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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jorts Joggers

Why? I know I am clearly not a fashionista, but jeans made into shorts are not right. On the way home I usually get stopped in traffic on the bridge. While stopped I usually take time to unwind and do some people watching. Today I almost got out of the car to have a little heart to heart with several passerbys. I was concerned for their general well-being. I saw an older man running in jorts. It looked painful. He is probably going to pay the consequences of denim and skin contact later. Then I saw a woman running in straight jeans with a tube top on. What the heck? Not a big deal, just concerned about the general public and their athletic attire.
I'm out,
Your civil servant,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another birthing..

I have exciting news. Drew and Addie had their baby today. Tobes and Lee Ann departed yesterday for Auburn and left us here waiting in anticipation. After a long day (of skyping/texting) Addie rocked it and now there is a sweet new Wagner baby. She is beautiful! Welcome to the world Mary Margaret Wagner!!!! Woo Hoo. I can't wait to meet you. I'm not an official aunt, but I claim 1st unofficial aunt!

Today also marks the bday of another special lil nugget- WIMBERLY aka Jesus Messiah....Wimmy-Happy Bday. I love you.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fish Ninjas?

Words can't describe the above picture. Yesterday Stephen and I embarked on an adventure (Stephen-I know you are reading this and making fun of me for blogging). We decided to go fishing. Of course the one day we decide to do it Mt. Pleasant turned into the arctic tundra. My gosh I don't think I have ever been that cold in my entire life. Me being the smart one that I am wore shorts (just trying to get tan for all the weddings..). I should have known no good would come from it. My legs turned purple as soon as we left the landing... Then we got stopped by DNR. I think it's because I am a girl and they do gender profiling. Then when we got to the "spot" some dummies were already there. Wasting the spot. SO we pressed on. Through the wind and the cold. By this point I could not feel my face, legs and or toes and my nose was running like crazy. We finally made it to another spot. So we set up shop and got down to business. Now I will be honest and say that I have never laughed so hard as I did on this trip. My gosh. I think I broke a rib from laughing so hard and chipped a tooth from shivering....ahah. I mentioned in a previous post that Stephen was abusive. I consider it a compliment. We make fun of each other, but it's worth it bc I have never laughed so stinking hard. Then I thought I saw an alligator, but sadly I was mistaken. It was only an otter. Sneaky little thing caught a fish and then swam with it back across the creek. Straight up nature right there...After a while we packed up and headed toward Sullivans. We made a pit stop (on a stranger's dock) and Stephen went to gather more clothes/weird Indian moccasins. and some food. He brought me a nice Mexican blanket that actually changed my life. We also picked up Dr. Chris. He was wearing a nice turban as you can see. Quite the fisher man he is...Laughter began to commence immediately. They are two of the funniest/my favorite people eveeeerrrrr. We risked our lives as we cut back across the harbor. I got the wind knocked out of me I was laughing so stinking hard. After a while we decided to cut our losses and call it a day. Even though we froze and could have died in the arctic tundra, I had an AWESOME time. Plus-I did happen to catch the only fish of the day......Woo Hoo!

Yours Truly,
Betty B

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Where the Magic Happens..

I know you decided to read this because of the title...Get your heads out of the ol gutter...Ha. You are about to face major disappointment. The above picture is one of my favorites seats here in this glorious town. It is where my magic happens. It definitely has the best view. That's my friend MP's chair. She lets me come read/write/nap/ponder/and chit chat in that chair. Good things always happen when I spend time in the chair. Best of all I always happen to find the sun. (That's the main reason I love it) That's where all of my best thoughts come from. Just thought I would share that with ya.
I just wasted 2 whole hours playing Call of Duty....and I have to go to bed.
Love to all,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

At the Catwalk..

