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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Downton in the Dumps

Clever title, yes I know...

Downton did me in.  I know that it is a tv show.  On PBS.  Why do I feel like it is real?  Why do I feel like I too am living with the Granthams?

I was pretty shocked when they killed off one of the best characters they have.  I mean, they let her go through the most horrific looking birthing and then she goes down (I've also now been traumatized and never want to ever do that).  Not cool.  Yes, I cried like a baby.  Then there is poor Tom.  The fugitive baby daddy.  The one person who would rather die than stay in the plush mansion now is the single parent to Downton's firt granchillin.  Things are going to get interesting. 

Cora.  Poor, poor woman.  I don't know if she is going to survive this.  I know Lord Grantham is probably sleeping in the dressing room for a long, long time.  Cora is one of my favorite women on the show.  I can't handle her being upset. She's usually such a rock.  And now she blames the hubs.  Which is partially true.  This is not going to end well.

Maggie Smith.  May have been her best scene yet.  The Matriarch comes in the last scene.  I love when she is funny, but she slayed me in the last scene.  She was the rock, yet you could tell how grief stricken she was.  I wanted to hug her like none other.

Lord Grantham.  I think there are troubled times ahead for the man of Downtown.  Cora can't look at him, his mom can't save him and he is all aboard the guilt trip train.  I hope he can pull himself up by his fancy boot straps.  He's a good one. 

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.  Goodness.  To see how upset they were just added to my misery.  I love them.  Sidenote: I want them to have a romance... Yeah?

So all in all, Sunday night was a little dramatic. Next week something awesome better happen.

Monday, January 28, 2013


A friend sent me this article in either November or December and I am just now getting around to actually taking it all in.  I just so happened to re read it today and it really got my attention.  Last week was pretty terrible at work.  This week has potential to be worse (just sayin).  Plus the whole retiring of the Girl Palace has been a little a whole lot sadder than I anticipated.  Change.  I DO NOT LIKE IT ONE TINY LITTLE BIT.  But, alas, it is out of my control.  Which I also don't love..  So read this quick, tiny, little page of truth right here:

So, the article got my attention.  The fact that there is a constant struggle in the physical, mental, moral and spiritual parts of life is big.  I often don't acknowledge a lot of these at times. (A lot of times).  Anything that does not strengthen me morally is the enemy of the virtue within me. Wow.  If I want to overcome and produce virtue, it depends on the moral excellence in my life.  We have to fight for this.  It's in the choices we make.  Our world, our culture is saying one thing and we are called to another.  Morality just does not just happen.  We have to learn it and live it and fight for it.  The same goes for our spiritual lives.  The article notes that anything which is not spiritual leads to my downfall.  This is one facet that I tend to disregard on a very regular basis.  I think that little things I do or say or think don't really have an affect on little old me, but that my friends is not true.  That's when I get myself in a little trouble.  The little things have a bigger grasp then I like to think. 

It's just something to think about.  Definitely not saying I am good at this.. 

Have a good week,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Very Sweet

I got to attend/play guitar/take pictures at a very sweet wedding this past weekend.  Loved it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While inspecting a house today, I happened upon my first stuffed pet.  The old family cat... 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fly By

Saturday we hunted.  And it was AWESOME. And hot..

Friday, January 11, 2013

People of Michaels

This is dramatic.  You are hereby warned.

