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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Deer a Doe

So Tuesday afternoon I was casually just doing my thing in Remley's Point.  I was actually going to take some pics for work.  I was at a stop sign and all of a sudden I saw something move in my peeripheral vision.  Two deer.  They were just chillin in a yard.  All of a sudden they ran in front of me.   Then a whole pack of them stampeded across the rode.  I was mesmerized.  They were literally just standing on the back of this vacant lot.  I decided to get out.  Now several thoughts were crossing my mind:
1-Grab your camera
2-There is an awesome pink BB gun sitting on your back seat, fully loaded and ready to roll
3-How cool would it be to ride one.....
4-Is anybody else seeing this??

So after much contemplation...I decided it probably was not ideal to try and pepper one with a pink BB gun.  Especially in public.  I would kinda stand out there...Also, I am probably not stealth enough to mount one of those suckers...So I went with option #1 and grabbed my camera.  I snuck out of the car and literally crawled through some shrubs to get a good view of the deer.

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  1. Those are Margaret Strickland's pet deer.