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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Deer a Doe

So Tuesday afternoon I was casually just doing my thing in Remley's Point.  I was actually going to take some pics for work.  I was at a stop sign and all of a sudden I saw something move in my peeripheral vision.  Two deer.  They were just chillin in a yard.  All of a sudden they ran in front of me.   Then a whole pack of them stampeded across the rode.  I was mesmerized.  They were literally just standing on the back of this vacant lot.  I decided to get out.  Now several thoughts were crossing my mind:
1-Grab your camera
2-There is an awesome pink BB gun sitting on your back seat, fully loaded and ready to roll
3-How cool would it be to ride one.....
4-Is anybody else seeing this??

So after much contemplation...I decided it probably was not ideal to try and pepper one with a pink BB gun.  Especially in public.  I would kinda stand out there...Also, I am probably not stealth enough to mount one of those suckers...So I went with option #1 and grabbed my camera.  I snuck out of the car and literally crawled through some shrubs to get a good view of the deer.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Croc Not

I'm sorry, but this post has been a long time coming.  I know I am probably about to offend a good many of the general population that just so happens to read my non sense ramblings.  But I just have to get this off of my chest.  CROCS.  I do not understand how people love them so much.  When did wearing rubber clogs become cool.  I truly do not understand the attraction.  Now-I do understand kids wearing them.  They are easy and no hassle.  That's fine.  I even know a lady who wears them all the time.  And she is super cool.  She is the only exception to my anti crocs rule bc they are cute on her.  It's the men that I don't understand.  They love them.  I just don't get it.  Please keep in mind that this is solely my opinion.  I took the liberty of Googleing "Crocs."  It just so happens that Urban Dictionary had some definitions pop up:

1-quite possibly the ugliest but most comfortable shoes ever. everyone wears them from babies to old farts and rich kids to poorish kids. they are very heinous looking. (this was my personal favorite)

2-the most ridiculous markup since bottled water.
bottled water puts a fraction of a penny worth of water in a 2 cent bottle and sell it for a buck. crocs, on the other hand mold a few cents of plastic with no water inside into something kinda resembling a shoe, then sell the damn thing for $30.

3-Hidious but revolutionary shoes made of Croslite polyurethane—an antimicrobial resin that (contrary to anecdotal evidence) resists odor. The clasic clog is made several colors with and without holes and with and without straps. More and more styles(even boots) are about to hit the market. Ugly is comfortable.

I am sorry, I just hate Crocs. There. I said it.  If I could erase any fashion trends, I would wipeout Crocs and Rompers.  I tried not to let the Crocs get to me, but yesterday I was in Dick's Sporting Goods and eavesropped on a horrific scene/dialogue.  I was casually browsing around the guns and bullets section (typical).  When I saw what looked to be a 60ish yr old man and a 40ish yr old man.  I think they were related.
60ish yr old:  (he was wearing camo crocs) Do you like your new crocs?
40ish yr old (he was wearing some new style as seen above) Yes. I do.  I have about 5 pair of Crocs.  But these are nice ones. I can wear them to church, or weddings and stuff.  They look really nice. They look nicer than my regular dress shoes.
*Here is where I was about to spontaneously combust.  Weddings?!?!?  What the heck.  If I see crocs at my wedding.  It's over.  Crocs have gone too far. 
60ish yr old: Do you think they have some here?  I could get a few pairs.  I have a gift card. 
40ish yr old:  I bet they do.  Now they have ones with corduroy.  Those are really nice.  I have worn them to work a few times.

