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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Measuring Up

Picture this.  Monsoon like rainfall.  Traffic filled King St.  Anxiety ridden 25 year old girl running through puddles with a bridesmaid dress thrown over her shoulder.  Can you see it?  Good. Because it happened today at 10 am.  Today was the day.  I finally confronted the bridesmaid's dress that has been tucked away in my closet for weeks just a waiting for the day I would actually acknowledge its existence.  Last night I panicked because I realized that my bad bridesmaid dreams could actually become a reality if I waited until the last minute to get my dress altered. So after much procrastination, nausea and hyperventilating I plucked the dress from the back of my closet.  (This was sometime around Monday night-after everyone had gone to bed)  I took a few deep breaths and put on the ol dress.  It was not nearly as terrifying as it was back in June for wedding #1.  However, it was in need of some alterations.  So step 1 (acknowledging the dress' existence) and step 2 (actually putting the thing on) were completed.  Step 3 (go to the intimidating alteration lady) is where I tend to get bogged down.  I have to build myself up for these things you know.  So I was going to take it yesterday, but why ruin a perfectly good birthday?  Smart thinking.  So today was the day.  Naturally, I had a hard time falling asleep, just pondering all of the terrible things that were going to happen...Dramatic I know.  I gave myself a pep talk and headed downtown.  Of course it began to unload 45 lb. rain drops as soon as I got on the bridge.  I started to think it was some kind of sign that I shouldn't proceed to the alteration station...I told myself that if it was raining when I arrived I was going to pass on by and try another day.  What do ya know?  As soon as I pulled onto King St. it miraculously cleared up.  Until I got out of the car that is.  I didn't have my little plastic dress covering thing so I kinda wrapped it around my neck (kinda like a scarf) and then put on my rain coat.  I thought that was rather creative/protective.  Not the case according to the greeter girl.  I was welcomed with a look of disgust.  But that could be because I ripped open the door to get out of the monsoon and busted my *ss as soon as I crossed the threshold.  No lie.  Hit the ground.  It wasn't pretty.  I gathered myself and tried to act confident.  I immediately asked for Molly. (she is the alteration wizard.) Yes, we are on a first name basis now.  The girl said she was teaching a class.  Dang. Oh well.  At least the boy wasn't in here this time.  I navigated my way to the dressing room and put on the dress.  I couldn't reach the zipper so I just hoped for the best and told the girl I was done.  She told me to come out.  Clearly she doesn't know how I operate.  But, I'm 25 now.  Lil bit tougher.  A hair more confident.  Not.  I inched my way out of the dressing room.  To find the girl + 2 other women.  So now I am like a dang deer in the headlights standing there all the way unzipped and vulnerable. They are just staring.  Perfect. Well then they proceed to tell me that Molly actually needs to look.  And that I needed to hold my position for a few minutes.  Great.  Of course I became nervous and may or may not have started sweating.  After a long long long awkward silence they told me to just go see Molly. I'm sorry, but isn't she teaching a sewing class now. Yes, yes she is.  Well what do you know?  They just send me to the doorway.  Well as I am standing there I look up to see lots of other people staring at me.  Awesome.  I have come a long way.  I got to stand in the doorway of the classroom while Molly took my measurements.  That's called vulnerability people....So as soon as she finished I high tailed it to the dressing room and changed.  And I was out of there like a flash.  I think I forgot to breathe the whole time I was in that place.  At least now it's over.  Well at least until Oct 12th.  That's when I have the joy of going back for a "trial fitting."  Can't wait.  Now I am on the hunt for shoes. Gold shoes.  Should be fun....I will be sure to update you.
Until next time,
Betty Bridesmaid

Monday, September 27, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis?

In just a few I turn 25.  Yes 25.  I can't believe it either.  I used to think 25 was ancient. No lie.  My opinion  has changed a little bit.  It doesn't seem quite as old at this present time.  I got such a great present to welcome me to this new level of adult hood.  I checked the mail box for bday cards and to my surprise there was only one envelope.  Guess what?  It was my new insurance rates since I no longer will be checking the under 25 box.  Oh joy. Welcome to a new level of adulthood.

