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Sunday, December 19, 2010

More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys

So Friday night was our St. Andrews Worship Team Christmas Party.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.  It was at Vicki's house (the girl who shreds on the violin @ church) and it was hilarious.  I really wasn't sure what to expect and was even a bit nervous.  These people know how to have fun.  There was so much food.  Seriously.  I forgot to mention that everyone had to make a gift. Now at first this was terrifying because we had to each make a present for the gift exchange.  Now I am not miss art and crafts over here.  I am much better at buying really cool presents.  I had no idea what to do.  At the end of the week, we got an email saying that baked goods were acceptable.   Thank God.  So I decided to make square pretzels with rollos on top.  I mean, who doesn't love rollos?  I have to say that they looked really really good.  So I bundled them up in very stylish tin foil.  However, during transport they may or may not have fallen off of the front seat.  Which means that they all stuck to the tin foil.  I decided to keep this to myself and stick my present under the tree.  So it came time for the gifts.  We drew numbers and when it was your turn, Kristy would go grab a "random" present from the tree and give it to you. These people are quite creative.  I started to feel pretty self conscious about my lil rollos.  After some cool presents it was my turn.  I was lucky number 8.  I received an envelope.  Upon opening it-I immediately burst into laughter.  Here is what it said:
I received a 3 minute hand massage from Becky Kerr.  I'm sorry.  I am still laughing.  So I then threatened her with the thought of her getting my present....Well it just so happened that Becky was #9.  And guess what.  She received a crumpled up lil box of pretzels and rollos....HAHAH.  Kristy had no idea.  You probably do not find this funny, but I promise it was really funny at the time.  I was also informed that I am a rapper named Nelly.  I'm okay with that.  So that pretty much sums it up for my Friday night.

Tomorrow I am going to Atlanta.  To go to an NBA game.  With really funny people.  I'm sure there will be some good stories to tell.
See you then.

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