(The Girl Palace in perfect form..)
Peer Pressure. It still gets me. I wasn't planning on having anything to do with Charleston Fashion Week, but I was lured in. The lost girls came into town. If you don't know, the lost girls are all of my friends that decided to up and leave me and Charleston. Pearls, Ashton, Rachel and Carol Hannah were in town for all the events. Well Carol Hannah was actually subject of many events.. I wasn't planning on making an appearance, but its not everyday that your friend is a highly anticipated bridal couture designer person. Plus just knowing the other 3 lost girls were going made me take the risk and commit. I think I just may call it a sacrifice for friendship. That's me. risking it all for the friends...Oh, but it made my heart feel good to have those girls back in town. I miss y'all! (BK-we wish you were here too.)

So yes. Betty Bridesmaid went to a fashion show. You read that correctly. A bridal Couture fashion show at that. I would say that is pretty much like the Mt. Everest of bridal happenings. It was definitely an experience. I felt a tad out of place..I think the 5 mimosas I had must have helped me through it. I don't think I could have done it on my own. It was definitely a new experience for me. Honestly I felt like a celebrity. There were photographers and what nots all over the place. And there were people EVERYWHERE. I went in sole support of CHW because she is awesome and was the featured designer, plus she is our friend and we love her-all the time. Hands down the coolest part was the orchestra. Charleston Symphony Orchestra played pop songs as models came down the runway. I loved it. Some interesting things came down that runway. There was a lady with a top hat, a nude bridal gown, and lots of feathers. you can see some samples down below. Carol Hannah was last so I had to persevere through the other designers. I have to say that I loved LulaKate. Classy. (I can't believe I am commenting on fashion right now...) I love how at the end of each segment the designers come out on the runway. CH got the biggest round of applause!! Woo Hoo. After the models cleared out we hopped right up on that runway to strut our stuff. Not going to lie-I kinda liked it. All in all it was a positive experience. I may never go to another one, but I enjoyed my jaunt out in to the fashion world.

(On the runway..)

Now here are some things that disturbed/weirded/made me laugh hysterically:

(Note the girl with the top hat-that is going to be Megan's wedding dress....)

I'm exhausted from all this Couture and wedding stuff. I need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow is day 1 of the extra tough bridal regime. Only 3 months left until I make my bridesmaidal debut on the aisle. No time to waste. Hope you had a marvelous weekend like I did. It was beautiful!

Keep it classy,
Betty B.
(this post is in honor of Mattie. Because she would have thought hell must have frozen over if I was at a fashion show....)

Friday, March 19, 2010


So I have been thinking about some things I love. If you know me well then you know I love Charleston first and foremost(nothing can compete). Not even kidding. I love it. Oh yeah, I love my boat in an unhealthy way also, but I kind of group those two together. I love my roommates. No need for further explanation. I love my friends. Especially the ones you see above. Gah I love them all-at the same time. How could you not. I mean I can't help it if I have cool friends and that we are ridiculously good looking...jk. Please don't be jealous. I am so excited for this weekend because #1- Some of my favorite people are coming into town and are staying with us. #2-Lulie is finally coming home and it's her birthday! Woo Hoo. #3-I am attending my first fashion show..I have to go cheer Carol Hannah on. I mean who doesn't love Bridal Couture? Lord help me. #4-I think boat season may be upon us. Finally. I have been waiting forever for the sun to find Charleston again. #5-We get to celebrate Megan and her bling bling.

Back to my friends. Friends-you are the best. (let's focus on the ones in the above pic) Stephen-even though you physically abuse me I will still have you as my friend. Lets face it-I don't think you could even survive with out me as your friend. Basically because we convinced a grown person that they only have 1 lung. Classic. Anna-words can't shove me out of my comfort zone like no one else....hahah. And you are my favorite person to hear use curse words. CH-I straight up love you and you may be one of the coolest/real/talented people that I know. Dr. Chris-you sport a green suit better than anyone I know. Now other friends out there. I love you a bunch too. I just didn't get to spend St. Paddy's day with you.

I hope you get to enjoy the weather today because it is beautiful! Gorgeous in fact. On a serious note. Friends, I love you. A lot. Ok. That's all I've got.


(Stephen being abusive...)