Today I gifted myself with the opportunity to start P90X. Yes, quite another fun filled gift for year 25....I came home from work and Betsy was doing it.  So I then decided that Betty Bridesmaid was going to join the P90X team.  Perfect bridesmaidenship training.  So tonight I did day 1.  We worked the core.  Well let me tell you-sweet little Betty is hurting just a bit.  I blame Megan for making me a bridesmaid. She is responsible for this least that is what I will keep telling myself every morning when I pop that dang video in.  As you know (or maybe you don't) there are certain things I like to do alone such as: working out.  Seriously it is not a buddy sport for me, so I generally like to do it solo. I will give you a brief summary.  It was long.  It was hard. And Megan just had to walk in while I was doing a rather awkward floor position. No explanation necessary on that one...

All day I have been thinking about the past year and the things that I have done or haven't done, things I've learned and things I probably should have learned. Here is what I know for sure.  The Girl Palace is like a breeding ground for little engaged people.  We lost Lulie and we are about to lose Megan.  Marriage is rampant in the Palace and it freaks me out.  I have learned a lot about weddings and what not.  Probably more than I need to know.  By the way if you want you can come visit the Hensley/Simon present show room in our dining room.  I also learned about bridesmaidenship.  This may be my #1 focus of the past year.  I like to think I have coped a little better than expected in this department.  I'm not as negative as I once was.  Just check back in a few weeks... I have learned about employment.  I have had a job for over a year.  The same job at that.  Wow.  There are definitely a lot of things I still don't get though.  Like Silly Bands.  What is the big deal? Or Crocks and Rompers.  Gah.  Seriously.  I didn't make it out to Jackson Hole this year.  That dream will have to transfer over to this year.  I didn't learn how to play the harmonica, but I can kind of walk in heels now (well not that well..).  So they can cancel each other out...I'm hoping year 25 is full of excitement and adventure.  We shall see.  All I know is that I want to do something great. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to figure it out.  (I know that sounds weird, but bear with me people)  Clearly I am getting delirious. And I need to go try on the bridesmaid's dress.  Yikes.  I will leave you with that. So here lies my last post as a little whipper snapper 24 year old.
Rock on,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Please Pray for Team Shirley this week.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Gosh

Its not always easy being #1 Bridesmaid.....
It's time for Betty Bridesmaid to get back in the game....hahahaha

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wisest words of all

The Freak Fest
Megan and I had a lil convo tonight in which she said I was having a "freak fest."  Who, me?  Ha.  Okay, maybe it was a small freak fest, but nobody's perfect.  You see, I usually don't let things bother me, but eventually things build up and out comes the freak fest in me. Actually that's a lie.  Things do bother me, I just mostly choose not to mention them. This practice eventually leads to a breakdown or freak out of some sort (they are few and far between, but un-fun nonetheless) .  ("Build Up" is not exactly the best strategy to go by) Then it's funny when I finally do say what's on my mind (out loud)-it sounds ridiculous.  Ridiculous, but true.  Luckily Megan is semi used to this.  I would like to tell you tonight's freak fest topic, but it's too ridiculous to write on the Internet highway.  Sorry. Anyways, we covered many things, but she reminded me of something Cassie once told us:


*This maybe one of the wisest statements that I have heard.  If only I would remember it on a daily basis.

Tonight at small group we talked about Accountability  .  Not so much about right and wrong and what not, but about what it takes to build accountability with each other.  Like Trust, Humility and Relationship.  And how you need to be operating in Grace and Truth, not either or.  For some reason it really got me thinking about my relationships and how I haven't been the best at maintaining/building friendships.  (This is what led to the so called freak fest)  Honestly, I just don't know how to do it.  This may sound dumb to you, but I love my people. And Lately, I haven't done the best at loving them like I could.  For some reason I have a hard time finding some kind of balance. (I never thought I would be saying things like this...)  Work has put a slight damper on my "hang out" time.  Each week seems to fly by faster than the last and then I go days or weeks with out seeing or talking to some of my favorite/best friends.  Unintentionally might add.  And then they probably get hurt feelings or something.  Then you throw in all of the things I want to do, but really shouldn't-even though they are mostly good things.  Then we have a bad situation.  Overload.  So I am not really sure what to do about it.  That's where I am with that.  Please drop me any suggestions to solving this problem if you so feel the urge.  I love all of you.  At the same time.  Long time.  Run and tell that (sorry, I had to throw a little Antoine Dodson up in here..)

Currently jamming to Eric Hutchinson's "Back to where I was" and the new Sara Bareilles cd.  Its pretty stellar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Ramblings

I would like to share the conversation that Ashton Reese and I had the other day.  I am pretty sure that it accurately portrays our friendship:

Me: Ashton, How is Sarasota?  I am still pissed that you moved.
Ashton: We actually love it.  You need to come visit.  Its only like a 9 hour drive
Me: 9 hours.  Yeah right.  I won't even drive to Summerville.  I don't think I can do 9 hours.  Love you though I do.
Ashton: Come on. You would love it here.  There is lots of fishing. Lots of old people.  Lots of alligators and high society. You would fit right in...