I had to walk away.  I was about to inform them that Crocs were in fact not cool.  Especially to wear to a wedding.  I take that back.  If you are Joe Dirt, then fine.  You can wear them to a wedding.  Who would have thought that men would love wearing plastic/rubbery clogs??  I'm sorry, but look:


So there you have it.  I am sorry if I have offended you, but I have to speak the truth.  Or at least, my opinion.  I know you didn't ask for it, but your reading it.  On my blog.  Free game.
Not rockin Crocs,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Adam Randomness

I went to my first NBA game.  I have to say that I did enjoy it.  And Dwight Howard is a monster.  With very huge muscles that I stared at the entire game.  That's just a side note.  I went with Granny, Mercury and Becca.  Riding the MARTA was probably my favorite part, besides the kiss cam on the Jumbotron at the game.  No explanation needed.  But seriously, Dight Howard is ripped.  So last week Eliza and I started our new Christmas tradition of lunch and shopping.  We weren't exactly what you would call successful on the shopping front, but we nailed the lunch part.  I successfully downed my first bloody mary.  Big step for man kind here.  Have you been to Sermet's?  If not, then you should go. Its very good.  Take a look at the painting of the half naked person in the bathroom and let me or Eliza know if it's a boy or girl.  Also, if you were at Taco Boy on Tuesday night and saw a girl who looks somewhat like me, wearing a sombrero and singing Feliz Navidad-it was not me...Logan and Doug are in town.  The 843 just got a whole lot better:)

Hope you enjoy Christmas Adam,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

So Friday night was our St. Andrews Worship Team Christmas Party.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  It was at Vicki's house (the girl who shreds on the violin @ church) and it was hilarious.  I really wasn't sure what to expect and was even a bit nervous.  These people know how to have fun.  There was so much food.  Seriously.  I forgot to mention that everyone had to make a gift. Now at first this was terrifying because we had to each make a present for the gift exchange.  Now I am not miss art and crafts over here.  I am much better at buying really cool presents.  I had no idea what to do.  At the end of the week, we got an email saying that baked goods were acceptable.   Thank God.  So I decided to make square pretzels with rollos on top.  I mean, who doesn't love rollos?  I have to say that they looked really really good.  So I bundled them up in very stylish tin foil.  However, during transport they may or may not have fallen off of the front seat.  Which means that they all stuck to the tin foil.  I decided to keep this to myself and stick my present under the tree.  So it came time for the gifts.  We drew numbers and when it was your turn, Kristy would go grab a "random" present from the tree and give it to you. These people are quite creative.  I started to feel pretty self conscious about my lil rollos.  After some cool presents it was my turn.  I was lucky number 8.  I received an envelope.  Upon opening it-I immediately burst into laughter.  Here is what it said:
I received a 3 minute hand massage from Becky Kerr.  I'm sorry.  I am still laughing.  So I then threatened her with the thought of her getting my present....Well it just so happened that Becky was #9.  And guess what.  She received a crumpled up lil box of pretzels and rollos....HAHAH.  Kristy had no idea.  You probably do not find this funny, but I promise it was really funny at the time.  I was also informed that I am a rapper named Nelly.  I'm okay with that.  So that pretty much sums it up for my Friday night.

Tomorrow I am going to Atlanta.  To go to an NBA game.  With really funny people.  I'm sure there will be some good stories to tell.
See you then.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

For Narnia

I think I could totally rock Narnia.  Yes, I know that Narnia is not real, but it would be totally cool.  I saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader today.  In 3-D.  Loved it.  It was so so good.  I think I could listed to Liam Neeson/Aslan's voice all day long.  Go see it.

