Wags tonight because the parental units had to roll out.  After an agonizing hour of indecisiveness, we found ourselves at Whole Foods.  Hunters and gatherers we are.  We headed to the salad bar.

I discovered something about myself tonight.  I love the salad bar.  I HATE the salad bar when people are going behind me.  I mean, who likes to feel rushed when they are trying to decide on veggies?  I just get too worked up.  Tonight was going ok.  I stalled so that I could go down the side of the bar solo.  No one in front or behind.  Veggie bliss.  Until the butt bump.  I was causally scooping some squash and I backed it on up.  Right into the backside of someone behind me. I whipped around and made horribly awkward eye contact.  Happened to be a really cute boy on the hot bar side (typical).  It wasn't even like a quick little tap.  It was like a bun to bun collision.  He must have been going full speed reverse also because I must have gotten a little whiplash.  Now he had a clean dismount.  Me, miss smooth, dropped my whole dang thing on the ground.  Did it land right side up?  Heck no.  All my beautiful veggies were marinating on the floor of Whole Foods.  I knew I should have gone for the pizza....

Score one for this cool cat...

People of the Bridge: To whom it may concern

First off-
Thank you for the feedback.  People of the Bridge has gotten some hilarious feedback.  I appreciate it.  It's gotten more hits than I ever expected which is awesome.  However, it also means that I am now petrified that my arch nemesis will someday come across this and come after me. YOLO.

On to the matters at hand.

Dear to whom it may concern,
Many of you have written/or said in person that you would like to accompany me on my walks.  I love you all.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  Sorry.  I'd like to tell you that it's my only source of Sarah time and that I need it to get through the day.  (that is 16% true.)  My reasons for walking solo are dumb and probably make no sense.  But, they are my reasons nonetheless.  Truth is- I'm an insecure, nervous bridge walker.  I LOATHE walking with any other human (minus a few of you).  I don't even like walking with a dog.  I always feel like I am slow.  So if we were walking together, I would be paranoid that I was holding you up.  That would then take me down the rabbit trail of insecurity which would ruin my walk.  I would eventually be stressing out as to whether you still liked me etc. All because you can run up that damned hill faster than me.  Plus, when I drag this sack o potato's up that bridge- I don't talk.  Sorry- have to save all the breathes that I possibly can... Naturally.  So we would be walking in silence.  Awkward silence.  I just can't give up a good situation to some needless awkward silence.  I couldn't take ridiculous selfies or wave at random cars as they pass while I pretend to know them (if you do see this hot mess walking in the morning- you better honk that horn).  I would feel weird sneaking random pictures of strangers if you were with me.  It's much easier to creep on the people as a solo act.  You could blow my cover...  I would feel awkward singing Eddie Money and Celine Dion if I knew you could hear me.  Also, most everyone that I know is a cute dresser.  You are blessed.  Take the compliment.  Run with it.   Fact-I am not a cute dresser.  I'm okay with it.  I've been living with this epidemic for 26 years now.  But, it would not help my situation to walk next to you.  I would secretly want to trip you because you would be wearing a cute little exercise outfit and I would prolly be wearing my usual old, hole filled t shirt, old soccer shorts and an ugly backwards hat.  It's who I am.  I just don't care about clothes.  I can't have you showing me up.  So really its me, not you... Sorry I'm not sorry?

Dear Arch nemesis,
In case you ever come across this (when hell freezes over)- I'm sorry.  You were innocent.  Yes, you are an over achiever and you wear really cute clothes, but I'm sure you have a good heart. 

Now that I've got that out of the way..

Today I spotted you.  You were running right at me.  I panicked.  100%..  I was guilt ridden (from calling you my nemesis).  You were less matchy today, but you were hauling arse down that bridge.  I immediately thought that you would know and were coming for me.  I'm pretty sure that I just stood still as you passed.  I didn't know what to do.  I was also speechless, which in itself is a miracle.  You beat me today, but there is always tomorrow.  Watch out because this situation is coming at ya...

Walk on (separately),


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Families that Tebow Together.

Families that Tebow together- stay together.  This summer I got to do several family pictures for some friends (its a belated post).  This one was one of my personal favorites because I've gotten to know some of them.  And I happen to like them.  And they are cute.  Plus, the mom(who happens to be a dear friend), says YOLO and I almost die laughing every time.  There's a story there, but I won't delve into it now.  I like these people. Plus they like to get their Tebow on.  And they are all precious.
That's one cool lady.  Just sayin.
 Welcome to my favorites
And they all lived happily ever after.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Betty Bridesmaid: Duck Diaries

Not 1% of me wanted to wake up when my alarm throat punched me at 3:37 am on this beautiful Saturday morning.  Especially since I didn't get to bed till after midnight.  But, today was the day that I've been waiting for for quite a while.  The day of an early season Teal hunt. It was my first teal hunt ever.  I got up, got dressed and drove downtown to pick meet up with Douglas.   We hit the road soon after and headed south to Edisto Island, which just so happens to be my favorite place in all the land. I got really nervous when we got there because I didn't know anyone.  And let's face it- I'm a girl.  We aren't generally encouraged to come on these type of adventures. Oh well.

