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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009


So we took the office Christmas card pic. I won't go into detail now about that.....but dad and I had our own photo shoot......He decided to try and match his outfit with mine....hahah.

Pandora..Every one's doin it

Hello Friends-

First off I have become a Pandora addict. 98 degrees/Nsync holiday station gets me up and moving everyday. Then I switch over to Celine Dion and Coldplay to mix it up a bit. Just thought I would throw that out there in case some of you were in the dark about Pandora.

Today's sermon at St. Andrews was amazing. I think I am going to go ahead and say it was life changing. Anthony spoke about coming from his village in Africa. He talked about what he had to leave behind to follow Jesus. I can't describe in words what he has done to follow Jesus. His life paints a picture of what it is truly like to leave everything and follow. I am so thankful to have gotten to hear that. He brought the word head on this morning and it was incredible. If you get a chance look it up online and listen. It's more than worth it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Glory Days of November

Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving...Sorry so late. I hope your turkey day was as good as mine. I guess I don't technically have a Thanksgiving break, but I managed to make do. Things went pretty well on my end. Drew and Katie came home for the week so that was awesome. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had to go to debutante parties..yes you heard right. I went to deb parties. I got a new dress and tried to get glamified. I have to say that I did slightly enjoy all of the glamour. It was more like mini weddings without the ceremony and just the receptions. Receptions are my favorite part anyways..

On Thursday the fam (minus Lili) and I headed out to Edisto for Thanksgiving at Brickhouse. It was beautiful. Out in the country and on the creek. It was a perfect day! We had lunch with about 40 people or so. Then we played a nice competitive game of softball. I happened to be on the winning team..After that I headed across the creek to the Wagners to watch some football and eat supper. Needless to say I was Turkeyed and tuckered out.

On Friday we had a mini charleston chick reunion at our usual spot- Chick Fil A! I then headed out for a little black friday shopping. I didn't buy much. EXCEPT a new flat screen tv! Woo hoo.

Saturday was the best of all the break though. I went over to the Stouts to watch the Carolina/Clemson game. Thank the Lord the GAMECOCKS crushed those lil tigers...Sorry all you tiger fans, but it is true. I have to say we had a good team this year. It was hilarious watching with Mrs. Sugie. She wins the most enthusiastic tv fan of the year award.
Here are some pics from last week!

Monday, November 23, 2009

1 little, 2 little 3 little Indians...

Today was a cool day. My friends are out of town and their little boy was in a Thanksgiving performance today. So MP, her husband and I went to represent. It was so cute. I remembered doing it when I was little. I loved it! He was the best little Indian ever!! Plus he was the cutuest kid there...but I am not biased at all..


So last Wednesday I embarked on a
spontaneous road trip with my newly famous artist roommate Lulie. We packed her bu (suburu)with the famous painitngs and headed south to Columbus, GA. It was actually a very delightful 6 hour ride. We took ourselves on a musical journey as we drove through the middle of nowhere. By 6 pm we were famished and almost to starvation so we stopped at Zaxby's. Big surprise there. After we were rejuvinated we got back on the road and trucked along. At around 1030 pm we pulled up to the Martin house which was a lovely home indeed. Mrs. Sally cooked us a delicious breakfast the next morning. Then Lulie drove me all around her town. I got to meet her oldest sister, precious (her grandmother) and I got to see where all of the wedding stuff is going to be. Very exciting. Then I said my goodbye's and Lulie drove me to opelieka...

Yes Opelieka. It is a sprawling metropolis of a town just inside Alabama. She made us go to Angel's Antiques. It was so overwhelming that both of us had to evacuate after a half hour because I thought we were going to pass out. Then Katie Wagner pulled in to pick me up. Thank God! I couldn't go back into that place. So she took me to her world....AUBURN! We ate lunch at Blezelia's and then she drove me all over. It only took 20 min to see all the hot spots by car. Then we went back to her dorm to hang. While there I realized I am so so so glad I am out of college. I forgot all about dorm life in the 5 years since I once lived in my concrete cube. We then went and walked around campus. Auburn is actually a really pretty school, but I am partial to CofC! Auburn is slightly larger.... It got pitch black dark at 4 pm. Then we went to the coolest store called Kinnucans. I made several purchases while there. Then we went to track down Drew which is harder than one would think. Finally we found him at his fraternity house. Unfortunately I was forced to go inside....Haha. It was funny. After his little frat gathering we all went to dinner at one of the 456 BBQ joints in Auburn. We had a good time and headed home. The next morning Katie had class so I went to hang at the student act place. There I sat in Starbucks and people watched. Very sweet people there. Now I am no fashionista, but there is one trend I do not understand. Short Nike running shorts, sorority Tshirt and Uggs.....It does not look pretty and some people don't need t obe wearing those shortie shorts....Oh well we can't solve all of the world's problems in one day. When Katie finished class we bolted out of Auburn at warp speed. Her radio was broken so we got to talk the whole way home. All in all it was a great trip!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Party in the USA

So the other night Mom and Dad threw a ginormous (prolly not a word) party at our house in Hobcaw. It was awesome. My roommates even got to come. There were lots of old friends there that we hadn't seen in so long. The food was also so so good. I caught Lulie and Megan circling the food table several times so if you didn't get enough the food gypsies did....jk...It was a fun night! Some of our favorite people helped us shut it down. I won't mention their real names, but they often go by Dr. and Mrs. Ben Hadd.. Mom you know how to throw a party!