The magic number


Monday, December 13, 2010

Twig Tree Beauty

I seriously think the above tree is beautiful.  I would like to tell you that I 100% made it.  But, that would be lying and that's wrong.  At least in this case.  I did have 100% good intentions with this tree.  Shawn made it.  I went over and helped cut twigs, picked off leaves and helped add some conversation.  She seriously did an awesome tree.  I love it and I want to leave it up year round.  I have taken so many pics of it-its sad.  I am sitting in my favorite spot in the girl palace.  Listening to good music and sippin some hot chocolate.  Watching this really cool spinning nativity mom brought me from Germany.  Thinking away.  Today was a pretty good day.  Had coffee with a friend.  Then I had a funny lunch.  Becky and Susalee voyaged over to West Ashley and we hit up the S&S Cafeteria.  I appreciate people who will dine at the caf.  For real.  Plus we threw off the age curve big time.  Then I went and looked at some property and headed to the grocery store.  I love going to the grocery store.  So I have been thinking a lot lately.  I want to go on an adventure.  Just throwing it out there.  I think 2011 is going to rock.  Just saying.  Sorry-I can't help it-here are some more pics of the tree:
I know you want one of these trees.  Too bad.... Is it totally bad if I really like the new Girl Talk cd?  No? Okay, great.  Do you want to know what I was thinking about?  Well I won't tell you all, but just a tid bit.  I feel like I always think about things that I want to do, but I never actually do them.  Not sure what I'm talking about?  Maybe this will help:
1-Go on an adventure. Somewhere like Africa or Jackson Hole.  Different worlds I know.  But an adventure in the same
2-Do something great.  For somebody else.  Still brainstorming.
3-I keep having these dreams where I am standing up under water. (don't judge people) Just standing there. Looking up at the sky. (Totally normal right?)  I consulted some dream wizards...Basically there may be some big event  + Some Holy Spirit.  I think I know exactly what it is.  But I am not divulging.  Saving it for later.
These are just a few of the things entertaining my thoughts today.  Got to go iron some clothes.  Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that....


It is flipping freezing!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rat Palace..

Just kidding.  I would never call it a rat palace.  However, there used to be a few lil rodents calling the garage home.  Well not anymore my friends.  Not anymore.  I think we may actually be rat free.  So Thursday night Betsy and I set Victor (the handy rat trap).   We anxiously awaited through the night.  I woke up early and ran downstairs to the garage.  The green light was flashing.  Which meant we scored one.  I was doing totally fine.  Until I saw the tail.  Now I am a pretty tough person, but I just don't do rodents.  But clearly I was the only member of the Palace that would be willing to dispose of our lil friend.  So Betsy escorted me to the trash can and she managed to take a few pics.  I decided to set the trap again before I went to work.  Here is where I should add that I always thought rats only came out at night.  WRONG.  I came back to the garage 3 hours later.  Guess what?  The green light was a flashing.  So I made another disposal and set it a 3rd time.  Wahla.  Another one.  I can proudly say that I am now a rodent expert and we have gone 24 hours without another rodent.  I think we may have a clean slate here at the Girl Palace.

On another note.  I am retiring from red wine.  We have decided to go our separate ways.  For now.

I am also 70% done with my Christmas shopping.

This is Victor the rat trap
This is gross.  But I think its needed just to give a good visual.  Sorry.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas, caroling, flashing and rodents

Tonight was a good night.  It was our annual Huddle Christmas Party @ the Girl Palace.  So usually we all wear horrific Xmas sweaters.  This year we were supposed to wear our Christmas tree skirts (from your real tree).  Well basically all of the "older" women wore them while we younger gals sported the tacky sweaters.  The night was going pretty well.  Food was good.  Convos were good.  Then we decided to all pile into the bed of Eliza's truck and go caroling.  To Steve Wood's house.  So all was good.  We sang/mumbled a few songs.  Started talking.  Keep in mind there are like 15 people standing in his front yard.  Then Cheryl Hughes (mom of 3.  somewhere in the 40's range) decides to show off her lovely tree skirt outfit to the preacher man.  Well, just as she lifts her arms up-her skirt falls right around her ankles on the ground.  All that is left are fish net stockings and a slip. Thank God.  I have not laughed that hard in so long. She dropped her skirt in front of Steve.  And Jacqui.  No lie--HILARIOUS.  So after a good little laughing spurt, we decided to move our show over to the Long house.  Where we serenaded the Long family.  After our beautiful performance we headed back to the GP.  All in all, it was a good night.

On a side note, Betsy and I have decided to do a lil experiment.  I mentioned before that there are some rodents making a home up in the ceiling in the garage.  Well we have decided we are going after them. Tonight we set a trap in the garage (after testing it for ourselves..) and are anxiously awaiting the morning light to see if we have any success.  I will keep you updated on our progress....

