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Monday, November 23, 2009


So last Wednesday I embarked on a
spontaneous road trip with my newly famous artist roommate Lulie. We packed her bu (suburu)with the famous painitngs and headed south to Columbus, GA. It was actually a very delightful 6 hour ride. We took ourselves on a musical journey as we drove through the middle of nowhere. By 6 pm we were famished and almost to starvation so we stopped at Zaxby's. Big surprise there. After we were rejuvinated we got back on the road and trucked along. At around 1030 pm we pulled up to the Martin house which was a lovely home indeed. Mrs. Sally cooked us a delicious breakfast the next morning. Then Lulie drove me all around her town. I got to meet her oldest sister, precious (her grandmother) and I got to see where all of the wedding stuff is going to be. Very exciting. Then I said my goodbye's and Lulie drove me to opelieka...

Yes Opelieka. It is a sprawling metropolis of a town just inside Alabama. She made us go to Angel's Antiques. It was so overwhelming that both of us had to evacuate after a half hour because I thought we were going to pass out. Then Katie Wagner pulled in to pick me up. Thank God! I couldn't go back into that place. So she took me to her world....AUBURN! We ate lunch at Blezelia's and then she drove me all over. It only took 20 min to see all the hot spots by car. Then we went back to her dorm to hang. While there I realized I am so so so glad I am out of college. I forgot all about dorm life in the 5 years since I once lived in my concrete cube. We then went and walked around campus. Auburn is actually a really pretty school, but I am partial to CofC! Auburn is slightly larger.... It got pitch black dark at 4 pm. Then we went to the coolest store called Kinnucans. I made several purchases while there. Then we went to track down Drew which is harder than one would think. Finally we found him at his fraternity house. Unfortunately I was forced to go inside....Haha. It was funny. After his little frat gathering we all went to dinner at one of the 456 BBQ joints in Auburn. We had a good time and headed home. The next morning Katie had class so I went to hang at the student act place. There I sat in Starbucks and people watched. Very sweet people there. Now I am no fashionista, but there is one trend I do not understand. Short Nike running shorts, sorority Tshirt and Uggs.....It does not look pretty and some people don't need t obe wearing those shortie shorts....Oh well we can't solve all of the world's problems in one day. When Katie finished class we bolted out of Auburn at warp speed. Her radio was broken so we got to talk the whole way home. All in all it was a great trip!

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  1. I can't believe you don't even acknowledge the fact that you saw ME and stayed on a FARM and saw Gang Bang!! I am highly offended! I guess I still love ya though.