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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going to the Chapel...

This is one of the most special things I have ever gotten. I have wanted to post this for a while, but I have restrained myself. (hope I don't get in trouble) Megan always posts cute little things she finds out in the cyber world, so I have decided to post this because I deem it worthy of posting. I love it. In fact I think I may frame it. I can put it next to my diploma... Poor lil nugget stayed in her room for hours making these sweet concoctions. Creative genius I do believe.

Betty bridesmaid is going to be down for the count soon. Today I plotted out the old wedding track. Here it is: Wedding next weekend, Bachelorette weekend some time in May, wedding May 15th (woo hoo), June 19th (Betty makes her first bridesmaid debut), July 31st, August 21st, October 15th (2nd debut/dancing the night away). Man. I have decided to increase the bridesmaid work out regime also. It's time to shine.... So get ready. Let the games begin.

On to other news. I miss Emily Jones. My long lost bestie in Florida. You can call her Mike Jones if you want. Emily I miss you. Come back. Tell your mom hey. I miss her too. She basically changes lives everyday. That's right.

(That's Mike-She rocks)

Logan I miss you too.....You make me laugh. I don't have anyone to watch High School Musical with or any one to force me to sing "The Climb." Those Virginians don't know how good they have it with you up there....You may be mad that I put this lovely picture up, but I love it and this is my blog. I do what I want...

On a happy note-we got a new roommate. His name is Captain Jack. He is Carol Hannah's cat. He is here for fashion week. He is very sophisticated. He rode the subway and the air plane yesterday. I like him, but he concerns me a tiny bit. I always catch him following me. So I try to hide from him. Then he just stares at me and it makes me nervous....

PS-Betty Bridesmaid is going to her 1st ever fashion event. Carol Hannah's Bridal Couture Runway show...Can't wait to share about this later.

Sorry this post is so super random, but it's all I've got....

Love you long time,
Betty Bridesmaid


  1. cute. Megan may be a genius.

  2. I BARELY saved this beautiful creation this morning when Captain Jack knocked over a full tumbler of water (again) on my bedside table.

  3. thanks for making my week!!! i need that picture because i don't have it. you are awesome. and believe me, i'm doing everything i can to figure out when i can hang with you! bendiciones, mi amiga! :)