Tomorrow is our office Christmas card picture...sure to have some good stories on that front...


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Betty gets a gun

(Please ignore the above HORRIBLE hair cut) Big news.  Betty is probably getting a concealed weapons permit.  And she is not going it alone.  Her weaponry class will include several super cool people from church.  A lil but of Steve Wood, Sherri Grady, Jacqui Wood, Rosemary Jr and some other folks.  Those are just a few.  Not going to lie-pretty pumped.  I love guns.  Not in a weird a really cool way.  Needless to say, I am pretty pumped.  I'm sure I will have some good stories to tell.

Other news:

Only at the Girl Palace you can get locked out of your own room late at night.  No comment.

I re-organized the kitchen cabinets today.  Which means I unloaded every solitary thing out of every cabinet.  It was well worth it.

I bought a Magic Bullet. And I love it.

Thanks to Biz, I am now working on comprising a list of goals for 2011.  I think '11 could be a stellar year.  I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Betty and Babies...

I have a confession.  It's been a little boring up in here with out Betty Bridesmaid.  So I am bringing her back.  Betty made a little visit to the baby factory yesterday.  Otherwise known as the hospital. Normally I do not set foot in these awful places, but I will do almost anything for the babies...Plus there seems to always be a party in the room.  And who doesn't love some good socializing while holding precious babies..You can just call me the baby whisperer....However, the birthing stories I have been hearing have completely freaked me out and may have cured me from ever expanding the human race...Moving on.  I think Hannah and Matt's baby has been one of the most anticipated arrivals ever.  Apparently Hannah's water broke at church...communion will do it to ya....pretty cool.  Henry is the sweetest little baby.  He kinda looks like a small burrito all nice and bundled up.  Let me just call it now- this kid is going to be cool.  And will probably be sporting a nice full beard on his 2 yr old bday.  It's in the genes people...Alright, I have to do a little more online shopping...
Peace, Love and Babies,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chrimus @ the Girl Palace

Christmas has hit the Girl Place like a ton of bricks.  And honestly, I am so so glad.  I went into a depression last night after the SEC championship and the holiday decor has yanked me out of it.  Not only did we decorate, but we cleaned out the garage.  Over the last year, the garage has collected many different peoples belongings, so we decided to have a purging of the the other people's things...(so if you are reading this and you had stuff in our garage...there is a large pile of "jane doeish" items ready to be picked up or they are going on the street...) My Christmas shopping is in full swing.  Hands down this is my favorite time of year.  I love holiday shopping. I purchased a "Magic Bullet" today.  For myself.  That's how it works.  Buy several presents for others.  Then one for me.  It's a pretty good system if you ask me.  I think Christmas 2010 is going to be a good one.  Just a little hunch.   Here are a few more pictures of the Girl Palace Christmasified...

I love Christmas ornaments and nutcrackers.  The above ornaments have all been given to me by cool people.  And I love them.  I am watching Prince Caspian right now. Is it wrong that I have a major crush on Peter?  Hope not, because I do.  So I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.  (Which is usually not good)  They are actually mindless things, so you can stop reading if you have better things to do.
-We have some unwanted animal visitors in the garage...
-I want to go to Africa
-I am bad at crafts
-I am scared of Africa
-I love my Wallabees in an unhealthy way.  And my guitar.
-My mom is in Germany.  By herself.  She's pretty cool.
-Hannah had her baby and he is bound to be awesome.
-I'm scared to go in the garage to do laundry bc of the unwanted visitors..
-I would like to live on a farm.  So any single farmers out there...holler at sister...(sorry, I don't normally write stuff like this, but I'm putting that one out there...)

