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Friday, March 19, 2010


So I have been thinking about some things I love. If you know me well then you know I love Charleston first and foremost(nothing can compete). Not even kidding. I love it. Oh yeah, I love my boat in an unhealthy way also, but I kind of group those two together. I love my roommates. No need for further explanation. I love my friends. Especially the ones you see above. Gah I love them all-at the same time. How could you not. I mean I can't help it if I have cool friends and that we are ridiculously good looking...jk. Please don't be jealous. I am so excited for this weekend because #1- Some of my favorite people are coming into town and are staying with us. #2-Lulie is finally coming home and it's her birthday! Woo Hoo. #3-I am attending my first fashion show..I have to go cheer Carol Hannah on. I mean who doesn't love Bridal Couture? Lord help me. #4-I think boat season may be upon us. Finally. I have been waiting forever for the sun to find Charleston again. #5-We get to celebrate Megan and her bling bling.

Back to my friends. Friends-you are the best. (let's focus on the ones in the above pic) Stephen-even though you physically abuse me I will still have you as my friend. Lets face it-I don't think you could even survive with out me as your friend. Basically because we convinced a grown person that they only have 1 lung. Classic. Anna-words can't shove me out of my comfort zone like no one else....hahah. And you are my favorite person to hear use curse words. CH-I straight up love you and you may be one of the coolest/real/talented people that I know. Dr. Chris-you sport a green suit better than anyone I know. Now other friends out there. I love you a bunch too. I just didn't get to spend St. Paddy's day with you.

I hope you get to enjoy the weather today because it is beautiful! Gorgeous in fact. On a serious note. Friends, I love you. A lot. Ok. That's all I've got.


(Stephen being abusive...)

Free tip for you- Go buy every Van Morrison song there is. Not joking. He is the man!

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