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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When the sun goes down

It was a good week. Seriously. It was a keeper. (you already know that I am going to see VAN MORRISON!!!) I know I have been a tid bit hostile toward the wedding industry. Please forgive me. I know not what I do....Last weekend I went to a wedding that was so much fun and I wish it was happening again this weekend. Congratulations Caroline and Willis. The reception was at Pepper where King Kong Hensley and the Asian are getting married so it made me so excited. For real. I couldn't stop talking about it for days. In fact I am still talking about it. Plus I got to see people I 100% love. Biz-I know you are reading this. You are one of my favorite wedding people plus you are really good at putting up with me and my shinnanigans... Harry G-You are the best dance partner ever in the whole wide world.

(Harry and I rocked the dance floor..)
This is the week that Drew and Addie had Mary Margaret. She is beautiful. I have not gotten to meet her in person, but I can not wait. She looks just like both of them!
I randomly had to go to a junkyard the other day in search of a mysterious car part. I found mayberry. Coastal salvage was a very interesting place. Larry and Bert run it. They look to be about 125 years old. Then there were a lot of older men roaming around the yard. Lets just say I stood out. I didn't quite fit in. They would only call me darlin and suga. Needless to say after me trying my hardest to find what I needed...I walked away empty handed. I will have to go try again.

Spring also decided to make an appearance this week! Just in time for when Megan's parents came to visit us. They are hilarious. Megan is an exact replica of Melinda Hensley, who by the way is one of the cutest lil people I have ever seen. Plus her dad is one of the funniest people I know. And they brought Luke, Megan's best friend. He is a dog. I got to take them on the boat on Friday afternoon and it was beautiful!

Then there was Easter. Boone Hall was beautiful..and really sweet. I had to be there a little after 7am for sound check so I got to see the sun rise at Boone Hall. So thankful for that. Our women's worship team got to sing pre servive with the men and it was awesome. It is so fun being up there singing. Dad and Lili even came so they got to meet some of my friends. After lunch with the fam I headed over to the Carmody's to bask in the sun. It was glorious. The sunset was incredible. Lukey and Tommy even made an appearance. It was such an awesome day!

Hope you had a good week too!
Love ya long time,

Listening too: Van Morrison...duh


  1. The boat ride was a highlight of my whole weekend. Seriously, I want you to be the captain of the boat that Greg is going to buy. We will have so much fun!

  2. Geez-Louise! Sounds like a pretty perfect week!