We got our blind assignments and headed across the farm.  It was really cool.  It was so dark and the stars were shining so bright.  We loaded up all our guns and put our waders on.  Never does your butt feel so big as when you have to pack it on in to some neoprene waders.  Just saying.  We got into our blinds at about 6:15.  We had to wait until 7:04 to shoot.  While it was still dark, you could here the teal swooping in to the flooded field.  So surreal.  Then shooting time came and a storm of steel went flying.  I didn't even shoot for a minute because it was so incredible to watch and hear.  Shot after shot, duck after duck.  All of us shot our limit in under 10 minutes.  Pretty incredible.  We probably watched 1,500 teal come in this morning.  It was truly a very neat experience.  When we were finished the dogs hunted up our birds.  I love watching dogs work.  So cool.  All in all, today was pretty awesome.

It's nice to work some camo in to my wardrobe every now and again...
Here are some of my favorite pics from the morning.

Stay Classy,

Betty Bridesmaid

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Findings

*Most Importantly:
*I did not walk the bridge today.  So no "People of the Bridge" for you on this lovely Friday.  But thank you for your feedback.  It's clear that you like it when I poke fun at myself, which happens often.  So I look forward to entertaining you in the future.
*Go to  It's awesome.  Play some Ray Lamontagne over it and I can guarantee a nice time.  You can think me later.
*I had a traumatic experience yesterday while picking up some dinner.  I was emotional due to may Hanger (Anger +Hunger).  No comment.
*I still hate running skirts.  Sorry I'm not sorry.
*I was educated on the real meaning of YOLO.  And it pretty much made my day.
Enjoy your weekend.  Be lazy.  Do something fun.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

People of the Bridge: My arch nemesis

Dear Overachiever,
We meet again.  I went earlier today in order to feel less awful about not planking or lunging or squatting or doing pushups.  I mean- thank god there is a fence on the bridge.  Seeing the planking made me want to base jump right off of that situation.  So when my alarm went off and it was still dark out- I only hit snooze twice.  I dragged myself out of bed, made sure my clothes were not inside out and sleep drove to the bridge.  I then dragged my sack-o-potato self up the bridge (early moring is the time to go my friends- its like a ghost town).  I mean, I was so tired today that I made myself listen to my girl Celine and Mariah just to have some inspiration to get up that damned hill.  After a few duets I go in the groove.  I made the turn and was headed back to the Mt. Perfect side when my Celine Dion Joy was taken.  It's like getting throat punched or getting the wind knocked out of you.  Joy, stolen.  It didn't even have a chance to defend itself.  There you were.  Dressed all cute and hip.  Doing some type of backwards, aerodynamic, trendy work out. 

You just wait.  Next time I will be ready.  I will be doing some crossfit or zumba on top of that bridge.  I'll be wearing some super sweet sweat bands and maybe, just maybe, I will my outfit will look cute.

Until next time,
Watch your back,

Inside out girl with good 90's music.

Disclaimer:  First off- If you know this woman, don't show her this.  She will beat me up or think I'm a freak.  She is proabably very nice and not aggressive...  I don't really wanna challenge her to a duel.  I just think it's funny.  Laugh a little....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

People of the bridge volume 2

Dear young mother,
I applaud you for pushing 3 kids up the bridge.  As we passed, I saw the glint in your eye.  The glint of determination.  Hauling 3 sacks of potatoes up that hill is no easy feat.  This buds for you.

Dear over achiever,
I woke up early this morning to walk that bridge.  I went all the way to the other side and on my way back I was feeling rather good about myself.  Until I rounded the little corner thing.  To find you planking at the benches.  Way to steal my joy.  And yes, I was jealous.

Dear inside out girl,
I know it's early, but check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your shorts and your shirt were inside out.  Your backwards cap didn't distract from your insideoutedness.  Oh wait-  Inside out girl was ME.  Just trying to keep it classy....

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

People of the Bridge.

I walked the bridge last night and this morning.  I have walked the bridge like 2 zillion times.  Why then, today, do I feel like I just ran the world's longest marathon?  I feel like a 95 year old that just went knee boarding?  I'm a lil stove up.

Can we talk about people on the bridge.  We can start our own "People of Walmart" type group for the "people of the Ravenel Bridge."  Sounds good. 

Dear little tiny woman who was walking in front of me while wearing little tiny jorts (jean shorts for those that don't know,
1- jean shorts are prolly going to make you pay later.  Just saying.  2- was it necessary to smoke Marlboro Reds (in your miniature back pocket) the entire way down?  If only you were a little slower, then I could have scooted past you.  Thank you for my black lung.  I could barely breathe anyways, what's a little less clean air? 

