Just a little bit of guns & dresses

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tyler McCoy if you are reading this....I worked from 850am to 10pm. Thank you very much. Yachtzee...

So on the way to work this morning I peeked over at the car next to me. It was 830am and an old man was smoking a cigar. I don't get it. Tobacco can't taste that good so early in the morning. I mean I appreciate the lil old guy keeping traditions up by puffing on the ol cigars, but that is early. I raised my iced coffee from metto and air cheers him. He then stared at me. So I ut my window back up. Interesting fact-I drove my 12.2 mpg gas guzzler 121 miles today. Did I mention I never left Charleston. Thats right. 3 trips to Mt. Perfect, 2 trips to North Charleston, jaunt out to Goose Creek and some sight seeing in West Ashley. I know you probably don't care to know all of this, but I didn't really have anything interesting happen today so there ya go.

Oh exciting news- MC's bridesmaids dresses came in today....for me this is when the scary music from Jaws comes on....I'm still not putting it on until later. Until the bridesmaid's challenge is over....

Logan just came by. Just what I needed. Logs-Good to have you least for the weekend!

Sorry this is boring and random...

-Betty B


  1. i love you, sass. your blog is always fun to read. :)

  2. Woop woop I made the blogggg! Still don't believe you but nice use of the word yahtzee:)