On a side note, I got to go to a real sweet baby shower on Sunday for some of my favorite people. However I didn't realize the day of the shower had snuck up on me so fast. Luckily Megan had been biding her time in the present getting, so we got to go together. Which is always fun. Now you would probably think that I would enjoy this type of shopping, but you are dead wrong. As soon as we walked through the doors we were in hog heaven. Then to add to the sweet worker lady told us it was all 30% off. I could tell this was going to get out of hand. Whenever we found something cute we would yell it across the store at each other. By the end of the spree we each had 4 or 5 big items we wanted to get. However since we are poor we new we just couldn't do it. I mean I don't know if I can go into debt when the kid is not even my own...ahah. So we each narrowed our selections to two things a piece. I think I was actually giddy at the register. The whole way to the shower we bragged to each other about how our presents would steal the show. So come present time we did not disappoint. Yes maybe some people gave strollers, monitors and peppee teppee's, but Megan's flanel suit with hood and footies and my courduroy overalls and button shirt were clearly the unspoken winners!!!
Until more babies,


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Red Cups..'s so cold outside. I love it. I don't know how to explain this, but in the winter I love going to Starbucks. Like today I working downtown and rode down King St. As I got closer Starbucks was sucking me in. I ran inside and it felt like Christmas already. There is just something glorious about drinking from the red Christmas cups they have. It just makes me feel good! Random I know....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The little things..

This past weekend I got to go to camp St. Christopher for Holy Spirit weekend (Alpha). At first I was dreading it, but once I got there I adjusted my tude because it was BEAUTIFUL! The sun set was perfect and there were dolphins feeding right off of the beach. It was also cool because I went with some really awesome people. A lot of cool things happened in just one day. One of our friends in our group got baptized in the ocean which was so cool and I had never seen it done that way. I learned a lot about myself and the Holy Spirit. Thats some crazy stuff, but amazing stuff. Things that a year ago I wouldn't have even considered or believed, but now they leave me wanting to learn more.

Over the last couple months I have been learning so much about the Lord and even myself, but the last few weeks I have been discovering so much. Its funny how things you have heard over and over again never mean anything and then all of a sudden you have some huge revelation and realize you had heard it a million times before. Thats what always happens to me it seems. Maybe I am just a slow learner. Sometimes it takes me trying everything myself before I realize that I can't do it all by myself. And its not like this is the first time that has happened...ha its been more like 50 times....Oh well. It just gives me more to work on. Just yesterday i was talking with a couple friends about all of this stuff I was nervous and unsure about and all of a sudden I felt this huge peace come over me. I have no idea how it happened, but it did. It was AWESOME! It is a peace that passes all understanding. That is what I pray each of you will find.

Ok I know this post is a little deep, but it's what I've been thinking about. If it doesn't make sense-sorry.

Here is a pic of a dolphin right off of the beach!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

October was a good one

I have decided that fall is my season. I love summer and spring, but I just find myself in a love hate relationship with August and September. Every time I walk out of the door the humidity smacks me right in the face. I'm sure you Charlestonians can relate. Anyways October was a good month for me. I mean come on, I got to go to a Carolina game with a few of my besties, christened my new grill (which is awesome and it came from stinkin awesome people) and got to carve a pumpkin(with one of my fav people) and it looked dang good. Hope it was good for you too. However, November has had a good start also. Been in the boat a good bit and I happened to score 250 free chicken sandwiches and chicken biscuits. Yea thats right. Its pretty awesome. So if I happen to regift some-don't be angry. Eat more chicken!

Now I came across something funny a while back and wanted to pass it along to yall. I was stopped in the usual 5 o'clock traffic right at the foot of the bridge. I was doing my usual rock out to U2 when I happened to glance at the car next to me. There were 2 sweetgrass basket weavers in the lane right next to my car with their windows down. I had to have a double take because at first I was just confused. Their window was down and stuff kept flying out of the window. They were gnawing at some giant pieces of corn on the cob. They just threw the husks right out of the window. I don't know why, but I thought it was hilarious!

Hey Logan- Don't heet the keecker.....hahhahaha Love you long time.
Got to go watch my girl Carol Hanna kick it on Project Runway!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorry, but I'm a blog newby

Hey Yall-
I was bored the other day at work and decided I was going to join the blogging world...So hello blogger world. Now don't get all excited because most likely my posts will not interest you in the least bit, but I will give it a shot.

For those that don't know I moved out of the Sully's house to a real live grown up house in Mt. P. I have flipping awesome roommates (lulie, wim and megan). I love them all-at the same time. I also had to become employed. Now most people would be overjoyed at this, but I just didn't feel so great about it. I mean I took my self on an 18 month sabbatical. Who wants to give that up?? I got to travel to South America with my good friend Emily Jones a.k.a. Mike Jones, went to Costa Rica and roamed around this awesome town. I got really good at going out to lunch. The day came when mom made the big call to tell me I was soon to be extracted from the H. Sass payroll. I think it may have knocked the wind out of me. Don't get me wrong- I knew this day was coming for quite a while. So I thought of many fun things to do for employment, but none of which were going to actually work out. So I decided it was time to enter the real world. I took some classes over the summer and became a real estate appraiser. I know it sounds incredibly exciting. On the bright side I get to work with my dad which is amazing. Still doing the Young Life thing and it is pretty rocking. Been going to St. Andrews and I love it. I get to hang out with some pretty awesome people there. I am definitely learning a whole lot. So just in case you were wondering, that is what I have been up to.
Peace out A town down,