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Sunday, February 21, 2010

(this is my skit character for the retreat....)

This past weekend I got to go to the St. Andrews Women's Retreat and as usual it was awesome. Not to mention the hotel was off the chain. The retreat was called "Joy in His Presence." A lot of really cool stuff happened. My favorite thing about the retreat was getting to know some really awesome women that I didn't know that well. I feel like I just keep meeting amazing people. If you didn't know-I love people! I also always love the sweet prayer times. Just getting to sit and be quiet is always so refreshing. What I came home with=I need to spend a whole lot more qt time with God. Something I am really excited about.

On another note-I got to hang out with some of my favorites tonight. We decided to have a spontaneous photo shoot. Here are some of my favorites...

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