Free tip for you- Go buy every Van Morrison song there is. Not joking. He is the man!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

This is one of the most special things I have ever gotten. I have wanted to post this for a while, but I have restrained myself. (hope I don't get in trouble) Megan always posts cute little things she finds out in the cyber world, so I have decided to post this because I deem it worthy of posting. I love it. In fact I think I may frame it. I can put it next to my diploma... Poor lil nugget stayed in her room for hours making these sweet concoctions. Creative genius I do believe.

Betty bridesmaid is going to be down for the count soon. Today I plotted out the old wedding track. Here it is: Wedding next weekend, Bachelorette weekend some time in May, wedding May 15th (woo hoo), June 19th (Betty makes her first bridesmaid debut), July 31st, August 21st, October 15th (2nd debut/dancing the night away). Man. I have decided to increase the bridesmaid work out regime also. It's time to shine.... So get ready. Let the games begin.

On to other news. I miss Emily Jones. My long lost bestie in Florida. You can call her Mike Jones if you want. Emily I miss you. Come back. Tell your mom hey. I miss her too. She basically changes lives everyday. That's right.

(That's Mike-She rocks)

Logan I miss you too.....You make me laugh. I don't have anyone to watch High School Musical with or any one to force me to sing "The Climb." Those Virginians don't know how good they have it with you up there....You may be mad that I put this lovely picture up, but I love it and this is my blog. I do what I want...

On a happy note-we got a new roommate. His name is Captain Jack. He is Carol Hannah's cat. He is here for fashion week. He is very sophisticated. He rode the subway and the air plane yesterday. I like him, but he concerns me a tiny bit. I always catch him following me. So I try to hide from him. Then he just stares at me and it makes me nervous....

PS-Betty Bridesmaid is going to her 1st ever fashion event. Carol Hannah's Bridal Couture Runway show...Can't wait to share about this later.

Sorry this post is so super random, but it's all I've got....

Love you long time,
Betty Bridesmaid

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

43 minutes. I sat in direct sunlight for 43 minutes straight today. All in the name of Bridesmaidship. I came home from church and saw that the sun was out. It was only 63 degrees but I only have a few months to not be pasty white. so I went out and laid by the pool for 43 minutes. I tried so so hard to get burned. Then I began to shiver so I ran back inside and watched "Fried Green Tomatoes." As I was basking in my short glimpse of sun rays I began to think of the upcoming weddings. What happens if I trip as I come down the aisle. I mean I haven't worn heels since 2002. What am I going to do?? Sometimes when I am nervous I bust out laughing. What if I can't control myself up there in front of everyone. Plus I habitually cry like a red headed step child at weddings. I am going to laugh then cry laugh then cry. Trouble. I am going to get in trouble. Oh well. I will just have to train my emotions before the big day.

Last night I attended a monogram shower. It was my first one. Many items can be monogramed. I am attaching a pic from it.

The other day a fellow bridesmaid/friend, Betsy, took some really cool shots of my guitar. I thought I would share them with yall. Betsy is actually more powerful in the wedding line up than I am. She is sister of the bride. Maid of Honor. She wears the big girl shoes on this wedding train. I look forward to standing up there making funny eye contact with her. I just pray that I won't be the one to cause a scene, but knowing my luck-something is bound to happen....
Pressing on in the wedding vortex,
Betty Bridesmaid.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My dearest Lowcountry Waters

Please don't be jealous. Yesterday I went in the boat. And I witnessed one of my favorite sunsets. Not going to lie-it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I had it all to myself too. I didn't see any other boats. Nights like this give me a glimpse of Heaven. I love it! Why would I ever want to leave it? People always ask me if I want to leave because I have lived here all 24 years but how could I leave a place this awesome?? I just don't think I have the power.

3 times. 3 times this week I have walked the bridge. As you know I am in bridesmaid training. I decided I was going to become a bridge walker/runner. Much to my surprise I actually like it.....I don't know who I am anymore....the wedding vortex is changing my life. For the Good. Yesterday I had a moment on the bridge. As I was making my descent back down the bridge Mariah Carey's "Always be my Baby" happened to come on. I completely lost all my inhibition and began to totally rock out. I came back to reality just as I was about to belt out the bridge. I realized that the people who were once a good bit ahead of me had stopped and had begun to stare at me. That is when I realized that I was actually singing out loud. So if you were in your car yesterday headed into Mt. Perfect. I was the girl rocking out (hand motions and all) while walking down the bridge. Just another typical trial of trying to be a good bridesmaid.

