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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rat Palace..

Just kidding.  I would never call it a rat palace.  However, there used to be a few lil rodents calling the garage home.  Well not anymore my friends.  Not anymore.  I think we may actually be rat free.  So Thursday night Betsy and I set Victor (the handy rat trap).   We anxiously awaited through the night.  I woke up early and ran downstairs to the garage.  The green light was flashing.  Which meant we scored one.  I was doing totally fine.  Until I saw the tail.  Now I am a pretty tough person, but I just don't do rodents.  But clearly I was the only member of the Palace that would be willing to dispose of our lil friend.  So Betsy escorted me to the trash can and she managed to take a few pics.  I decided to set the trap again before I went to work.  Here is where I should add that I always thought rats only came out at night.  WRONG.  I came back to the garage 3 hours later.  Guess what?  The green light was a flashing.  So I made another disposal and set it a 3rd time.  Wahla.  Another one.  I can proudly say that I am now a rodent expert and we have gone 24 hours without another rodent.  I think we may have a clean slate here at the Girl Palace.

On another note.  I am retiring from red wine.  We have decided to go our separate ways.  For now.

I am also 70% done with my Christmas shopping.

This is Victor the rat trap
This is gross.  But I think its needed just to give a good visual.  Sorry.

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