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Sunday, March 21, 2010

At the Catwalk..

(The Girl Palace in perfect form..)
Peer Pressure. It still gets me. I wasn't planning on having anything to do with Charleston Fashion Week, but I was lured in. The lost girls came into town. If you don't know, the lost girls are all of my friends that decided to up and leave me and Charleston. Pearls, Ashton, Rachel and Carol Hannah were in town for all the events. Well Carol Hannah was actually subject of many events.. I wasn't planning on making an appearance, but its not everyday that your friend is a highly anticipated bridal couture designer person. Plus just knowing the other 3 lost girls were going made me take the risk and commit. I think I just may call it a sacrifice for friendship. That's me. risking it all for the friends...Oh, but it made my heart feel good to have those girls back in town. I miss y'all! (BK-we wish you were here too.)

So yes. Betty Bridesmaid went to a fashion show. You read that correctly. A bridal Couture fashion show at that. I would say that is pretty much like the Mt. Everest of bridal happenings. It was definitely an experience. I felt a tad out of place..I think the 5 mimosas I had must have helped me through it. I don't think I could have done it on my own. It was definitely a new experience for me. Honestly I felt like a celebrity. There were photographers and what nots all over the place. And there were people EVERYWHERE. I went in sole support of CHW because she is awesome and was the featured designer, plus she is our friend and we love her-all the time. Hands down the coolest part was the orchestra. Charleston Symphony Orchestra played pop songs as models came down the runway. I loved it. Some interesting things came down that runway. There was a lady with a top hat, a nude bridal gown, and lots of feathers. you can see some samples down below. Carol Hannah was last so I had to persevere through the other designers. I have to say that I loved LulaKate. Classy. (I can't believe I am commenting on fashion right now...) I love how at the end of each segment the designers come out on the runway. CH got the biggest round of applause!! Woo Hoo. After the models cleared out we hopped right up on that runway to strut our stuff. Not going to lie-I kinda liked it. All in all it was a positive experience. I may never go to another one, but I enjoyed my jaunt out in to the fashion world.

(On the runway..)

Now here are some things that disturbed/weirded/made me laugh hysterically:

(Note the girl with the top hat-that is going to be Megan's wedding dress....)

I'm exhausted from all this Couture and wedding stuff. I need my beauty sleep. Tomorrow is day 1 of the extra tough bridal regime. Only 3 months left until I make my bridesmaidal debut on the aisle. No time to waste. Hope you had a marvelous weekend like I did. It was beautiful!

Keep it classy,
Betty B.
(this post is in honor of Mattie. Because she would have thought hell must have frozen over if I was at a fashion show....)

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  1. oh how I love your blog! The "lost girls" bahahaha. I like that one. I guess we'll have to start calling Ashton "Peter Pan" instead of "Moses".