I love you and miss you, but I don't know if I can make the voyage to Florida....

So today I sat in class forever. Well 8:30 to 3:30, but it felt like forever.  And I get to do it for the next 4 days.  Yippeee.  I was antsy tonight and decided to take a late night walk around the neighborhood. Betty Bridesmaid has been a bit behind on the bridesmaid regimen.  It ended up being quite the little expedition.  I ended up walking to the bridge (not over bc I get too scared at night) and back.  But I put on all of my favorite music and made my little soundtrack.  You should try it.  Its quite fun.  You just pretend that your life is a soundtrack and totally rock out.  I was rocking to new Sara Bareilles, Eric Hutchinson, Paul Simon (weird I know), Alive and Kicking and some B-52s.  Not going to lie-it was fun.  I probably looked like an idiot because I tend to dance a bit while rocking out, but it was dark and hopefully not a lot of people witnessed it...Oh and I also may or may not have passed my future husband.  He was running the bridge...I'm sure we will catch up later...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog Days of Fall...

That's Bailey.  He rocks.  I actually really love this picture. And this dog.  Anyways, I got to go to Bailey Island this weekend and it rocked.  It was beautiful.  And the weather was awesome.  And once again, the weekend ended with people (me) being pushed in the creek.  Makes for a glorious weekend.  Not to mention the company is always stellar.  So Dolphin girl, Hamlin and I took a boat ride yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I actually found my future home.  Here it is:
Actually, this is the main house. A little to big for me.  I prefer the little guest house below:
Wouldn't I totally look good here?  I think so too.  I love the sweet little rockers on the front porch.  Then a little afternoon storm decided to roll through.  I thought it looked pretty cool.
All in all it was a great weekend.  In fact, I am sad it is Sunday because that means tomorrow is Monday. Boo.
Oh. On the way home we ran in to a lil gator..Pretty sweet!
Ok.  I'm out.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Granny Panties

The title of this blog is a bit dramatic, but desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.  Ha.  So at the end of this month I turn the big 25 (pull out the granny panties).  I know.  I can't believe it either.  I remember being like 12 and having my life planned out.  I think back then I planned on having about 3 kids and living in a mansion by the time I was 25.  Well that's what I ended up with when playing MASH. (If you don't know what MASH is then you missed a lot in middle school).  MASH may have been a bit wrong, since I don't have 3 babies (thank God) or live a mansion (wouldn't be too bad) and I didn't marry Zack Morris or Mike Seaver.....  I may have gotten a little off track.  For some reason 25 seems a bit scarier than the other years.  I personally liked 17 and 21.  I wouldn't mind going back to those years...In all seriousness I am a bit apprehensive about gaining another year.  Hopefully I will not be slipping into a quarter life crisis. 25 is a solid number.  It is a real adult age.  I can't pull of the "oh I just graduated from college....3 years ago..  Truthfully I just don't feel 25 yet.  I mean I still like to do do kid stuff and drink Capri Suns.  I'd rather play baseball or basketball or XBOX than go shopping or get my nails done.   I don't think adult hood is ready for me yet. I may have to keep prolonging it.   I'm probably not even mature enough to be 25.. Maybe I am wrong though.  Maybe 25 is going to be my kick butt year.  You never know.  24 was the year of bridesmaidenship.  Maybe 25 will be the year of _________.  I will have to discover something cool to be the theme of year 25. OK. I am going to bed.  Clearly I am delirious.  
(my parents 25 years ago-right before this bundle of joy came..)
(Its me!..hahah strapped to the boat...real safe...)
(Another bday..far from 25....)
(Just your average super cool 12 yr old bday...)
(Then I had to go and turn 21...the oldness begins)
(23...and getting older....)

Just had to give you a little visual timeline......
Sometimes I can be dramatic.  Sorry.  Its who I am.  Okay, I have to go watch Antoine Dodson for the 3,456 time.  Run and tell that...

Birthdays and bad bridesmaid dreams..

Today is a special day.  Happy birthday to my favorite lil Hawaiian.  Druid Cozy Joyner.  If you don't know Cozy then I am sorry and I feel bad for you.  Gives the best hugs and makes the best congo squares and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  Yum!  She has left us for a little temporary trip to Hawaii.  She is probably basking in the beautiful Hawaiian sun right now..Cozy I miss you and happy bday!!

