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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jorts Joggers

Why? I know I am clearly not a fashionista, but jeans made into shorts are not right. On the way home I usually get stopped in traffic on the bridge. While stopped I usually take time to unwind and do some people watching. Today I almost got out of the car to have a little heart to heart with several passerbys. I was concerned for their general well-being. I saw an older man running in jorts. It looked painful. He is probably going to pay the consequences of denim and skin contact later. Then I saw a woman running in straight jeans with a tube top on. What the heck? Not a big deal, just concerned about the general public and their athletic attire.
I'm out,
Your civil servant,


  1. There is nothing like a pair a of good ole cutoffs... but I CANNOT imagine running in them. OUCH!!

  2. Cut off Jeans are inappropriate!! Another note - Men in jean shorts are very inappropriate. Why not just wear khakis? They look so much better than jean shorts. Im just sayin'.

  3. you should be allowed to make citizens arrests on jort wearers, FOR REAL!!!!!!