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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun Facts of the Day

Today was a very random slash interesting day.  I learned several things.  From other people.  Here is a little handful of facts that I discovered:

-Because my car/tank gets 12 miler per gallon, I am single handedly funding terrorist groups.  (This is most likely true. I have a good source)

-We are in desperate need of a train system here.  Without trains we are headed from 1st world country to 3rd world country (From the same good source)

-People in India do not in fact say Namaste while doing Yoga. (From the same good source. He is actually quite knowledgeable in these topics)

-You can buy an AK47 in Saudi Arabia for $50 (The source once again)

-If you are not sure what to get Biz for Christmas, I know what she wants. This is a direct quote. "You know those snuggly bathrobes?  I do not want one. I want a satin dressing gown."  I am holding off on the sarcastic comments that came a floating in my mind....I mean, what 26 year old doesn't want a satin dressing gown??  J/k Biz.  I love you:)

-Netflix is very addicting.

-Pregnant people are everywhere. is a blackhole for me.  Once there...I am down for the count.

-I got to meet the long lost Crouch Brother.  Hilarious.  For real.

So today I was pondering several things.  Some big, some little.  Some important, some not.  But I think 2011 is going to be an interesting year on several accounts.  Just saying.  I have some things/plans a brewin....

Hope all is well.


PS-I have some awesome Xmas music going down over here...will share next time.


  1. We hope your plans are a huge success... as for Christmas, we have the perfect gift for Biz... check out!

  2. go look at the website and then tell us what 26yr old does not want one of those?!!

  3. OK, I hope some random good person will get Bix her dressing gown for Christmas, cuz it won't be me. She turned down a really nice green snuggly one just yesterday!