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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Absurdity of my every day life

Try being surrounded by boys all day. I am from 9-5. I secretly love it. At the office, on the 2nd floor (where the cool peeps are), I am usually the only girl up there. (they put the air so cold and try to freeze me out) However, sometimes Jennifer is there. So for the most part of the day I get picked on. Even Dad gets caught up the in the peer pressure of Follin and Andrew and decides to throw minor jabs my way. Not going to lie, it's funny. There is only so much I can do to fight back. They honestly think they are the funniest 3 people in the world. I let them believe that little lie. You know me-always building people up...So usually me, Follin, Andrew and Dad go out to lunch. A little lunch bunch if you will. I pray every time that dad will want to buy my lunch. It's a 50/50 shot. So today we got in the car and headed out. Today the usual conversations started.
Dad: "Can you believe what's happening to our gov't (or something along those lines) Illegal aliens everywhere."
Follin: "Take em out Herb"
Andrew: "He He"
Me: "help me now"
Then Follin interjects with some funny sarcastic comment.
Me:" Andrew how come you always have Maxim magazines in your truck?"
Andrew: "I like to stay current with the times"
All: Awkward silence.
Conversation resumes. Most likely about guns.
Meanwhile my phone rings. It's someone with questions about a lingerie shower. I think to myself how can I answer her without the boys knowing what I am talking about. I start sweating. So I precede to pretend to tell a story with the key info in it. For ex: Why yes, It was MEDIUM sized. But that is typical for that area. I'd say there were definitely 34 of them. Yeah thats right. The fish were really biting...
That was a close one. I was so proud of myself...
All: "Sarah. You have to stay in the car. We will crack the windows for you."

So after lunch on the way back men's fashion comes into the conversation.
Follin: "I used to like sear sucker, not it's just a status symbol. Why yes. I am from Charleston. Can't you see my sear sucker suit. Puh."
Dad: "I don't mind it. Bow ties get me stirred up."
Andrew: "I used to wear a clip on one."
Dad: "Listen. Anyone over 60 should not wear one. Or under 3. It's just the way it is. And if you are on the bigger end of things, don't do it. It does not help. Only little scrawny man boys can really get away with it."
Me: "Seriously. I think boys that wear them are cute."
Follin: "Sarah. Just because you are the boss' daughter does not mean you can just jump in the conversation. This is serious."
Me: I just bust out laughing."
Dad: "How come nobody else understands the whole bow tie thing? For the love"

This is just a typical lunch car ride. I love it. Just thought I'd share the love...


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Confession

I don't know if you are in a small group, but maybe you should get in one. But don't get your hopes up because ours is exceptionally cool(Thanks to Biz). Last week we decided to have a social. Luckily a member's dad owns a pretty sweet lil boat. By little I mean 60 ft give or take a few. It's called the Jabez too...So we decided that our next meeting would be on water. Tonight was beautiful. One of the prettiest nights I've seen in a while. So each week some people volunteer to do the food. This week it was Ted. It was quite the Little Debbie showcase...I was cracking up. He even had Zebra Cakes. Who doesn't love a good Zebra cake? So sometimes I like to dedicate a blog post to someone. Tonight lil Rosemary Jr. is the lucky recipient....Don't worry I won't call you what your teacher calls you..We spent a good part of the night picking on one another. It was a good time.

Rosemary this next part is for you-

I have a confession. It's a bit overdue.. In 8th grade I was forced to do confirmation. I didn't even know what it really was.(Big surprise..) I do know I was terrified. If you did show though you got to have a Krispy Kreme. Clever incentives... Lil Rosemary happened to be leader...I will not make a sarcastic comment. Ha. So on the Saturday night before confirmation you have to stand up and give your testimony. Well that may sound easy to some, but when you didn't exactly have one it was a bit trickier..All week I was panicked. But I couldn't exactly verbalize my worries. So Saturday night came. We went in alphabetical order so I may or may not have skimmed a little off of some prior testimonies in order to piece one together. So Yes. I may have fabricated a testimony. And by may I mean I totally did. What was I to do? I was a sweaty little middle schooler who had nothing to say. I did the best I could...There I said it. 11 years later the truth is out. Just thought you should know...ha. Sure hope Mr. Martin doesn't happen upon this...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is what cool people do on Sat. night..

