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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Optimus Prime

STOP! Don't read this if you are looking for something deep because you will not find deepness in this post. Okay. I finished all of my work yesterday and didn't really have anything to do so I decided to spend my mid morning at Metto. One of my favorite places. While here I decided to go through all of my pictures and delete ones that are not worthy of taking up precious space on the mac. I realized that I had far too many pictures of my car. I also realized that I love my car. Not in a materialistic kind of way, but in a thank you for being loyal and getting me where I need to go kind of way. I happened to name my car Optimus Prime(ever since high school my friends and I have to name our cars-it gives them more character..). This may sound super weird to many of you, but I like it so it stays. Optimus Prime and I have had many adventures together. We have traveled all across the southeast. We braved 2 spring break trips to the panhandle, Charlottesville to see our friend Logan, many trips to Charlotte, Windy Gap, Knoxvegas, Savannah, Hilton Head, too many trips to the concrete jungle (Columbia if you didn't know), Greenville, Clemsux, and many day trips across the low country and to the boat landing. We have spent a a lot of 1 on 1 time together. In the car is where I do most of my thinking. Just this past weekend Optimus Prime logged 170,000 miles on the books. He has had a long life, but still runs like a top! So I decided to give him a shout out. So now you think I am wacko for blogging about my car, but I do what I want.....hahha. Okay I am going to go do something productive now....
(Snow day..)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Takin it back old school

I don't know about y'all, but I have been talking to myself all day. Not like actually talking out loud, but I have been thinking a lot today. As I mentioned last post, I went on a retreat this past weekend. I came home knowing that I needed to have a lot more qt time with the Lord. So not knowing exactly what that meant, I journeyed over to my faithful bookcase(one of my favorite adult purchases) in search of a little help. I came across a book that I have had for at least 5 years, but have not even glanced at it. You may know it- My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. I never opened it before because I always thought it was too hard for me. So last night I decided I was doing it full force. So I opened to Feb 22 and stopped dead in my tracks. The first thing on the page was "Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10. That is exactly what I had been praying about all weekend. Then the title of the day was "Spiritual Perseverance"-yet another subject of my prayers. It is so cool how the Lord works. I just wanted to share that sweet little nugget.

I finished work early today so I got home around 3. It was so beautiful out and I decided to spend some quality time outside. I pumped up my bike tires and decided to go for a ride about. I headed for the Pitt St. bridge. It was a glorious ride. I think I am obsessed with where I live. I may never be able to leave for an extended period of time.I have yet to find a place as naturally pretty as ol Mt. Perfect. For some reason I had high school on the brain. I kept thinking of my friends from high school. Maybe because I miss them. Good Ol Wando. I had some good times. I always feel bad for everybody else because I don't think there is any one else who had as great of friends as I did-and still do!. I love them so so so much. Since many of you were not there here are some pics you may enjoy! (please ignore the boy hair cut I was sporting..)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

(this is my skit character for the retreat....)

This past weekend I got to go to the St. Andrews Women's Retreat and as usual it was awesome. Not to mention the hotel was off the chain. The retreat was called "Joy in His Presence." A lot of really cool stuff happened. My favorite thing about the retreat was getting to know some really awesome women that I didn't know that well. I feel like I just keep meeting amazing people. If you didn't know-I love people! I also always love the sweet prayer times. Just getting to sit and be quiet is always so refreshing. What I came home with=I need to spend a whole lot more qt time with God. Something I am really excited about.

On another note-I got to hang out with some of my favorites tonight. We decided to have a spontaneous photo shoot. Here are some of my favorites...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My dear pal Frosty

1989. That was the last time I have seen real live snow stuck on the ground. I can not express how joyful last night's lil blizzard has made me. I first git to witness it while I was at the Wagner's house. We frolicked for over an hour. Then I drove home around 11pm- which was a whole new experience. I had to put the ol Hoe (tahoe) in 4 wheel drive....Then I got home and me and chregan (chris and megan) put boots on, made drinks and headed to Shem Creek by foot. It was awesome. I have more to add later...Thank you Frosty!
Love to all!
(me and mego on Shem Creek bridge)
(our sweet house)
(our tree)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ELATION at the Girl Palace!

Straight up glory going on in the Girl Palace right about now.
Thats all I give right about now.

(isn't that what love should look like?)
(We are so the way we are still available people..jk..well kinda serious..) haha
(I got to be the official engagement photographer)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little pre-mature


Hello all. Today I have a few random things of the week. First off- the garbage men in Cooper Estates are dears. Lulie and I returned from a delightful lunch at the boulevard only to find that we forgot to put the trash can out. That is bad news for us. We hate a trash build up. As we calmly swerved into the driveway we heard those low gears coming toward us from down the street. We realized we had a small window of time to get the trash to the street. We split up- I headed to the street to throw my self in front of the truck while Lu raced for the trash can. Just in the nick of time the truck operator hit the brakes and was stopped right in front of our beautiful house. Then these two sweet lil hispanic men hopped out from somewhere in the back to take care of our trash. We chatted while the metal arm worked our can. For some reason I have been thinking of them ever since. They have one of the most thankless jobs in town, yet they were so sweet and nice. Then we said our goodbyes and I slipped them Wimberly's number....just kidding about the number. Sorry Wim.
Second- I had some kind of weird moment in target today. I am almost weary of writing this in public, but if you can't tell imaginary friends on the internet highway then who can you tell. Ok so I went in with intentions of only buying a bin (for my xmas stuff) and some toothpaste. I was doing so well until I decided to breeze by the kitchen section. I never realized how excited kitchenware could get me. I decided to journey down each aisle. At first in was innocent. I was calmy admiring things I would like to have. Then I decided I would pretend I was getting married and imaginarily picked out things I would totally register for. DON'T Judge...haahha So after about 30 min I finally finshed and busted out laughing! I could not stop so I made a b line for the check out. This may seem trivial, but I wanted to throw it out there.
That is all I've got,
Betty Bridesmaid