This pretty much sums up my day.....Hope you had a good weekend.  Love you long time.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glamour Shot

So I know this wrong, but I could not see this and not take a picture of it.  There I was, just going about my job, I turned the corner and this was looking me in the eye.  I burst out laughing.  Then I had to trick the home owners (so I could get a picture) and get them into a different room.  Come to find out there were a lot more portraits where this came from.  Sadly, I couldn't lure the people away....But I have to say that this one is my favorite one.  Who doesn't want a jacket like that?  (Biz how do you feel about a jacket like this instead of a satin dressing gown??)

Betty the fashionista is out.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am going here.  One day.  Maybe soon.  Maybe in forever.  But bottom line- I am going here.

Fun Facts of the Day

Today was a very random slash interesting day.  I learned several things.  From other people.  Here is a little handful of facts that I discovered:

-Because my car/tank gets 12 miler per gallon, I am single handedly funding terrorist groups.  (This is most likely true. I have a good source)

-We are in desperate need of a train system here.  Without trains we are headed from 1st world country to 3rd world country (From the same good source)

-People in India do not in fact say Namaste while doing Yoga. (From the same good source. He is actually quite knowledgeable in these topics)

-You can buy an AK47 in Saudi Arabia for $50 (The source once again)

-If you are not sure what to get Biz for Christmas, I know what she wants. This is a direct quote. "You know those snuggly bathrobes?  I do not want one. I want a satin dressing gown."  I am holding off on the sarcastic comments that came a floating in my mind....I mean, what 26 year old doesn't want a satin dressing gown??  J/k Biz.  I love you:)

-Netflix is very addicting.

-Pregnant people are everywhere. is a blackhole for me.  Once there...I am down for the count.

-I got to meet the long lost Crouch Brother.  Hilarious.  For real.

So today I was pondering several things.  Some big, some little.  Some important, some not.  But I think 2011 is going to be an interesting year on several accounts.  Just saying.  I have some things/plans a brewin....

Hope all is well.


PS-I have some awesome Xmas music going down over here...will share next time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Palooza

Happy leftovers day!  Seriously. I love Thanksgiving because there is always a massive amount of delectable food ready for round 2.  I feel like this Thanksgiving was like a marathon.  Except, it was quite enjoyable.  If you have something that you actually need to be doing I suggest you hit the little X at the top of the page because I am about to lay down the play by play of my Thanksgiving Palooza.  And it is painfully long...See the picture above?  Beautiful.  This is where I spent my turkey day.  I'm getting ahead of myself though. My Thanksgiving day began at 7:56 a.m.  I woke up just in time to get ready before my ride came to get me.  This year I did a little something out of my normal character.  I did the Gobble Wobble.  It's a sweet little 5K run downtown.  123% better than the bridge run. No lie.  I had so much fun.  Plus I went with the DuPre fam which is always fun.  Now I did more of a run/walk which I guess would be considered a "wobble" in this arena.  They ran.  Fast.  It was so beautiful out.  I wobbled across the finish line and headed back to Mt. Perfect.