On another note-I had a bad slash crazy dream last night. I normally don't let you in on my dreams, but this one is important.  So I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding.  I showed up late to the church dressed in my usual raggy shorts and t shirt.  I went in to the get ready room, but everybody was already dressed. I figured I would just throw the dress on. However, I had actually never taken the dress out of the bag to try it on...Well then the music started to play and the bridesmaids filed out.  I went to put on the dress which was metallic blue....And I noticed there were leg holes.  So I tried to pull it up, but it wouldn't go.  I then figured out the dress was like a dress/romper mix.  Plus there were all these measuring lady needles in it.  They kept poking me and falling out.  So clearly the dress wouldn't fit.  So meanwhile I am watching all of the other bridesmaids walk down the aisle..and I can't figure out how to make the dress go on. So I leave my t shirt on and pull the dress up as far as it will go.  Which was not pretty.  Then it was my turn to go down the aisle, but the wedding coordinator (who happened to be Patsy Martin) wouldn't let me go, so I had to watch from behind the doors. Then I got scared and woke myself up.  Hopefully this isn't a sign for ol Betty Bridesmaid for what's to come....Yikes.
Catch you on the flip,
Betty B

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Scary Women

Imagine lots of big scary women coming at you at about 100 mph.  You actually don't have to imagine this.  You can go see it live.  That's right people.  Live in our own town.  Roller Derby.  Yep.  You heard right.  In fact, I saw the roller derby go down last week.  I took my friend to see the Low country Debutante Brawl.  I don't know if words can fully describe the scene there....Talk about people watching.  I think I missed half the match just staring at other people. I saw so many tats, earrings, small children and girlfriends... FYI-You can buy beer or wine there.  In case you were wondering.  Plus there names are hilarious.  This may be crossing the line, but I will share my two favorite players names: Bloody T-Bone and Sexual Chocolate.  This is probably inappropriate, but I'm speaking the truth.  So there you have it.  Some are really coordinated and some not so much....Needless to say-it was very interesting.  My friend (who shall remain nameless) loved it.  I am a bit concerned that she may have liked it a little too much...We may have a new roller derbyer on our hands.  Just saying.  All in all it was a good time.
 PS-Right now as we speak, hilarious things are going on in the Girl Palace.  All I can say is that Megan is making Wimberly put her hand on the bible and repeat after her....I will leave the rest up to you to imagine.  Just know that it is HILARIOUS.  This weekend is Megan's Bachelorette weekend.  It's time for Betty Bridesmaid to make her debut. On a scary note, Megan is making me personally go pick out her present for Saturday night.  Yes, she knows how much I do not want to do this...Which is my worst nightmare (besides the water park). Which also means that I have to go into Victoria Secret or where ever else one goes by myself.  Then I have to pick something out on my own, which will be traumatizing I'm sure... I'm not allowed to let anyone else go pick out the present.....Awesome.  Can't wait.  I wonder if they sell onesie's there?  HA.  Okay, have a good one.  See you when I return...Hopefully with some good stories...

Love you long time,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Not so Laborious Labor Day

