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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

As of late

Sorry for the absence.  Not too much happening over here that is uber exciting and cool.  Just trucking along.  Duck season started which is my favorite time of the year.  The ducks have been slow in Edisto, but I'm a fan of the whole ordeal so it has been pretty enjoyable.  I weirdly love waking up early, getting in the suburban and heading south with some of my favorite guys.  We pull up, find our blind assignments, slip into our waders and make the trek out in the darkness.  I love watching the sun come up and hearing all of the morning sounds.  I wish I could start every morning like that.  Plus, blind talks are always the best.  Especially with the Dupre boys.
 Special guest one day.
Right before I took a dip in the lovely pond
So there you have it. Nothing new to report over here.  I will say, I am rather excited that the cool weather has made its appearance.  I just hope it sticks.

On another note.  Happy Happy Bday to one of my favorites: