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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chrimus @ the Girl Palace

Christmas has hit the Girl Place like a ton of bricks.  And honestly, I am so so glad.  I went into a depression last night after the SEC championship and the holiday decor has yanked me out of it.  Not only did we decorate, but we cleaned out the garage.  Over the last year, the garage has collected many different peoples belongings, so we decided to have a purging of the the other people's things...(so if you are reading this and you had stuff in our garage...there is a large pile of "jane doeish" items ready to be picked up or they are going on the street...) My Christmas shopping is in full swing.  Hands down this is my favorite time of year.  I love holiday shopping. I purchased a "Magic Bullet" today.  For myself.  That's how it works.  Buy several presents for others.  Then one for me.  It's a pretty good system if you ask me.  I think Christmas 2010 is going to be a good one.  Just a little hunch.   Here are a few more pictures of the Girl Palace Christmasified...

I love Christmas ornaments and nutcrackers.  The above ornaments have all been given to me by cool people.  And I love them.  I am watching Prince Caspian right now. Is it wrong that I have a major crush on Peter?  Hope not, because I do.  So I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.  (Which is usually not good)  They are actually mindless things, so you can stop reading if you have better things to do.
-We have some unwanted animal visitors in the garage...
-I want to go to Africa
-I am bad at crafts
-I am scared of Africa
-I love my Wallabees in an unhealthy way.  And my guitar.
-My mom is in Germany.  By herself.  She's pretty cool.
-Hannah had her baby and he is bound to be awesome.
-I'm scared to go in the garage to do laundry bc of the unwanted visitors..
-I would like to live on a farm.  So any single farmers out there...holler at sister...(sorry, I don't normally write stuff like this, but I'm putting that one out there...)

This pretty much sums up my day.....Hope you had a good weekend.  Love you long time.

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