PS- Brett Dennen "By an By" and "There is so much more" are working their magic on me at the moment.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Techno and sweaty people..Good times

Wow pretty much sums up this past weekend. It was our roommate Lulie's bacheloretteweekend extravaganza cue the inappropriate rap music. Her sweet sisters rented us all a beach house on IOP which was awesome. On friday night we went to Poes for a delicious late night dinner. Then we headed back to the house. On Saturday morning there was a sweet lil shower where she got many nice things (you can ask her about her presents). Then I went home to rest up for the night. We went to Fleet landing for an awesome supper at about 9. Then we embarked on a night of fun. We went directly to Club Trio. Now if you don't know, Trio is 3 separate worlds: downstairs with live music, upstairs with djs and techno and stripper poles, and some other level I never found called the back porch...We were downstairs busting moves till about 1:15 am. Not going to lie, I saw some pretty hilarious things during these couple hours. Sally Varner has the best dance moves I have ever seen and Megan can work a tambourine(both as a musical instrument and also as a weapon, just ask Wim...). I should have known things would go down hill when Megan wanted to journey to the upstairs. Let me paint you the scene here. As you make your way up the stairs you can feel the temperature rise and you can here the beats pulsating through the walls. Then you come through the door and see a sea of bodies bouncing back and forth and what not to the beat of techno music (my nightmare=Megan's dream..). You have to get all over people just to make it to the floor. And don't ya know we had to be right in the middle of the floor. This is where I began to lose it. People were all up on me and you know I like my lil circle of space. Guidos seemed to surround us. Lights were flashing and my ears were throbbing. Meanwhile couples were showing a little too much PDA if you know what I mean. Right before I was either going to pass out or punch this idiot girl we were forced out because the place was now closing for the night. Man was I ecstatic...haha. Then we headed back. All in all a good time was had by each of us! Club Trio was definitely a new experience, but a great one for the most part! Then I watched the Super Bowl with some great friends to finish up the weekend!
(Beauties at the shower)
(Poe's for supper)
(Fleet Landing on Sat night)
(At Trio with some of my favs)
(This is actually my fav of the night bc it pretty much sums up our friendship..)
(Super bowl Sunday view!!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rock the boat

Today was a great day! Woke up early and went to my Wed morning huddle at St. Andrews which I love. Then I got to go to lunch with my good friend. As I was finally making my way to the office, I crossed over the Ravenel bridge and realized it was a beautiful day. I only lasted about an hour in the office before I found myself headed toward Hobcaw to pick up my boat...and grab my super cool boots..Lili made it to the landing just as I was leaving the dock so being the nice sister that I am I went back for her(even though she said I looked like farmer Ted in them). It was beautiful, but it was cold as crap! We decided to have a lil photo shoot with ourselves in the middle of Shem Creek. I have attached some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure. After our lovely boat ride I changed and headed to the bridge for a little walk about. This is day three of get looking smoking hot for MC's wedding. Only like 128 days or so left of walking the bridge.....

Your beaming bridesmaid,
lili got cold..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Always a Bridesmaid...

Haha. Sorry I am already laughing. Its 10 am and I have already had an interesting day. Right before Thanksgiving one of my best friends succumbed to the man and got engaged. Mary Catherine if you are reading this you know I am joking and am very excited for you (plus you know I love Rob). So don't get angry...Any who, I was lucky enough to be one of the few, the proud, a BRIDESMAID. This will be my first appearence down the aisle. Now let me be honest and say I was a bit petrified when she first asked me, in fact I may have not responded in the proper bridesmaidsy fashion, but MC hung on the line and got me through it...Now I am super honored to get to be a part of her big day.

Enough of the sentimental sappiness. I am going to get down to the meat and potatoes. The reason I was a bit apprehensive would have to be the thought of bridesmaids dresses and treking down the ol aisle for the world to see. Today is where this vision became a reality. Being last minute and a procrastinator I waited until the last day to go and get my dress stuff. I had my appointment at 9:30 am this beautiful February morning. I was nervous the whole 10 min drive down to King St. I will give the place credit though-it's pretty cool and the girl in there is extra nice. One reason I was nervous was because for some reason I thought you had to be naked when the measuring went down and if you know me you know I was not too thrilled about this. Thank God that is not the case. I was fully clothed lucky for the measuring lady. But in all honesty, who likes to go have their measurements taken. It's a bit depressing if you ask me. But all in all I survived and will live to see another day. Now all I have to is work out 10 hours a day until June so I can look smokin hot when I trip down that aisle....

Until next time,

Betty Bridesmaid....