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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little pre-mature


Hello all. Today I have a few random things of the week. First off- the garbage men in Cooper Estates are dears. Lulie and I returned from a delightful lunch at the boulevard only to find that we forgot to put the trash can out. That is bad news for us. We hate a trash build up. As we calmly swerved into the driveway we heard those low gears coming toward us from down the street. We realized we had a small window of time to get the trash to the street. We split up- I headed to the street to throw my self in front of the truck while Lu raced for the trash can. Just in the nick of time the truck operator hit the brakes and was stopped right in front of our beautiful house. Then these two sweet lil hispanic men hopped out from somewhere in the back to take care of our trash. We chatted while the metal arm worked our can. For some reason I have been thinking of them ever since. They have one of the most thankless jobs in town, yet they were so sweet and nice. Then we said our goodbyes and I slipped them Wimberly's number....just kidding about the number. Sorry Wim.
Second- I had some kind of weird moment in target today. I am almost weary of writing this in public, but if you can't tell imaginary friends on the internet highway then who can you tell. Ok so I went in with intentions of only buying a bin (for my xmas stuff) and some toothpaste. I was doing so well until I decided to breeze by the kitchen section. I never realized how excited kitchenware could get me. I decided to journey down each aisle. At first in was innocent. I was calmy admiring things I would like to have. Then I decided I would pretend I was getting married and imaginarily picked out things I would totally register for. DON'T Judge...haahha So after about 30 min I finally finshed and busted out laughing! I could not stop so I made a b line for the check out. This may seem trivial, but I wanted to throw it out there.
That is all I've got,
Betty Bridesmaid

PS- Brett Dennen "By an By" and "There is so much more" are working their magic on me at the moment.


  1. oh this is so good! Sass you had me cracking up with that Wimberly comment! Love you so much. You have a gift for writing. And don't worry about drifting off into "what if" dreamyland, we all do it.

  2. c'mon sass. I can do a little bit better. At least give my number to the mailman next time.