Its Saturday night and I am at home. I'm not just at home, but I am blogging. And you now what? I am okay with that. I hit a wall at about 9 pm and called it a night. This week has been action packed. Dodgeball is still the highlight of the week. So since our team dominated the other team (other team/Anna don't even try...) I have received some funny emails. Some mom's ready to take revenge...ahahah. Last night PCA had their prom. Since I was staying with Caroline Wagner (to whom this blog is dedicated to tonight..) I had to be the stand in Tobey Wagner and take some pics. She was so so so pretty. Then I went to Robbie's baseball game which was awesome because he rocked it. Today one of my all time favorite families was in town. Well 1/4 of them at least. So I got up early and headed out to see them at Avery's soccer game. They are awesome. Hands down. Stellar. Then I made my way back to Mt. Perfect for breakfast and Lukey's 4 yr old bday party. Let me tell you, Eliza can do a 4 yr old party. It was awesome. It was construction themed. She even served dirt cake out of a dump truck. Then Eliza sweet talked me into going to a 3 yr old party. I am a goober. We went to the fire museum which to my surprise was actually pretty cool. Thank God there was chicken nuggets, because I was about to die. So after we demolished some nugs we headed home. Then I got to go meet some awesome people for dinner at Mustard Seed (one of my fav's). So good.

So enough of the play by play. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to lead a small group of some really cool high school kids at St. Andrews. At first I immediately declined. I thought I was taking a bit of a sabbatical from pretty much any type of leadership responsibility. Wrong. I knew that I would do it. Even when I said no....I just can't help it. I like them a lot. A whole lot. Even though I don't hardly know them. They are super cool. Probably more mature/deeper than I am, but we will just have to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle. So I was a bit nervous trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do. Then it hit me. I can take what I learn and share it with them. Duh. Thank you captain obvious. So we talked about leaving our comfort zones/our familiar. Not going to lie. I think it went well. This is what always cracks me up-As I am mid sentence trying to sound smart, I realize whoa this totally applies to me....Ha.

So this week the bridesmaidenship training kicked it up a notch. Went to the gym Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Honestly, I can't move my stinking arms. They hurt. Just a sacrifice we maidens have make. All in the glory of looking good/toned as we stumble down the aisle. I got stuck next to coughing coffee lady again. She may have collapsed a lung on Friday from her coughing. But she kept on trekking... Only 1 diet coke and 2 beers this week. That is dedication people. Ok. I need my beauty sleep.

Icing my arms,
Betty B

Currently listening to: Patty Griffin and Oasis

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Head Shot Princess

Today is a historical day. Yes it is. Today we played Dodgeball inside St. Andrews. My dreams are complete yet again. Just another reason to love St. Andrews. I mean I doubt there are other womens ministries throwing balls at each other or beating each other up with light sabers. At first I was a bit nervous to see how it was all going to go down, but alas the experience surpassed my expectations. I was putting my things on the table when I noticed Patsy Martin. (See above) She was wearing knee pads and a helmet. Then there were the moms looking intimidating in their work out wear. So we picked teams and thankfully me and Eliza were on the same team which really means Team Domination. As we lined up on our respective sides I began to laugh. On the opposing team there stood Cassie, Becky, Rebecca Long, Carol Farrar (Age 80's), Anna Stewart, Tessa and Mary Gordon. If I forgot you I apologize. I could not stop laughing. Of course Cassie was pulling out some old Wando cheers...My first thought was that there is no possible way I can hit Becky Kerr with a dodge ball. Then I saw the look on their faces and realized that I was going to have to nail them to survive. They came after us full force. And peg them we did....Our team dominated. Poor Rebecca took one of my harder shots right to the chest...bad situation. Then at one point Becky and Susalee were at a standstill. Too good of friends to peg each other. Meanwhile I tried taunting Becky trying to get Susalee a chance to get her....hahaah. Probably my favorite part of the game. Then Susalee caught a ball and I got to go back into the game.. It was just me and Becky. She seriously is too nice to hit..but sometimes you have to sacrifice...haha Becky is probably going to make me come to healing prayer now....because....I pegged her! hahaha. I am still laughing. Ladies, if you are reading this, AWESOME job today. Hilarious. Can't wait to do it again....

Watch for flying balls,
The headshot princess....