It is no surprise to you that I am not what you would call "crafty."  I'm very self aware of this.  Trust me.  I envy "artsy" people.  I have grand thoughts of things, but I fall apart where the rubber meets the road phase of the crafting.  Most of the time, I can pump myself up enough to commit to the craft, until I realize that I will have to go out into the world and get the provisions for the craft.  I HATE this part.  This is where I usually quit or find where I can buy it online.  This is because I absolutely hate going to Michael's (or Walmart.  or Hobby Lobby).  Here is why.  Michael's makes me feel dirty.  I am not a germaphobe, but for some reason I feel like it is so dirty up in there.  Also, It is huge.  It is like a craft Mecca.  There is crap everywhere.  It really pisses me off that they are seasonally challenged in there.  I mean, you could probably walk in there and find your fourth of July decorations in there.  IT IS JANUARY.  Then there is the smell.  I like a good smell.  I don't like when there are like 327 smells merging into one smell.  Not good.  It makes me a little nauseous.  I start sweating.  Get a little weak in the knees.  It's downhill from there.  If I by the grace of God get into a Michael's, then I almost always need some type of assistance.  I never know where the junk is, how much I need etc.  Somehow, I can never find any nice, sweet soul to help me without feeling judged.  Yes, it is obvious that I am a crafting Padewon.  No need to verbalize it.  NO, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING OR WHAT IS GOING ON..... And no I do not want to knit.  Or puff paint a sweat shirt.  Let's move on to the picture frame department.  It's no secret that they have great sales on frames.  No argument there.  However, every time I go look for frames it looks like Shrek has been browsing.  They are always scratched to hell and are cast about the aisles.  I. just. can't. do. it.  Just once I want to get in there with fresh pickins.  It stresses me out.  I will need four matching frames and there will be three semi good condition ones and 25 trashed ones...  So I will have to  concede to the three and come back again... NOOOOOOO.  I recently just ordered some mats for 2 big frames.  (Luckily I had some back up to help me in many areas..  I would have gone down if I was alone.  Too many choices.)  My indecisiveness was in full swing.  If he told me the color was really "popping" one more time... He could have been seriously injured.  Then he told me my debit card was the awfullest he'd seen.  "Looks like it had been run through a sander." Don't dis the plastic.  So I was indecisive and insecure.  Then I am told that you have to wait for weeks before getting the mats.  It took me so long to decide on two stinking colors only to be deflated from my high of artsyness.  What do you mean I have to wait?  I can't take them home and actually frame my junk?  Great.  Then there is the exit.  This could be the worst.  After you barely make it in for your supplies, you walk back only to find a 575 person line.  This is when I unravel.  I will be standing at the end of it.  Holding my crafts because I am too stubborn to get a basket (too much commitment).  I stand there and watch my fellow Michael's customers.  After a few minutes of not moving because the coupon monster is doling out her 450 coupons, I sketchily move to the side, stash my junk on some floating aisle display and roll out.  Abort the mission.  It is seriously a MIRACLE if I go to Michael's, go inside of Michael's and then actually leave Michael's with purchased goods.  And then I immediately feel the Michael's burnout.  It's like a craft hangover and I haven't even done the craft yet.  I tell ya- it's tough out there.  I blame this all on Pinterest.

Stay Crafty,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A little news

So far 2013 has come in with a bang.  Lots going on.  As you know, I am not a fan of change.  Or Transition (neither is wimmy).  Or really anything that warrants any extra energy.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  But, back to my story.  As you know, I have had the great joy of living in the ultimate house for 3 1/2 good years.  It is with a touch of sadness that I tell you that the Girl Palace is coming to an end.  Yes.  This is true.  We are all becoming free agents and we are retiring the Palace.  Many a good times have been held on Pelzer with many a good people.  In a weird way, I am kind of excited to move.  I get to purge a lot of junk.  And it will be like starting a new chapter of sorts (I know it sounds cheesy.)  So there you have it.  Don't be bashful if any of your belongings have been residing at the palace... come get them. Your time is running out...

Also, I came across this today and just couldn't pass it by...
pinterest understands

Hope you are having a good week:)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I saw Les Miserable.  More like, I sat and experienced Les Miz.  The 2.5 hours felt like 10 days and I weirdly did not want it to be over.  I was dreading it ending.  Even though I had been thoroughly traumatized by unrequited love and the French Revolution.  And the Innkeepers...  Here are my thoughts:

1- Anne Hathaway.  Okay.  Haven't been loving her ever since Devil Wears Prada.  (For dumb reasons- she never got besties with my girl Meryl and she conformed to the fashion world, but this is neither here nor there.)  I have to give her a high five for this one.  I felt like I was standing on the prostitute steps with her.  So sad.  Seeing her die was awful.  Her dying was my first real punch to the gut in this saga.  However, she pulled off the buzz cut pretty darn well.