Once home I took a nice long shower.  Because I may or may not have been a little sore.  Seriously, I am getting old now a days.... I got ready lightning quick and headed toward Edisto. Quite possibly the most beautiful place ever.  Once in the car and on my way I realized that the shirt that I grabbed from the dryer was not 100% dry. If I had to put a number on it, I would say it was about 63% dry.  Lovely.  I was feeling a bit soggy.  So then I put the windows down and turned up the tunes and headed south.  Who doesn't love a little air drying while in transit.  Plus I had a rockin cd in.  I got on the island at about 1 and headed straight to Brickhouse to meet the fam.  Brickhouse is on Edisto and it is beautiful.  Here are a few pics:
In all seriousness, it is beautiful.  You can't be surrounded by such a beautiful landscape and not be thankful.  Now Brickhouse is not your typical little family gathering.  It's more like a massive family reunion.  Here is a pic of our small little family gathering:
I would like to take a minute and set the scene for you.  Here is the dining arena:
Who would not want to share a Thanksgiving meal at this table:
And food is never in short supply at this place:
Now to survive here you have to make quick decisions.  No hesitating.  The line moves fast and you don't want to be the one to hold it up.  I also think line choice is key.  There are two sides.  It's important to scout out the spread early so you know what side to commit to...but that's just my opinion.  This truly was one of my favorite Thanksgivings.  If you don't know them already (which most of you do), let me introduce you to the Sass fam:
This is Lili.  My sister.  Younger sister. She can be funny at times.  More funny than not actually.  We are very different, but I have definitely come to appreciate it.  Well, there she is.  Here is one more. (with her beloved car...which I like to call the rust bucket and you have probably seen it about the town)
Here is Ginny (Mom), Lili and Aunt Vickey (her new haircut is just like Pink's) Sidenote: Mom and Vickey look so much a like nowadays.  Crazy.  Plus, mom is funny when her and Vickey are together:)
Here is Herb (Dad).  He's pretty much a keeper if you ask me. Or anyone really....
Here is Uncle Doug and Anne.  They are pretty cool too.  Sadly the other Sass kids weren't there.
The Sass men:
Just look at them.  Who wouldn't love them.  They really are 2 of the best people I know.
The Sass Women:
Not gonna lie...we have a good time.  And we tend to crack ourselves up.  All the time.
Here we are all only took about 25 shots to get one where we all just happened to be looking at the camera...
Here are my employers (Dad and Burk).  Or bosses if you will.    I have named them the founding fathers..
Cousin Doug wasn't there (he is in Montana) I found his stand in:
So I have a little Thanksgiving tradition.  After our glorious and disgustingly filling meal, I like to stop by a few other venues....I added a new one this year.  My friend, Susalee, is just right down the road so I stopped by to say hello.  She loves Edisto too.  And she can tell you some really really really cool stuff about it.  So I stopped by and just couldn't help but take a few pics....It just happened to be sunset....and a beautiful one at that..
I am pretty sure that I could live a good little life in the shack.  The view is not too bad....
After that I headed to Dawhoo to see the Smythe cousins.  They always seem to have a good time.  I said my hellos and goodbyes and headed over to Russell Creek to see Nanny, Poppa and the Wags. Plus all of their cousins.  Now right about this time, they are getting ready to eat.  Perfect timing huh?  It's a rough day when you have to eat Thanksgiving lunch and dinner.....After dinner we decided that it was only natural to go midnight shopping at Tanger outlets.  Now if you know me, then you know that normally this would make my palms sweat and induce a mild panic attack.  I am not exactly a shopper, but my adrenaline was pumping and succumbed to peer pressure....So we headed out.  Along with about 1,235,765,239 other people.  Crazy people.  The line to get in the parking lot was intense. You had to be aggressive and ballsy to have a chance of getting a spot within 34.9 miles of the place.  We got lucky and made it in.  As soon as my feet hit the pavement, mild panic began to set in.  There may have been some hyperventilation also...not sure.  People everywhere.  It was like a stampede.  I immediately regretted the decision.  But it was too late so I put my game face on.  The girls are big shoppers so I have picked up a few tips over the years.  I headed straight for the Nike store to get some new kicks.  After what felt like 3 hours I finally decided on a pair and entered the 54 mile long check out line.  (Here is where I ran into my good friend Shaun Wahl).  Shaun was kind enough to wait in line with me.  He knows that I am not a shopper. I think he was quite shocked that I was on the Tanger premises...After I made my purchase, I was about to reach my retail threshold, so I went and got the keys.  I headed back to the car and took a nice little nap until the girls got back to the car.  I got home at about 3:30 a.m.  I don't know if midnight shopping is my thing.  However, it was an experience.  At least there was good company:)  All in all, I had an awesome Thanksgiving.  Here are a few more pics from the day:
So there you have it. Turkey Palooza 2010.  If you are reading this, then we are most likely good friends.  And that being said-I am very thankful for you.  I hope you had a really great Thanksgiving.  

Go team Pilgrim,