Dear speed racer on the bike,
You are really lucky that I actually walked in a straight line.  You could have been killed when you came down the bridge at mach 10.  It made me a little nervous when we bumped arms.  Maybe my life flashed before my eyes?

Dear hottest man I have ever seen (EVER),
Do you run shirtless at that time everyday?  Because I may have to start stalking you walking more often.  Just saying. 

Dear couple embracing against my car,
I love coming back from walking the bridge to find people making out chatting on the side of my car.  Was it awkward for you?  Because I felt like dying.  Only because you were on the driver's side and I didn't bring the remote with the alarm button on it.  You win some, you lose some.

That's all I've got for you on this Tuesday:)

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've been reading a lot lately.  Not the fluff stuff either.  Smart books.  Smart Jesus books if you will.  We went deep once already this week, but I'm going deep again tonight, so feel free to hit the x at the top of the page.

If you are still with me, let me preface this situation.  I am reading Henri Nouwen.  He's basically awesome.  I'm hoping that just a tiny little piece of his awesomeness will rub off on me.  I'm going to put my thoughts out here on what I've read so far.  Keep in mind I'm not as educated, smart and articulate as my friend Henri, but I'm going to just throw it out there.  I'm not sure it's going to make sense, but who knows.

This book was basically written for a friend.  Henri wrote this book to teach his friend and his friend's friends on what it means to be the beloved and how to become the beloved. (There's more, but I haven't gotten that far yet.)  Here goes.

He describes what beloved means and how we are God's beloved.  Really sit with that a second.  You hear it all of the time.  But, really soak it in.  Do you know in your heart that you are God's beloved?  That right there is a big one.  Yes I know I'm loved, but do I know deep down that I'm God's Beloved? Deep down, I'm not sure.  If I knew deep down, then I wouldn't be constantly searching for that one big moment, person, thing or relationship to convince me of my belovedness.  (I don't write this lightly. It has really gotten me thinking)  It's like I/we know we are beloved in our lives, but have we claimed it as our core truth?  Why is it so much easier to overlook the soft, gentle voice in our hearts that speaks of our belovedness?  We tend to hear the louder voice.  The voice that says:  "Prove you are worth something.  Do something important.  Do something spectacular. Then you will earn the love you so desire."  I'm not going to lie my friends, sometimes this one gets me.  I'll catch myself thinking that I'm not doing anything worthy.   I'm not doing anything too spectacular here...  Yes, I wish I was a doctor saving lives, or a teacher really helping someone, but I'm not.  I'm 26.  I'm an appraiser and I'm not even sure what the heck I'm supposed to be doing.  And I'm pretty ordinary.  You see, when we start listening to that voice, we forget that God loved us long before we were even here.  We begin to feel the opposite of beloved.  We fall to what I think is one of the biggest bad temptations ever.  And that my friends is self rejection.  (Not like oh my hair looks bad, but a deeper level.)  Self rejection is the greatest enemy because it contradicts the voice that calls us the beloved.  We have to listen to His voice.  He loved us into existence.  He knows every hair on our heads.    When we listen to the voice that calls us the beloved, we will find within ourselves a deeper desire to keep hearing that voice.  Not only are we the beloved, we must become the beloved.  Our walk is just not one of being, it's one of becoming.

How the heckles do we get from here to there?

I'm not sure, but Henri has a pretty good idea.  Becoming the beloved means letting the truth of our belovedness become en fleshed in everything we think, say or do.  It's pulling the truth revealed from above down into the ordinariness of what we are- thinking, talking and doing.  I thought this was pretty cool.

Here is another cool part.  We are called to love.  By loving, we are in constant relationship with people.  In friendship we want our people to know how much they are beloved.  Our friends call us to who we want to be, but they also give the assurance of their love.  And vice versa.  Here's the kicker.  We have to understand our belovedness.  We have to claim it.  Because in friendship, we can only give what we have claimed for ourselves.

Wow.  That's something to chew on.  Hope it made sense.  Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or wise words...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Some things

1.  Someone has shown me NPR's music site.  I can't stop watching it. Help me I'm a music junkie.
2.  What I wouldn't give for Logan Stout to be living in Charleston.  She would also watch endless hours of really trendy music.
3.  Ben Rector.  You kind of made me mad last night.  I only go to hear a very small selection of your AWESOME music.
4. I ate some vegan ish food last night.  I feel like an earthy bad a.  That's right.
5.  I'm 100% obsessed with this picture.
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6. I have some really awesome friends. Amen to that. 
7.  Did I mention that I am a music junkie? 
8.  This still makes me laugh every time I see it.  I'm sorry. I cant help it.
so funny
9.  Its 2 pm.  I haven't eaten lunch and I may have hanger.
10.  Still makes me laugh.  Non stop.  I want to be friends with these people.
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I hope you have a good weekend:)