2-Marius.  He was my favorite.  Besides being dragged through the Paris sewage system, and falling in love in one glance, he was one of my most liked parts of the movie.  At first, I thought he was a pansy, but I was pleasantly surprised.  He had passion, pizazz and a heart.  I did feel pretty terrible for the girl he dissed to get to his true love.

3-Russell Crowe.  Even thought he was a relentless pain in the arse, I was secretly rooting for him.  Not for him to capture Hugh Jackman, but for him to have a shot to the heart and show some mercy.  I think deep down he wanted to.  He was an unexpected favorite in the movie.  I know most people say he was their least favorite talent wise, but I had a little grace for him.  I can not even go into his exit.  Was so not expecting that.  It is tied for my least favorite part of the whole dang thing. 

4-Jean Valijean.  He was the underdog. I love an underdog.  I guess I related to him the most.  He was rocking that whole "nice guys finish last" aura.  I mean seriously.  Couldn't catch a break.  Jail, thievery, death, becoming a baby daddy and getting smacked on the head a whole lot by Javert.  He saves the true love of his daughter only to be on the run again.  Then he finally gets free only to die.  This one got me good.  This would be the 2nd gut punch in the saga.  He finally had joy and love and then Anne Hathway had to show up and he died.  Uh.  So sad. 

5- the little poor kid who was fighting for the cause.  I can't remember his name, but he is in the running for one of my favorite characters.  I loved hearing him sing.  Until some french soldier took him down.  That one undid me.  Couldn't take it.  That would be the gut punch finisher right there.  Thank God I remembered it was not real...

6-The Innkeepers.  As much as I wanted to beat them, they made the movie.  Hilarious.  I can't stand Borat, but he made for a great cheesy thief.  I immaturely almost spewed my drink during the Santa scene.

7-The French Revolution.  It is so hard to imagine.  But, seeing snippets of it really put into perspective the class struggle.  Seeing those young guys fighting for something that they believed in was actually kind of inspiring.  I can't decide if I would be woman enough to risk it like they did.  No guts no glory.

8-Eponine (Liz Bailey).  She loved Marius.  He loved Cossete.  Ebony checked yes.  Marius checked no.  It is a Taylor Swift song in the making.  I just can't take unrequited love.  In real life or a movie.  Maybe I was relating to her.  I have had a bout with unrequited love like and I am not a fan.  Poor girl put her heart on the chopping block and got diced.  Then, after she gets diced, she gets shot.  I mean, it was a lose lose.  I was hoping somebody, anybody would rescue her. 

All in all, I'd say go and see the movie.  I liked it. A lot.  I feel much more cultured now.  Plus, I feel like I've been to Paris... the 1800's version.

Rock on,

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A good word.

Was reading this today and thought I would share.  I'd say this sums up a lot. 
Pinned Image

Just because sometimes I (and Hannah) just need to look at this every once in a while..

Monday, January 7, 2013

This year

I'm not one for posting big resolutions on here, but these (I hope) are sticking with me for more than a year.  As I wrote before, 2012 was not my favorite year.  2012 was was one of those years that was a mixture of awesome and terrible. But, I did learn some pretty valuable lessons and I met some pretty quality people.  But, enough of that.

This year.

This year I will try to not have a fear of failure. 
This year I will try to not have a fear of success.
This year I will not be in the mindset of waiting for things to fall apart.  Or if you want to get technical- I will not wait for the other shoe to drop.

This year, I hereby declare that I am going to live to the full the season that I am in.  I am going to manhandle 2013.  There. Said it.  Boom.

Make good choices.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Farm

I have a new years post coming, but ain't nobody got time for that right now... I got to spend last weekend shooting guns, mudding, snacking, lounging around, reading, and laughing a whole lot.  It could not have been any better.