Grab life by the ball...Dodgeball

So I spent some time in the car today and had a few conversations with myself. (Don't judge me for talking to myself) There were a few things on my mind.
1-there is this lady I see at the gym every time I go. She wears the same pink shirt every day (I respect that). She drinks coffee. For some reason this freaks me out. Meanwhile I am slurping up my water...She coughs about every other 5 seconds and I literally get startled every time. I almost startled myself right off of the elliptical today. Could have been bad. Honesty I want to find out if this is a permanent condition.
2-I am reading a cool book Cassie gave us. Yes- I am actually reading it. Even taking notes. It is called The Anointing. It is really cool. It is explains how our anointing is the Holy Spirit and how he operates in us everyday. Very cool. It helps explain how you can operate in your anointing and/or giftings. I really like it.
3-Dodge ball. Tomorrow morning I am playing dodge ball with the ladies in my huddle. I would say the age range is 23-87. That's right. I think it's going to get interesting. I can't wait to get some pictures up here. Go ahead and throw some prayers up for the broken hips, fingers and teeth....Just the emails alone leading up to this event have made my entire month...
4-Last Friday. I got to spend the day with Logan. It was a much needed day. We went to our usual spot-Metto. I don't know what it is about that place, but I love it. Plus Logan was a big bonus. Then we went to the Carmody's to get sunburned. The Blue Angels found out Logs was in town so they decided to give us a quick fly by...
5-Confidence. It's a tricky thing to me. Sometimes you can be overflowing with it and the next day it some how disappears. Its weird. I catch myself lacking confidence when I least expect it. I think this is what happens when you get stuck comparing yourself to others or when you feel you don't measure up. (I know this is getting deep..) I know I catch myself doing this all the time. When ever I am stuck lacking confidence it leads to feeling inadequate. Whether it's in relationships, work, friends or just feeling inadequate with myself. I think the two can go hand in hand. Well at least for me they can. If you know me or live with me, you know that sometimes I can get super anxious about things. Most of the time dumb things. Recently the bridesmaidenship has made me a bit anxious. BUT I am working on it.

*So this is super random. But it's me. Well at least today it is. So there ya go. That's about all I've got.

Love ya longtime,

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tyler McCoy if you are reading this....I worked from 850am to 10pm. Thank you very much. Yachtzee...

So on the way to work this morning I peeked over at the car next to me. It was 830am and an old man was smoking a cigar. I don't get it. Tobacco can't taste that good so early in the morning. I mean I appreciate the lil old guy keeping traditions up by puffing on the ol cigars, but that is early. I raised my iced coffee from metto and air cheers him. He then stared at me. So I ut my window back up. Interesting fact-I drove my 12.2 mpg gas guzzler 121 miles today. Did I mention I never left Charleston. Thats right. 3 trips to Mt. Perfect, 2 trips to North Charleston, jaunt out to Goose Creek and some sight seeing in West Ashley. I know you probably don't care to know all of this, but I didn't really have anything interesting happen today so there ya go.

Oh exciting news- MC's bridesmaids dresses came in today....for me this is when the scary music from Jaws comes on....I'm still not putting it on until later. Until the bridesmaid's challenge is over....

Logan just came by. Just what I needed. Logs-Good to have you least for the weekend!

Sorry this is boring and random...

-Betty B

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading between the lines

Ok. So on Sunday I actually 100% paid attention to the sermon. (even though rosemary the 2nd was trying to distract me...) This may sound trivial to yall, but I am just not good at it. I usually get about 45-65% of the sermons. Sunday I got the whole deal. DISCLAIMER- I love Steve Wood. He is awesome. The small percentage is my fault. Ok. I'm good now. We had a guest speaker. With a good accent. I tend to like people with cool accents. He spoke about the Prodigal son. I have heard many a talks about this subject, but this one hit home. He said prodigal means extravagant rebelliousness. There were 3 sides to this. The son who left was rebelling from his family and God. He took his money and partied it up. Then he realized he messed up and made his way home. He needed to find his way back to his father. The older brother was just as bad, but in another way. He was like the pharisees always keeping rules. He was spent his time working for the dad. When the younger son came back his father was so overwhelmed with love for his son. He welcomed him home and killed the fattened calf. This infuriated the older son. The older son was mad because he didn't mess up, he did all the right things yet his father was praising the son who lost it all. One word comes to mind- PRIDE. This is where I saw myself come into the picture. Often times I am that older brother. Sometimes I strive to do it all right, but I am doing it for all the wrong reason. Sometimes pride snakes its way in there and its hard to get realize it. The preacher left us with a question: Which brother are you?

So if you have the time and can understand what I am trying to explain, take a minute to think about it. I think we can be both brothers. I think of all the times where I find myself like that older brother. Keeping score and thinking things were unfair about different things. Its a good thing we have a God like the father in that story. Even though his son left and lost it all, he rejoiced that he came back. I think it's really cool how he does that. Just when I think I have wasted it all, God takes me right back.

