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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fish Ninjas?

Words can't describe the above picture. Yesterday Stephen and I embarked on an adventure (Stephen-I know you are reading this and making fun of me for blogging). We decided to go fishing. Of course the one day we decide to do it Mt. Pleasant turned into the arctic tundra. My gosh I don't think I have ever been that cold in my entire life. Me being the smart one that I am wore shorts (just trying to get tan for all the weddings..). I should have known no good would come from it. My legs turned purple as soon as we left the landing... Then we got stopped by DNR. I think it's because I am a girl and they do gender profiling. Then when we got to the "spot" some dummies were already there. Wasting the spot. SO we pressed on. Through the wind and the cold. By this point I could not feel my face, legs and or toes and my nose was running like crazy. We finally made it to another spot. So we set up shop and got down to business. Now I will be honest and say that I have never laughed so hard as I did on this trip. My gosh. I think I broke a rib from laughing so hard and chipped a tooth from shivering....ahah. I mentioned in a previous post that Stephen was abusive. I consider it a compliment. We make fun of each other, but it's worth it bc I have never laughed so stinking hard. Then I thought I saw an alligator, but sadly I was mistaken. It was only an otter. Sneaky little thing caught a fish and then swam with it back across the creek. Straight up nature right there...After a while we packed up and headed toward Sullivans. We made a pit stop (on a stranger's dock) and Stephen went to gather more clothes/weird Indian moccasins. and some food. He brought me a nice Mexican blanket that actually changed my life. We also picked up Dr. Chris. He was wearing a nice turban as you can see. Quite the fisher man he is...Laughter began to commence immediately. They are two of the funniest/my favorite people eveeeerrrrr. We risked our lives as we cut back across the harbor. I got the wind knocked out of me I was laughing so stinking hard. After a while we decided to cut our losses and call it a day. Even though we froze and could have died in the arctic tundra, I had an AWESOME time. Plus-I did happen to catch the only fish of the day......Woo Hoo!

Yours Truly,
Betty B

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  1. I was looking at your blog and I was super jealous that you have more followers than me. I mean, I know why; you have much funnier content than the life of a 2 year old. But, I don't even know how to follow people's blogs or even see who is following mine, so I don't really, reallly care who is following me. Either way, you are awesome!