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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Head Shot Princess

Today is a historical day. Yes it is. Today we played Dodgeball inside St. Andrews. My dreams are complete yet again. Just another reason to love St. Andrews. I mean I doubt there are other womens ministries throwing balls at each other or beating each other up with light sabers. At first I was a bit nervous to see how it was all going to go down, but alas the experience surpassed my expectations. I was putting my things on the table when I noticed Patsy Martin. (See above) She was wearing knee pads and a helmet. Then there were the moms looking intimidating in their work out wear. So we picked teams and thankfully me and Eliza were on the same team which really means Team Domination. As we lined up on our respective sides I began to laugh. On the opposing team there stood Cassie, Becky, Rebecca Long, Carol Farrar (Age 80's), Anna Stewart, Tessa and Mary Gordon. If I forgot you I apologize. I could not stop laughing. Of course Cassie was pulling out some old Wando cheers...My first thought was that there is no possible way I can hit Becky Kerr with a dodge ball. Then I saw the look on their faces and realized that I was going to have to nail them to survive. They came after us full force. And peg them we did....Our team dominated. Poor Rebecca took one of my harder shots right to the chest...bad situation. Then at one point Becky and Susalee were at a standstill. Too good of friends to peg each other. Meanwhile I tried taunting Becky trying to get Susalee a chance to get her....hahaah. Probably my favorite part of the game. Then Susalee caught a ball and I got to go back into the game.. It was just me and Becky. She seriously is too nice to hit..but sometimes you have to sacrifice...haha Becky is probably going to make me come to healing prayer now....because....I pegged her! hahaha. I am still laughing. Ladies, if you are reading this, AWESOME job today. Hilarious. Can't wait to do it again....

Watch for flying balls,
The headshot princess....

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