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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

43 minutes. I sat in direct sunlight for 43 minutes straight today. All in the name of Bridesmaidship. I came home from church and saw that the sun was out. It was only 63 degrees but I only have a few months to not be pasty white. so I went out and laid by the pool for 43 minutes. I tried so so hard to get burned. Then I began to shiver so I ran back inside and watched "Fried Green Tomatoes." As I was basking in my short glimpse of sun rays I began to think of the upcoming weddings. What happens if I trip as I come down the aisle. I mean I haven't worn heels since 2002. What am I going to do?? Sometimes when I am nervous I bust out laughing. What if I can't control myself up there in front of everyone. Plus I habitually cry like a red headed step child at weddings. I am going to laugh then cry laugh then cry. Trouble. I am going to get in trouble. Oh well. I will just have to train my emotions before the big day.

Last night I attended a monogram shower. It was my first one. Many items can be monogramed. I am attaching a pic from it.

The other day a fellow bridesmaid/friend, Betsy, took some really cool shots of my guitar. I thought I would share them with yall. Betsy is actually more powerful in the wedding line up than I am. She is sister of the bride. Maid of Honor. She wears the big girl shoes on this wedding train. I look forward to standing up there making funny eye contact with her. I just pray that I won't be the one to cause a scene, but knowing my luck-something is bound to happen....
Pressing on in the wedding vortex,
Betty Bridesmaid.

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