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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My dearest Lowcountry Waters

Please don't be jealous. Yesterday I went in the boat. And I witnessed one of my favorite sunsets. Not going to lie-it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I had it all to myself too. I didn't see any other boats. Nights like this give me a glimpse of Heaven. I love it! Why would I ever want to leave it? People always ask me if I want to leave because I have lived here all 24 years but how could I leave a place this awesome?? I just don't think I have the power.

3 times. 3 times this week I have walked the bridge. As you know I am in bridesmaid training. I decided I was going to become a bridge walker/runner. Much to my surprise I actually like it.....I don't know who I am anymore....the wedding vortex is changing my life. For the Good. Yesterday I had a moment on the bridge. As I was making my descent back down the bridge Mariah Carey's "Always be my Baby" happened to come on. I completely lost all my inhibition and began to totally rock out. I came back to reality just as I was about to belt out the bridge. I realized that the people who were once a good bit ahead of me had stopped and had begun to stare at me. That is when I realized that I was actually singing out loud. So if you were in your car yesterday headed into Mt. Perfect. I was the girl rocking out (hand motions and all) while walking down the bridge. Just another typical trial of trying to be a good bridesmaid.

Hope you get to see a sunset like mine,
Betty Bridesmaid

Rocking out to:
Mariah Carey
Rolling Stones
The Temptations

Several of you want to know my lil secret. I still am not at liberty to share yet, but please don't get your hopes up. It will be trivial to you most likely.


  1. Secrets? what kind of secrets? I like secrets! Wish I could have been there to see you rockin' out on the bridge, but I do have a wonderful image in my head of it.

  2. Sass,

    Thanks for helping me start my work day off right! It's impossible to have a bad morning if it starts with Mariah Carey! I reccommend checking out the music video on you tube (they won't let me post it here).

  3. I totally would've rocked it out with you on the bridge. Maybe you should tell me the secret?

  4. Yeah, you're becoming a regular bridge walker! Still want to go w/ you one day...

  5. Sayrah Sass: I think it's wonderful that you dance in public. I also think it's wonderful that you are a professional bridesmaid. I also think it's wonderful that you are a DORK!!!!!!!