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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Downton in the Dumps

Clever title, yes I know...

Downton did me in.  I know that it is a tv show.  On PBS.  Why do I feel like it is real?  Why do I feel like I too am living with the Granthams?

I was pretty shocked when they killed off one of the best characters they have.  I mean, they let her go through the most horrific looking birthing and then she goes down (I've also now been traumatized and never want to ever do that).  Not cool.  Yes, I cried like a baby.  Then there is poor Tom.  The fugitive baby daddy.  The one person who would rather die than stay in the plush mansion now is the single parent to Downton's firt granchillin.  Things are going to get interesting. 

Cora.  Poor, poor woman.  I don't know if she is going to survive this.  I know Lord Grantham is probably sleeping in the dressing room for a long, long time.  Cora is one of my favorite women on the show.  I can't handle her being upset. She's usually such a rock.  And now she blames the hubs.  Which is partially true.  This is not going to end well.

Maggie Smith.  May have been her best scene yet.  The Matriarch comes in the last scene.  I love when she is funny, but she slayed me in the last scene.  She was the rock, yet you could tell how grief stricken she was.  I wanted to hug her like none other.

Lord Grantham.  I think there are troubled times ahead for the man of Downtown.  Cora can't look at him, his mom can't save him and he is all aboard the guilt trip train.  I hope he can pull himself up by his fancy boot straps.  He's a good one. 

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.  Goodness.  To see how upset they were just added to my misery.  I love them.  Sidenote: I want them to have a romance... Yeah?

So all in all, Sunday night was a little dramatic. Next week something awesome better happen.


  1. Totally tracking with you on every point. Sybil was my fav from the beginning. I am grieving over a fictional character. The worst part is when the bad guy who I have dislike greatly (keeping the bar hight) starts weeping over Sybil and I start feeling sad for him in my heart. Then, anna is there to comfort him. If Mr. Bates gets killed, may have to stop watching. Too much grief. Cozy

  2. sorry *disliked and keeping the bar *high

  3. You nailed this post...I am so hooked that I am like walking around in a downton abbey it Sunday yet is it Sunday yet. What did one do before downton abbey?? If Mr. Bates gets killed which I just know they have planned, I am going to go into a funk...pls be kind downton abbey writers. And do you know how much spell check hates the spelling of downton abbey??