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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Absurdity of my every day life

Try being surrounded by boys all day. I am from 9-5. I secretly love it. At the office, on the 2nd floor (where the cool peeps are), I am usually the only girl up there. (they put the air so cold and try to freeze me out) However, sometimes Jennifer is there. So for the most part of the day I get picked on. Even Dad gets caught up the in the peer pressure of Follin and Andrew and decides to throw minor jabs my way. Not going to lie, it's funny. There is only so much I can do to fight back. They honestly think they are the funniest 3 people in the world. I let them believe that little lie. You know me-always building people up...So usually me, Follin, Andrew and Dad go out to lunch. A little lunch bunch if you will. I pray every time that dad will want to buy my lunch. It's a 50/50 shot. So today we got in the car and headed out. Today the usual conversations started.
Dad: "Can you believe what's happening to our gov't (or something along those lines) Illegal aliens everywhere."
Follin: "Take em out Herb"
Andrew: "He He"
Me: "help me now"
Then Follin interjects with some funny sarcastic comment.
Me:" Andrew how come you always have Maxim magazines in your truck?"
Andrew: "I like to stay current with the times"
All: Awkward silence.
Conversation resumes. Most likely about guns.
Meanwhile my phone rings. It's someone with questions about a lingerie shower. I think to myself how can I answer her without the boys knowing what I am talking about. I start sweating. So I precede to pretend to tell a story with the key info in it. For ex: Why yes, It was MEDIUM sized. But that is typical for that area. I'd say there were definitely 34 of them. Yeah thats right. The fish were really biting...
That was a close one. I was so proud of myself...
All: "Sarah. You have to stay in the car. We will crack the windows for you."

So after lunch on the way back men's fashion comes into the conversation.
Follin: "I used to like sear sucker, not it's just a status symbol. Why yes. I am from Charleston. Can't you see my sear sucker suit. Puh."
Dad: "I don't mind it. Bow ties get me stirred up."
Andrew: "I used to wear a clip on one."
Dad: "Listen. Anyone over 60 should not wear one. Or under 3. It's just the way it is. And if you are on the bigger end of things, don't do it. It does not help. Only little scrawny man boys can really get away with it."
Me: "Seriously. I think boys that wear them are cute."
Follin: "Sarah. Just because you are the boss' daughter does not mean you can just jump in the conversation. This is serious."
Me: I just bust out laughing."
Dad: "How come nobody else understands the whole bow tie thing? For the love"

This is just a typical lunch car ride. I love it. Just thought I'd share the love...


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  1. you should probably show your dad the picture of Harrison from Easter with his bow tie on. He looks like a pimp and he is 2.