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Monday, February 8, 2010

Techno and sweaty people..Good times

Wow pretty much sums up this past weekend. It was our roommate Lulie's bacheloretteweekend extravaganza cue the inappropriate rap music. Her sweet sisters rented us all a beach house on IOP which was awesome. On friday night we went to Poes for a delicious late night dinner. Then we headed back to the house. On Saturday morning there was a sweet lil shower where she got many nice things (you can ask her about her presents). Then I went home to rest up for the night. We went to Fleet landing for an awesome supper at about 9. Then we embarked on a night of fun. We went directly to Club Trio. Now if you don't know, Trio is 3 separate worlds: downstairs with live music, upstairs with djs and techno and stripper poles, and some other level I never found called the back porch...We were downstairs busting moves till about 1:15 am. Not going to lie, I saw some pretty hilarious things during these couple hours. Sally Varner has the best dance moves I have ever seen and Megan can work a tambourine(both as a musical instrument and also as a weapon, just ask Wim...). I should have known things would go down hill when Megan wanted to journey to the upstairs. Let me paint you the scene here. As you make your way up the stairs you can feel the temperature rise and you can here the beats pulsating through the walls. Then you come through the door and see a sea of bodies bouncing back and forth and what not to the beat of techno music (my nightmare=Megan's dream..). You have to get all over people just to make it to the floor. And don't ya know we had to be right in the middle of the floor. This is where I began to lose it. People were all up on me and you know I like my lil circle of space. Guidos seemed to surround us. Lights were flashing and my ears were throbbing. Meanwhile couples were showing a little too much PDA if you know what I mean. Right before I was either going to pass out or punch this idiot girl we were forced out because the place was now closing for the night. Man was I ecstatic...haha. Then we headed back. All in all a good time was had by each of us! Club Trio was definitely a new experience, but a great one for the most part! Then I watched the Super Bowl with some great friends to finish up the weekend!
(Beauties at the shower)
(Poe's for supper)
(Fleet Landing on Sat night)
(At Trio with some of my favs)
(This is actually my fav of the night bc it pretty much sums up our friendship..)
(Super bowl Sunday view!!)


  1. mad I had to miss that. sounds like a blast!

  2. Megan can't play with tamborines anymore.

  3. oh club trio! Love it! I miss y'all dearly. Wish I could have been there with y'all. I was definitely there in heart. You could actually probably find my heart at trio!