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Monday, January 19, 2015

Here comes the bride

I got to take bridal portraits for the first time last month. I was absolutely terrified. 100%. However, I got to take them for the most laid back, non terrifying, non bridezilla on the planet. She's pretty much a badass. Here are a few favorites:

Thursday, January 15, 2015

People of the gym: Parking lot warrior

I am going to vent. About the gym. Yes, the gym. Yes, I am still going. Miracles happen. Here we go. If you have ever been to the wellness center you may know the scene. The parking garage is cray cray. First of all, it is gad awful ugly. It looks like a set from the terminator. Its dark. Its scary. It is full of maniacs, crazy drivers and lots of dark shadows. I am not sure that I am even capable of going in the evening. Pretty sure I would be too scared to walk in there in the dark. I'm telling you- it gives me the looming fear of attack. So I am always ready for anything. Do not even think of trying to park there around 5 pm. FAT CHANCE. It is packed with young people then. It is the worst time to go anyways. People race around trying to get a spot that opens up. It gives me extreme anxiety. All of the really fit young, blonde people go then. They sprint around the track in their cute Lu Lu Lemon and even do races. "For Fun." (Gag). Or couples stretching. I prefer the morning time when lots of slower old people are there. More my speed. Plus I am like an 83 year old woman stuck in a 29 yr old body... Back to my point. I got super pissed this morning. All because of "the look." If you drive a larger automobile you too may have experienced this. Let me paint you a picture. I was inching out of my spot (made for anorexic cars, not a suburban). Had to make a few adjustments. I kept inching back. A little fit couple was walking by (slower than ever) watching me so closely. Then they would look at me. Then back at the car. They were just waiting to see if I messed up. Do you know this look? I think they were secretly wanting me to bash in the Volvo convertible that was behind me. I had to back then turn several times to inch out. They were rubbernecking right next to me the whole time. Then they would look at each other.  Pretty sure they thought I had no idea how to maneuver the car. Well, I was cussing them from inside the car (because I am way to chicken to actually put my window down and tell them to move along..). Sometimes I feel like little people in little cars like to judge the big cars... I finally made it out of my spot without hitting a pole or a car. Success. Whatever you do today. Do not judge the big cars. Or people. Hehe.