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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

People of the bridge volume 2

Dear young mother,
I applaud you for pushing 3 kids up the bridge.  As we passed, I saw the glint in your eye.  The glint of determination.  Hauling 3 sacks of potatoes up that hill is no easy feat.  This buds for you.

Dear over achiever,
I woke up early this morning to walk that bridge.  I went all the way to the other side and on my way back I was feeling rather good about myself.  Until I rounded the little corner thing.  To find you planking at the benches.  Way to steal my joy.  And yes, I was jealous.

Dear inside out girl,
I know it's early, but check yourself before you wreck yourself.  Your shorts and your shirt were inside out.  Your backwards cap didn't distract from your insideoutedness.  Oh wait-  Inside out girl was ME.  Just trying to keep it classy....


  1. I am loving this series. Maybe you should just get a running skirt and then there would be no way to wear it inside-out.

    PS- George and I are coming your way in November. Look out!

    1. I can not wait to squeeze that lil nugget!!!

  2. I love this series. Keep it coming, friend. Thanks for making my insides smile.