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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dog Days of Fall...

That's Bailey.  He rocks.  I actually really love this picture. And this dog.  Anyways, I got to go to Bailey Island this weekend and it rocked.  It was beautiful.  And the weather was awesome.  And once again, the weekend ended with people (me) being pushed in the creek.  Makes for a glorious weekend.  Not to mention the company is always stellar.  So Dolphin girl, Hamlin and I took a boat ride yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL!  I actually found my future home.  Here it is:
Actually, this is the main house. A little to big for me.  I prefer the little guest house below:
Wouldn't I totally look good here?  I think so too.  I love the sweet little rockers on the front porch.  Then a little afternoon storm decided to roll through.  I thought it looked pretty cool.
All in all it was a great weekend.  In fact, I am sad it is Sunday because that means tomorrow is Monday. Boo.
Oh. On the way home we ran in to a lil gator..Pretty sweet!
Ok.  I'm out.  

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  1. I think this may be the perfect place for our little bed and breakfast. Where is it?? You can live in the little house. Love you much.