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Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading between the lines

Ok. So on Sunday I actually 100% paid attention to the sermon. (even though rosemary the 2nd was trying to distract me...) This may sound trivial to yall, but I am just not good at it. I usually get about 45-65% of the sermons. Sunday I got the whole deal. DISCLAIMER- I love Steve Wood. He is awesome. The small percentage is my fault. Ok. I'm good now. We had a guest speaker. With a good accent. I tend to like people with cool accents. He spoke about the Prodigal son. I have heard many a talks about this subject, but this one hit home. He said prodigal means extravagant rebelliousness. There were 3 sides to this. The son who left was rebelling from his family and God. He took his money and partied it up. Then he realized he messed up and made his way home. He needed to find his way back to his father. The older brother was just as bad, but in another way. He was like the pharisees always keeping rules. He was spent his time working for the dad. When the younger son came back his father was so overwhelmed with love for his son. He welcomed him home and killed the fattened calf. This infuriated the older son. The older son was mad because he didn't mess up, he did all the right things yet his father was praising the son who lost it all. One word comes to mind- PRIDE. This is where I saw myself come into the picture. Often times I am that older brother. Sometimes I strive to do it all right, but I am doing it for all the wrong reason. Sometimes pride snakes its way in there and its hard to get realize it. The preacher left us with a question: Which brother are you?

So if you have the time and can understand what I am trying to explain, take a minute to think about it. I think we can be both brothers. I think of all the times where I find myself like that older brother. Keeping score and thinking things were unfair about different things. Its a good thing we have a God like the father in that story. Even though his son left and lost it all, he rejoiced that he came back. I think it's really cool how he does that. Just when I think I have wasted it all, God takes me right back.

I know that was deeper than usual, but Betty Bridesmaid retired for the night......ahhaha. Hope this post finds you well.
Keep it up,

Listening to: DMB "Grace is Gone"

PS- The other day we found a Christian singles sign up in our front yard. I automatically blamed shaun. On Sunday I found the real suspect. It was Steve Wood! I don't know why, but I think this is funny. He is our neighbor. Unfortunately for him the war has just begun.....muah hahah (my attempt at an evil laugh...)

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