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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Measuring Up

Picture this.  Monsoon like rainfall.  Traffic filled King St.  Anxiety ridden 25 year old girl running through puddles with a bridesmaid dress thrown over her shoulder.  Can you see it?  Good. Because it happened today at 10 am.  Today was the day.  I finally confronted the bridesmaid's dress that has been tucked away in my closet for weeks just a waiting for the day I would actually acknowledge its existence.  Last night I panicked because I realized that my bad bridesmaid dreams could actually become a reality if I waited until the last minute to get my dress altered. So after much procrastination, nausea and hyperventilating I plucked the dress from the back of my closet.  (This was sometime around Monday night-after everyone had gone to bed)  I took a few deep breaths and put on the ol dress.  It was not nearly as terrifying as it was back in June for wedding #1.  However, it was in need of some alterations.  So step 1 (acknowledging the dress' existence) and step 2 (actually putting the thing on) were completed.  Step 3 (go to the intimidating alteration lady) is where I tend to get bogged down.  I have to build myself up for these things you know.  So I was going to take it yesterday, but why ruin a perfectly good birthday?  Smart thinking.  So today was the day.  Naturally, I had a hard time falling asleep, just pondering all of the terrible things that were going to happen...Dramatic I know.  I gave myself a pep talk and headed downtown.  Of course it began to unload 45 lb. rain drops as soon as I got on the bridge.  I started to think it was some kind of sign that I shouldn't proceed to the alteration station...I told myself that if it was raining when I arrived I was going to pass on by and try another day.  What do ya know?  As soon as I pulled onto King St. it miraculously cleared up.  Until I got out of the car that is.  I didn't have my little plastic dress covering thing so I kinda wrapped it around my neck (kinda like a scarf) and then put on my rain coat.  I thought that was rather creative/protective.  Not the case according to the greeter girl.  I was welcomed with a look of disgust.  But that could be because I ripped open the door to get out of the monsoon and busted my *ss as soon as I crossed the threshold.  No lie.  Hit the ground.  It wasn't pretty.  I gathered myself and tried to act confident.  I immediately asked for Molly. (she is the alteration wizard.) Yes, we are on a first name basis now.  The girl said she was teaching a class.  Dang. Oh well.  At least the boy wasn't in here this time.  I navigated my way to the dressing room and put on the dress.  I couldn't reach the zipper so I just hoped for the best and told the girl I was done.  She told me to come out.  Clearly she doesn't know how I operate.  But, I'm 25 now.  Lil bit tougher.  A hair more confident.  Not.  I inched my way out of the dressing room.  To find the girl + 2 other women.  So now I am like a dang deer in the headlights standing there all the way unzipped and vulnerable. They are just staring.  Perfect. Well then they proceed to tell me that Molly actually needs to look.  And that I needed to hold my position for a few minutes.  Great.  Of course I became nervous and may or may not have started sweating.  After a long long long awkward silence they told me to just go see Molly. I'm sorry, but isn't she teaching a sewing class now. Yes, yes she is.  Well what do you know?  They just send me to the doorway.  Well as I am standing there I look up to see lots of other people staring at me.  Awesome.  I have come a long way.  I got to stand in the doorway of the classroom while Molly took my measurements.  That's called vulnerability people....So as soon as she finished I high tailed it to the dressing room and changed.  And I was out of there like a flash.  I think I forgot to breathe the whole time I was in that place.  At least now it's over.  Well at least until Oct 12th.  That's when I have the joy of going back for a "trial fitting."  Can't wait.  Now I am on the hunt for shoes. Gold shoes.  Should be fun....I will be sure to update you.
Until next time,
Betty Bridesmaid

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  1. Good one Sarah. I can just picture you with the dress slung around your neck. I would love to see the gift presentation room. Please let me know when I can come. I will bring something to drink.

    Great blog.