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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Confession

I don't know if you are in a small group, but maybe you should get in one. But don't get your hopes up because ours is exceptionally cool(Thanks to Biz). Last week we decided to have a social. Luckily a member's dad owns a pretty sweet lil boat. By little I mean 60 ft give or take a few. It's called the Jabez too...So we decided that our next meeting would be on water. Tonight was beautiful. One of the prettiest nights I've seen in a while. So each week some people volunteer to do the food. This week it was Ted. It was quite the Little Debbie showcase...I was cracking up. He even had Zebra Cakes. Who doesn't love a good Zebra cake? So sometimes I like to dedicate a blog post to someone. Tonight lil Rosemary Jr. is the lucky recipient....Don't worry I won't call you what your teacher calls you..We spent a good part of the night picking on one another. It was a good time.

Rosemary this next part is for you-

I have a confession. It's a bit overdue.. In 8th grade I was forced to do confirmation. I didn't even know what it really was.(Big surprise..) I do know I was terrified. If you did show though you got to have a Krispy Kreme. Clever incentives... Lil Rosemary happened to be leader...I will not make a sarcastic comment. Ha. So on the Saturday night before confirmation you have to stand up and give your testimony. Well that may sound easy to some, but when you didn't exactly have one it was a bit trickier..All week I was panicked. But I couldn't exactly verbalize my worries. So Saturday night came. We went in alphabetical order so I may or may not have skimmed a little off of some prior testimonies in order to piece one together. So Yes. I may have fabricated a testimony. And by may I mean I totally did. What was I to do? I was a sweaty little middle schooler who had nothing to say. I did the best I could...There I said it. 11 years later the truth is out. Just thought you should know...ha. Sure hope Mr. Martin doesn't happen upon this...

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  1. I cannot believe it Sarah... One day Jesus is going to ask you why you lied in confirmation class. What will you say?



    Thanks for the dedication.