Hope you get to see a sunset like mine,
Betty Bridesmaid

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Mariah Carey
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The Temptations

Several of you want to know my lil secret. I still am not at liberty to share yet, but please don't get your hopes up. It will be trivial to you most likely.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Gnomes will travel..

Ok. So today mom got a double knee replacement!(doesn't she look good) After enduring 3.5 hours of surgery she now has 2 new bionic knees. She is doing really well in case you are wondering...really well. She even brought one of the garden gnomes to her room to add to the ambiance.....She said the food was up to par also. We had a little family time in her room tonight. Just me, dad, lili and mom. Not going to lie-we crack each other up.

On another note-today I got off work early, but mom still wasn't out of surgery. So I took it upon myself to go enjoy this beautiful day. Since I am in bridesmaids training for MC's wedding I went over to Sullivan's Island. It was so so so beautiful! It made me miss the island so much. I walked from one end to the other. It was glorious and I even got a lil bit o sun on the old pasty skin.

Something else cool happened, but I have to keep it a secret for the time being, but I will be sure to fill you in shortly.

Love you long time,
Betty Bridesmaid

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bridal Tribulations...and what Knot

Tired. That is an adjective that currently describes both my mental and physical state. But it's one of the good kind of tireds. Like when you do too much, but it was worth it...So this past week has been crazy/good. On Friday I headed up to McClellanville. Cassie and some other peeps rented an awesome house on Jeremy Creek for the weekend. The boys were playing in the IP Classic. (that's baseball for those that don't know). We went to Georgetown to watch the game. I went in support of Robbie Dodds who is awesome! He hit two homers his first two at bats. Not gonna lie-he is my favorite player. See the pics below. Then we went back to the house for an awesome afternoon oyster roast and such. It was beautiful! I stayed way too late then headed back to Mt. Perfect.

Now today was a little harder. It was Alpha Holy Spirit day, so it was for a good cause. Only it was from 9-4. I almost spontaneously combusted from being in there too long. However, I am glad I went because I do enjoy our lil group.

Ok. I am probably going to offend some people with these next comments, but this is my blog so I have to tell the truth. Please if you choose to read this, I reserve the right to not be attacked. This is my property....haha. Here goes- I don't know if I can handle any more wedding stuff. And by stuff I mean planning, fitting, food, shoes, toasts, invites, wedding blogs/websites, monogramming, registering, music, venues, planners, etc....There is only so much the single, unmarried/dating mind can handle and my limit has been reached. Now don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed the many wedding updates and showers I have been a part of. In fact I feel honored to be a part. I am in full support of my friends tying the knot. In fact, I highly enjoy the big day! But somehow I feel like have been sucked into a wedding vortex. But I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles...2/4 people in my abode are on the wedding train. One of my best friends in the whole world is also aboard the train. I am super happy for them. However, everywhere I go I keep seeing bridezillas in training. I was at Publix and some girl was ripping into the poor cake lady about her initials on a proposed cake. I could feel my blood pressure rising. Then I was at the gym on Wednesday totally keeping to myself on the Eliptical. Discreetly boxing out so no one would get next to me. I turn my head for one second and enemy forces moved in. All of a sudden two bridal magazines are posted up on the machine to my left. On hops barbie for a little pre wedding work out. Half way through her workout she proceeds to start conversation. I think ultimately to get me asking her about her magazines...I was onto her tricks so I avoided it. But then she dropped a grenade and started her wedding talk. She just knew after dancing at the silver dollar that she met her dream guy.....Classy....I mean I was innocently walking the bridge the other day for some nice exercise and people watching. As soon as I get to the top, what do I see? Some scrawny runner punk down on his knee proposing to another scrawny running punkette. This is not the 1st proposal I have recently witnessed. They are every where....I promise I am not a Debbie downer. I am just in a phase. ****MCC, Lulie and Megan-This is in no way directed toward yall or any wedding ish events. I am just venting about being hit from behind by complete strangers. All I have to say is-When I get married, even if it is when I am 50, I am making everyone be in the wedding vortex with me.
-Betty Bridesmaid....


