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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bridal Tribulations...and what Knot

Tired. That is an adjective that currently describes both my mental and physical state. But it's one of the good kind of tireds. Like when you do too much, but it was worth it...So this past week has been crazy/good. On Friday I headed up to McClellanville. Cassie and some other peeps rented an awesome house on Jeremy Creek for the weekend. The boys were playing in the IP Classic. (that's baseball for those that don't know). We went to Georgetown to watch the game. I went in support of Robbie Dodds who is awesome! He hit two homers his first two at bats. Not gonna lie-he is my favorite player. See the pics below. Then we went back to the house for an awesome afternoon oyster roast and such. It was beautiful! I stayed way too late then headed back to Mt. Perfect.

Now today was a little harder. It was Alpha Holy Spirit day, so it was for a good cause. Only it was from 9-4. I almost spontaneously combusted from being in there too long. However, I am glad I went because I do enjoy our lil group.

Ok. I am probably going to offend some people with these next comments, but this is my blog so I have to tell the truth. Please if you choose to read this, I reserve the right to not be attacked. This is my property....haha. Here goes- I don't know if I can handle any more wedding stuff. And by stuff I mean planning, fitting, food, shoes, toasts, invites, wedding blogs/websites, monogramming, registering, music, venues, planners, etc....There is only so much the single, unmarried/dating mind can handle and my limit has been reached. Now don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed the many wedding updates and showers I have been a part of. In fact I feel honored to be a part. I am in full support of my friends tying the knot. In fact, I highly enjoy the big day! But somehow I feel like have been sucked into a wedding vortex. But I guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles...2/4 people in my abode are on the wedding train. One of my best friends in the whole world is also aboard the train. I am super happy for them. However, everywhere I go I keep seeing bridezillas in training. I was at Publix and some girl was ripping into the poor cake lady about her initials on a proposed cake. I could feel my blood pressure rising. Then I was at the gym on Wednesday totally keeping to myself on the Eliptical. Discreetly boxing out so no one would get next to me. I turn my head for one second and enemy forces moved in. All of a sudden two bridal magazines are posted up on the machine to my left. On hops barbie for a little pre wedding work out. Half way through her workout she proceeds to start conversation. I think ultimately to get me asking her about her magazines...I was onto her tricks so I avoided it. But then she dropped a grenade and started her wedding talk. She just knew after dancing at the silver dollar that she met her dream guy.....Classy....I mean I was innocently walking the bridge the other day for some nice exercise and people watching. As soon as I get to the top, what do I see? Some scrawny runner punk down on his knee proposing to another scrawny running punkette. This is not the 1st proposal I have recently witnessed. They are every where....I promise I am not a Debbie downer. I am just in a phase. ****MCC, Lulie and Megan-This is in no way directed toward yall or any wedding ish events. I am just venting about being hit from behind by complete strangers. All I have to say is-When I get married, even if it is when I am 50, I am making everyone be in the wedding vortex with me.
-Betty Bridesmaid....



  1. I totally feel ya on the wedding business! I'm not in the middle of it right now, but I am in the mood as of late that I just can't handle it. I love that two people can be in love and share that with each other, but at this point in my life I can't relate and I've become a crotchety old lady! Also, if one more person gets pregnant I'm going to scream! And it's not because I don't like babies, I love babies plus I really am happy for them...again, I just can't imagine having a kid at this point in my life and can't relate. I feel like I don't have any friends anymore because they're all married and have kids! Hopefully my mind will be changed and I'll be a bridezilla one day, but that's not liable to happen anytime soon! Love ya Sass!

  2. So funny sarah!! I love reading your blog posts. They can always make me smile and laugh! by the way, Im a wedding planner by night, so if you want to bounce any ideas off of me then let me know and we can chat. :)

  3. sass the silver dollar is classy. i'm not sure if you were being sarcastic but i'm pretty sure i could fall in love there. maybe i should move back so i can find my dream man dancin on the floor bumpin & grindin

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  5. Oops! Anyway, I was saying... I definitely agree. I am in the event business therefore I get it from every angle,clients friends and the mentioned strangers (I witnessed on of those bridge proposals too- come on people, let's think of a new one!)Yeah, that's pretty much everyone except my boyfriend, I am actually okay with that... this week.

    Love ya!

  6. I'm a bridezilla and don't care who knows it!!!!

    haha jk. sassie, I'm going to cut out all of the brides from the magazines in our house and fill your bed!! muahahaha.

  7. oh I love this!!! Trust me Sass, there is no woman out there who hasn't felt what you're feeling at one point or another. I can't wait to be in your WEDDING VORTEX. It sounds awesome!!!!