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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Birthdays and bad bridesmaid dreams..

Today is a special day.  Happy birthday to my favorite lil Hawaiian.  Druid Cozy Joyner.  If you don't know Cozy then I am sorry and I feel bad for you.  Gives the best hugs and makes the best congo squares and chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  Yum!  She has left us for a little temporary trip to Hawaii.  She is probably basking in the beautiful Hawaiian sun right now..Cozy I miss you and happy bday!!

On another note-I had a bad slash crazy dream last night. I normally don't let you in on my dreams, but this one is important.  So I was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my friends wedding.  I showed up late to the church dressed in my usual raggy shorts and t shirt.  I went in to the get ready room, but everybody was already dressed. I figured I would just throw the dress on. However, I had actually never taken the dress out of the bag to try it on...Well then the music started to play and the bridesmaids filed out.  I went to put on the dress which was metallic blue....And I noticed there were leg holes.  So I tried to pull it up, but it wouldn't go.  I then figured out the dress was like a dress/romper mix.  Plus there were all these measuring lady needles in it.  They kept poking me and falling out.  So clearly the dress wouldn't fit.  So meanwhile I am watching all of the other bridesmaids walk down the aisle..and I can't figure out how to make the dress go on. So I leave my t shirt on and pull the dress up as far as it will go.  Which was not pretty.  Then it was my turn to go down the aisle, but the wedding coordinator (who happened to be Patsy Martin) wouldn't let me go, so I had to watch from behind the doors. Then I got scared and woke myself up.  Hopefully this isn't a sign for ol Betty Bridesmaid for what's to come....Yikes.
Catch you on the flip,
Betty B

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