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Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is what cool people do on Sat. night..

Its Saturday night and I am at home. I'm not just at home, but I am blogging. And you now what? I am okay with that. I hit a wall at about 9 pm and called it a night. This week has been action packed. Dodgeball is still the highlight of the week. So since our team dominated the other team (other team/Anna don't even try...) I have received some funny emails. Some mom's ready to take revenge...ahahah. Last night PCA had their prom. Since I was staying with Caroline Wagner (to whom this blog is dedicated to tonight..) I had to be the stand in Tobey Wagner and take some pics. She was so so so pretty. Then I went to Robbie's baseball game which was awesome because he rocked it. Today one of my all time favorite families was in town. Well 1/4 of them at least. So I got up early and headed out to see them at Avery's soccer game. They are awesome. Hands down. Stellar. Then I made my way back to Mt. Perfect for breakfast and Lukey's 4 yr old bday party. Let me tell you, Eliza can do a 4 yr old party. It was awesome. It was construction themed. She even served dirt cake out of a dump truck. Then Eliza sweet talked me into going to a 3 yr old party. I am a goober. We went to the fire museum which to my surprise was actually pretty cool. Thank God there was chicken nuggets, because I was about to die. So after we demolished some nugs we headed home. Then I got to go meet some awesome people for dinner at Mustard Seed (one of my fav's). So good.

So enough of the play by play. A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to lead a small group of some really cool high school kids at St. Andrews. At first I immediately declined. I thought I was taking a bit of a sabbatical from pretty much any type of leadership responsibility. Wrong. I knew that I would do it. Even when I said no....I just can't help it. I like them a lot. A whole lot. Even though I don't hardly know them. They are super cool. Probably more mature/deeper than I am, but we will just have to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle. So I was a bit nervous trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do. Then it hit me. I can take what I learn and share it with them. Duh. Thank you captain obvious. So we talked about leaving our comfort zones/our familiar. Not going to lie. I think it went well. This is what always cracks me up-As I am mid sentence trying to sound smart, I realize whoa this totally applies to me....Ha.

So this week the bridesmaidenship training kicked it up a notch. Went to the gym Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Honestly, I can't move my stinking arms. They hurt. Just a sacrifice we maidens have make. All in the glory of looking good/toned as we stumble down the aisle. I got stuck next to coughing coffee lady again. She may have collapsed a lung on Friday from her coughing. But she kept on trekking... Only 1 diet coke and 2 beers this week. That is dedication people. Ok. I need my beauty sleep.

Icing my arms,
Betty B

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