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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gnomes will travel..

Ok. So today mom got a double knee replacement!(doesn't she look good) After enduring 3.5 hours of surgery she now has 2 new bionic knees. She is doing really well in case you are wondering...really well. She even brought one of the garden gnomes to her room to add to the ambiance.....She said the food was up to par also. We had a little family time in her room tonight. Just me, dad, lili and mom. Not going to lie-we crack each other up.

On another note-today I got off work early, but mom still wasn't out of surgery. So I took it upon myself to go enjoy this beautiful day. Since I am in bridesmaids training for MC's wedding I went over to Sullivan's Island. It was so so so beautiful! It made me miss the island so much. I walked from one end to the other. It was glorious and I even got a lil bit o sun on the old pasty skin.

Something else cool happened, but I have to keep it a secret for the time being, but I will be sure to fill you in shortly.

Love you long time,
Betty Bridesmaid

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  1. Tell Ginny not to worry about her farm. I just fertilized some of her land, fed her chickens, got the foxes out of her yard AND sent her St. Patricks Day gold. It'll be JUST fine :)

  2. my pop had double knee replacement surgery a couple summers back and was walking within a week and a half ! no fear ginny!