(This is extremely long, so if you are busy or in a hurry I wouldnt read it)  (Plus it may sound boring to you because you weren't there) So so so fast.  This weekend went by so fast.  Thanks to the Dupre's I got to go to Bailey Island (The island of awesomeness).  It was so nice.  I know you are sick of me talking about this so many times this summer, but I just can't help it.  I am about to describe to you why I love living where I live so much.  Tose tat don't live in the land of milk and honey, sorry. So Friday a ran a bunch of errands including finding a swamp named "Little Hell Hole Pond" and "Little Hell Hole Rd."  Quaint little place it is.  Then I swung by the Dupre's (only an hour later than originally projected) and we headed out.  I love that it takes less than an hour to drive to a little mini paradise.  So Saturday I woke up at the crack of dawn or 8am.  Decided it was too early to get going and took a little morning siesta.  Then I finally got up and Shawn and I rode into the sprawling city of Edisto.  We did a little browsing and then headed to the Pig.  Now I don't know about yall, but I have never been so overstimulated while grocery shopping as I was on Saturday. Apparently everybody and their brother was at the Piggly Wiggly getting their weekend rations...There were people everywhere.  I even saw Nanny which was a delightful surprise.  I tell she was getting overwhelmed my the millions of people ramming buggies into each other.  We got our delicious fried chicken and stuff and headed back to the house.  At 1 o'clock I got to head out with the boys on a dove hunt.  I don't know if you know this, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE bird hunting.  I don't get to go too much, but when I do I love it.  So all week I was trying to play it cool, but was about to bust because of excitement.  Now I was a bit nervous.  I figured there wouldn't be a lot of girls out there. 2 to be exact. Including me.  I wanted to have a cool outfit....It didn't end up being super cool, but it got the job done.  Then I was paranoid I wouldn't hit any of those durn birds.  Plus I didn't want the Dupre boys to think I was a lousy shot..(got keep up the good rep here folks) So after a few days of worry, I calmed down in time for the hunt.  Once we pulled up I immediately felt at ease.  There were trucks everywhere.  Sweet trucks at that.  (You know I love a good truck) And guns all over the place.  These were my kind of people.  They were frying up catfish and tater tots.  Perfect meal before a hunt.  So the people with kids got to be put out first.  So Gervais and I got to be together and Sonny D and Hamlin got to be together.  I will add that we got to be in a pretty sweet spot.  So after a few minutes we started hearing a few shots around us.  I just kept praying that I would hit one...I fired a few shots.  Missed all of them.  Then Gervais missed a few.  I started thinking that this was going to be a LONG day.  Then, somehow, I hit one of those suckers.  Next thing I knew, Gervais hit one and we were on a roll.  I had so much fun.  This is going to sound a bit corny, but there is something kind of cool about being in a field of dried up sunflowers, sitting in dirt, just waiting to pop up and shoot something.  Plus I got to wear my boots (which I love, but never get to sport) and my new camo hat.   I was feeling a bit country.  In a good way.  One with the land if you will.  Plus Gervais and Hamlin were excellent at finding all of the dead birds.  Needless to say, we had a great time.  Only problem was-I shot almost 3 boxes of shells and have a gnarly bruise on my arm.  We headed out around 5 to head back to the house.

I had to head back to Mt. Perfect for baby Wagner's baptism.  The baptism was really sweet and it was good to see all of the Wagner/Hendrix fam.  Shortly after I headed back to paradise.  Put my Doobie Bros cd in and had a good rock out all the way back to Edisto.  Now I thought Saturday was fun, but Sunday may have tied it.  We went in the boat and came back and the Dupre's friends were there.  Funny People.  I laughed a lot.  Then a little bit later I see this boat coming down the creek.  I couldn't quite see who it was, but I kept hearing my name.  Then they kept waving this baby in the air.  I had no stinking idea who the heck it was.  Then I heard the familiar voice of ELIZA! haha.  The Carmody's and the Sutherland's showed up on Bailey Island by boat. Awesome surprise.  So they hung and talked and swam for a while.  Then they headed back to Charleston. Then I happened to catch one of the best sunsets I have seen yet.  Just take a look at the pics.  Gorgeous.  Sunday night supper just may be one of my favorite highlights.  Probably because it was all of my favorite foods piled into one meal and I was laughing a ton.  Just picture fried chicken, fried dove breast, blue crabs, tomato pie, watermelon, loads of corn and some sweet peaches + funny people.  It was so so good.  Thats straight up lowcountry right there my friends.  Labor day was just as nice.  It ended with a few people, including me, getting pushed in the creek.  Who doesn't love a good late afternoon swim.  Sadly we then headed back to Chucktown.  (See the sunset pics below-It was beautiful)

So just when I thought the weekend fun was over-I was pleasantly surprised.  MP called and said to swing by the dock.  Crazy enough, all of the roommates were home so we headed over there together.  We made it just in time for sunset.  It definitely didn't disappoint.  Plus there were a million dogs and babies running around.  So glad we got to end the day there.
Then we headed out for a little roommate date at POE'S.  It was nice to eat all together.  Sadly, we only have Megan for a little while longer...I am going to add something that I think is funny.  So apparently over the weekend Megan picked up our bridesmaids dresses.  Clearly she knows me all too well.  Because she didn't tell me.  She knew that I would get anxiety or a horrible sick feeling.  Not many people know how bridesmaidenship things effect me...ahah.  She said she discreetly went ahead and slipped it in my closet and I could try it on at my leisure.  She even said I didn't have to look at it until I was ready.  Who wouldn't love that. That's a real friend right there.  So now I only have mild anxiety about it.  We will deal with that later....I hope yall had a great weekend.

Shootin guns and eatin peaches,
Betty Bridesmaid