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here Fishy Fishy

As I told you yesterday I went fishing. I caught my first fish on a fly rod. Don't get was a baby fish, but it still counts!(See below) I finally figured out how to get the pics off of my vintage phone thanks to my technologically advanced younger sister...I love fishing. Flat out love it. And I plan to do a heck of a lot more of it this spring and summer. So I want to share something with you. I am a little hesitant to share it out here on the Internet highway, but I think I am going to go for it. This year I have been exposed to some new things and have been learning a lot spiritually. After the retreat I came home knowing that I needed to spend a lot more time with the Lord. I felt like I couldn't hear the Lord. A couple of weeks ago I had a crazy dream. I hesitantly shared it with a friend who is super wise and on a side note-super cool. I have been learning that God sometimes speaks to us in dreams (this used to freak me out by the way..) There is a verse about this in Matthew somewhere. In the dream I was at the intersection on 17 and 5-26. Then I saw a plane crash. After much prayer and thinking we came to the conclusion that maybe the plane represented an end off a season for me. (I thought that was pretty cool) So weeks have gone by and another incredibly awesome friend mentioned the importance of the 5-26 part. This was totally something that just came to her. She said to look up Deuteronomy 5 (5 th book of the bible) Verse 26 (5:26/5-26 get it?) Here is the verse: "For who is there of all flesh, that has heard the voice of the Living God speaking out of the midst of fire as we have and still lived." Now in this part of the passage Moses is teaching of the commandments. I still have to research the context of the passage. Verse 27 reads: "Go near and hear all that the Lord our God will say and speak to us all that the Lord our God will speak to you, and we will hear and do it." CRAZY. I think this is really cool. This may freak you out- I have no idea. But this pumps me up! All along I have been thinking that the Lord doesn't speak to me or that I don't have the ability to hear him. When all along He has been speaking to me. I just didn't know how to listen. He speaks to us all in different ways. I have been consciously and sub consciously comparing myself to others which is always frustrating. Wondering why I wasn't measuring up and what not. I'm am done with that. I am going to enjoy where I am right now because I am excited and super stoked to see what the Lord wants to show me this season. So far it has been pretty incredible. I pray that you would experience the Lord's Joy and that you would take time and listen to what He wants to tell you. So now that I just told you about my spiritual dreams....I hope you will still be my friend and not think I am crazy..ok great.

Love you long time
-Betty Bridesmaid

(This is my baby fish I caught..and yes I threw it back)

Also, as you know I love music. Writing, playing and listening. I have happened upon some stellar tunes today.

Currently rocking out to: "Maybe" by Ingrid Michaelson and "Sing my Lonesome Away" by Matt Wertz. I hope you enjoy. Best 2 bucks you will spend today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

"It's a BEAUTIFUL Day!"

Holy Mackerel am I ever so thankful for where I live. Every day God shows me something beautiful. Today I slipped back into my adventurous self and did a little pond fishing before being late to alpha. I couldn't help it. I got the fly rod out and gave it a go. Much to my surprise I got a bite. After a quick fight I brought it a pretty nice brim. Then I saw the sky start to turn pink so I booked it over to the I'On dock where I found something beautiful. I love when you can see the clouds reflecting on the creek. I love it! I could go on and on, but I will spare you because you are bound to read about it repeatedly...Every time I see a sunset like this I see God. He made this beautiful landscape that I get to see. I actually think it's majestic in a way. I love these little reminders every day. Plus this makes me super excited for spring and summer!! WOO HOO!
P.S. 3.5 months until the big wedding. I have a lot of work to do. It's on!
-Betty Bridesmaid signing off