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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Scary Women

Imagine lots of big scary women coming at you at about 100 mph.  You actually don't have to imagine this.  You can go see it live.  That's right people.  Live in our own town.  Roller Derby.  Yep.  You heard right.  In fact, I saw the roller derby go down last week.  I took my friend to see the Low country Debutante Brawl.  I don't know if words can fully describe the scene there....Talk about people watching.  I think I missed half the match just staring at other people. I saw so many tats, earrings, small children and girlfriends... FYI-You can buy beer or wine there.  In case you were wondering.  Plus there names are hilarious.  This may be crossing the line, but I will share my two favorite players names: Bloody T-Bone and Sexual Chocolate.  This is probably inappropriate, but I'm speaking the truth.  So there you have it.  Some are really coordinated and some not so much....Needless to say-it was very interesting.  My friend (who shall remain nameless) loved it.  I am a bit concerned that she may have liked it a little too much...We may have a new roller derbyer on our hands.  Just saying.  All in all it was a good time.
 PS-Right now as we speak, hilarious things are going on in the Girl Palace.  All I can say is that Megan is making Wimberly put her hand on the bible and repeat after her....I will leave the rest up to you to imagine.  Just know that it is HILARIOUS.  This weekend is Megan's Bachelorette weekend.  It's time for Betty Bridesmaid to make her debut. On a scary note, Megan is making me personally go pick out her present for Saturday night.  Yes, she knows how much I do not want to do this...Which is my worst nightmare (besides the water park). Which also means that I have to go into Victoria Secret or where ever else one goes by myself.  Then I have to pick something out on my own, which will be traumatizing I'm sure... I'm not allowed to let anyone else go pick out the present.....Awesome.  Can't wait.  I wonder if they sell onesie's there?  HA.  Okay, have a good one.  See you when I return...Hopefully with some good stories...

Love you long time,


  1. um, split girl in the front is positively terrifying... YIKES. But I'm in for this... sign me up.

  2. Sweet Sarah, Love reading your stuff on your heart. Always makes me laugh or cry. You have to look at this seriously awesome blog by a young mom in the church here in Hawaii. There is something in Japan called bentos which is like a box lunch for school children. She has written two books about it, does this awesome blog, and is so creative. I feel that one day you will be making bentos and doing all sorts of creative things with your kids. But, you will also be dove hunting and doing cool stuff. Just wanted you to check this out. Thinking of you, miss you, love you. It is Just dyed my hair myself. What was suppposed to be "medium blonde" is more of a "LeeAnn Wagner" brown. Oh well, I have always wanted to look like her... this is a start.