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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Betty and Babies...

I have a confession.  It's been a little boring up in here with out Betty Bridesmaid.  So I am bringing her back.  Betty made a little visit to the baby factory yesterday.  Otherwise known as the hospital. Normally I do not set foot in these awful places, but I will do almost anything for the babies...Plus there seems to always be a party in the room.  And who doesn't love some good socializing while holding precious babies..You can just call me the baby whisperer....However, the birthing stories I have been hearing have completely freaked me out and may have cured me from ever expanding the human race...Moving on.  I think Hannah and Matt's baby has been one of the most anticipated arrivals ever.  Apparently Hannah's water broke at church...communion will do it to ya....pretty cool.  Henry is the sweetest little baby.  He kinda looks like a small burrito all nice and bundled up.  Let me just call it now- this kid is going to be cool.  And will probably be sporting a nice full beard on his 2 yr old bday.  It's in the genes people...Alright, I have to do a little more online shopping...
Peace, Love and Babies,

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