I know that was deeper than usual, but Betty Bridesmaid retired for the night......ahhaha. Hope this post finds you well.
Keep it up,

Listening to: DMB "Grace is Gone"

PS- The other day we found a Christian singles sign up in our front yard. I automatically blamed shaun. On Sunday I found the real suspect. It was Steve Wood! I don't know why, but I think this is funny. He is our neighbor. Unfortunately for him the war has just begun.....muah hahah (my attempt at an evil laugh...)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another one bites the dust

Yes. We have lost another one to marriage. Sweet little Amanda Stookey is now sporting some ice on her ring finger. Here is how it went down:
We tricked her by going to take cheesy pics at the battery (a standard for our group of friends)
All of a sudden Hanson came on the speakers at the battery.
Three grown men in blonde wigs started singing Hanson.
Then Amanda had to go stand in front of everyone and got serenaded.
Taylor whipped out a ring
Then Amanda said yes...

Time to add another wedding to the vortex.
Love you long time,,
Betty B

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Street Walkers

So Wim and I spent some quality time together tonight. We went to happy hour with McCarthy and then we spent an hour trying to figure out where to eat...Finally we got some dinner. Here is a basic summary of our conversation:
Wim: this is good
Me: yea. I can't breath out of my nose
Wim: My Macaroni is cold
Me: I can't breathe out of my nose. I am dying.
Wim: lets watch a movie
Me: ok. I am dying. Please take my to the teet so I can get some meds.
Wim: Ok. Can we walk there?
Me: In the dark? Across the Highway? Half drunk?
Wim and me: Yes Please.

This is why wim and I get along. Always on the same page.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When the sun goes down

It was a good week. Seriously. It was a keeper. (you already know that I am going to see VAN MORRISON!!!) I know I have been a tid bit hostile toward the wedding industry. Please forgive me. I know not what I do....Last weekend I went to a wedding that was so much fun and I wish it was happening again this weekend. Congratulations Caroline and Willis. The reception was at Pepper where King Kong Hensley and the Asian are getting married so it made me so excited. For real. I couldn't stop talking about it for days. In fact I am still talking about it. Plus I got to see people I 100% love. Biz-I know you are reading this. You are one of my favorite wedding people plus you are really good at putting up with me and my shinnanigans... Harry G-You are the best dance partner ever in the whole wide world.

(Harry and I rocked the dance floor..)
This is the week that Drew and Addie had Mary Margaret. She is beautiful. I have not gotten to meet her in person, but I can not wait. She looks just like both of them!
I randomly had to go to a junkyard the other day in search of a mysterious car part. I found mayberry. Coastal salvage was a very interesting place. Larry and Bert run it. They look to be about 125 years old. Then there were a lot of older men roaming around the yard. Lets just say I stood out. I didn't quite fit in. They would only call me darlin and suga. Needless to say after me trying my hardest to find what I needed...I walked away empty handed. I will have to go try again.

Spring also decided to make an appearance this week! Just in time for when Megan's parents came to visit us. They are hilarious. Megan is an exact replica of Melinda Hensley, who by the way is one of the cutest lil people I have ever seen. Plus her dad is one of the funniest people I know. And they brought Luke, Megan's best friend. He is a dog. I got to take them on the boat on Friday afternoon and it was beautiful!

Then there was Easter. Boone Hall was beautiful..and really sweet. I had to be there a little after 7am for sound check so I got to see the sun rise at Boone Hall. So thankful for that. Our women's worship team got to sing pre servive with the men and it was awesome. It is so fun being up there singing. Dad and Lili even came so they got to meet some of my friends. After lunch with the fam I headed over to the Carmody's to bask in the sun. It was glorious. The sunset was incredible. Lukey and Tommy even made an appearance. It was such an awesome day!

Hope you had a good week too!
Love ya long time,

Listening too: Van Morrison...duh

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My dreams are complete

Friends. Today is one of the best days I have ever had in my entire 24.5 years on this earth. Today I got a ticket to go see the one and only, my all time favorite musician- VAN MORRISON. I haven't been able to calm down all day. I had to leave the office because I was so giddy. Not only am I going, but I get to go with McCarthy and Shaun. I don't know if I can wait until May. Please do yourself a favor and just get on Itunes and buy every song that comes up. Trust me on this one. It's worth it. Here are some Van essentials: Tupelo Honey, Into the Mystic, They Sold Me out, These are the days, Celtic New Year, Hungry for your love...the list could go on forever.

I took a personality test today. Turns out I am introverted and make decisions mostly based on feelings...Good to know. Megan's parents are here for the weekend. I love love love them. Funniest people I know. And Luke the dog is here. He is a keeper.

Here are some things I thought of today that made me smile-
*Sitting in the sun by the Wagners pool
*Thinking about my boat
*Thinking about how I fell down the steps this morning in front of a bunch of random strangers
*Pain killers at Hometeam (if you don't know what that is, get in your car and go straight there right now)
*My friends having babies and the ones who are getting married..
*New friends I have made recently. I really like them a whole lot. All at the same time.
*My roommates

Now that I have been sentimental...
Good Night,