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Monday, November 30, 2009

Glory Days of November

Hello all and Happy Thanksgiving...Sorry so late. I hope your turkey day was as good as mine. I guess I don't technically have a Thanksgiving break, but I managed to make do. Things went pretty well on my end. Drew and Katie came home for the week so that was awesome. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had to go to debutante parties..yes you heard right. I went to deb parties. I got a new dress and tried to get glamified. I have to say that I did slightly enjoy all of the glamour. It was more like mini weddings without the ceremony and just the receptions. Receptions are my favorite part anyways..

On Thursday the fam (minus Lili) and I headed out to Edisto for Thanksgiving at Brickhouse. It was beautiful. Out in the country and on the creek. It was a perfect day! We had lunch with about 40 people or so. Then we played a nice competitive game of softball. I happened to be on the winning team..After that I headed across the creek to the Wagners to watch some football and eat supper. Needless to say I was Turkeyed and tuckered out.

On Friday we had a mini charleston chick reunion at our usual spot- Chick Fil A! I then headed out for a little black friday shopping. I didn't buy much. EXCEPT a new flat screen tv! Woo hoo.

Saturday was the best of all the break though. I went over to the Stouts to watch the Carolina/Clemson game. Thank the Lord the GAMECOCKS crushed those lil tigers...Sorry all you tiger fans, but it is true. I have to say we had a good team this year. It was hilarious watching with Mrs. Sugie. She wins the most enthusiastic tv fan of the year award.
Here are some pics from last week!

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  1. Great blog Sarah and nice pics. You are marvelous.