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Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Findings

*Most Importantly:
*I did not walk the bridge today.  So no "People of the Bridge" for you on this lovely Friday.  But thank you for your feedback.  It's clear that you like it when I poke fun at myself, which happens often.  So I look forward to entertaining you in the future.
*Go to  It's awesome.  Play some Ray Lamontagne over it and I can guarantee a nice time.  You can think me later.
*I had a traumatic experience yesterday while picking up some dinner.  I was emotional due to may Hanger (Anger +Hunger).  No comment.
*I still hate running skirts.  Sorry I'm not sorry.
*I was educated on the real meaning of YOLO.  And it pretty much made my day.
Enjoy your weekend.  Be lazy.  Do something fun.  


  1. Boy Do I miss you, girl. Don't want to miss a post over here. Too too funny as always.

    Still can't wait for the book.

  2. I know. I love reading your stuff. I'm prolly going to be in Georgetown soon. We should meet up for some coffee or a beer:)