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Monday, September 27, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis?

In just a few I turn 25.  Yes 25.  I can't believe it either.  I used to think 25 was ancient. No lie.  My opinion  has changed a little bit.  It doesn't seem quite as old at this present time.  I got such a great present to welcome me to this new level of adult hood.  I checked the mail box for bday cards and to my surprise there was only one envelope.  Guess what?  It was my new insurance rates since I no longer will be checking the under 25 box.  Oh joy. Welcome to a new level of adulthood.

Today I gifted myself with the opportunity to start P90X. Yes, quite another fun filled gift for year 25....I came home from work and Betsy was doing it.  So I then decided that Betty Bridesmaid was going to join the P90X team.  Perfect bridesmaidenship training.  So tonight I did day 1.  We worked the core.  Well let me tell you-sweet little Betty is hurting just a bit.  I blame Megan for making me a bridesmaid. She is responsible for this least that is what I will keep telling myself every morning when I pop that dang video in.  As you know (or maybe you don't) there are certain things I like to do alone such as: working out.  Seriously it is not a buddy sport for me, so I generally like to do it solo. I will give you a brief summary.  It was long.  It was hard. And Megan just had to walk in while I was doing a rather awkward floor position. No explanation necessary on that one...

All day I have been thinking about the past year and the things that I have done or haven't done, things I've learned and things I probably should have learned. Here is what I know for sure.  The Girl Palace is like a breeding ground for little engaged people.  We lost Lulie and we are about to lose Megan.  Marriage is rampant in the Palace and it freaks me out.  I have learned a lot about weddings and what not.  Probably more than I need to know.  By the way if you want you can come visit the Hensley/Simon present show room in our dining room.  I also learned about bridesmaidenship.  This may be my #1 focus of the past year.  I like to think I have coped a little better than expected in this department.  I'm not as negative as I once was.  Just check back in a few weeks... I have learned about employment.  I have had a job for over a year.  The same job at that.  Wow.  There are definitely a lot of things I still don't get though.  Like Silly Bands.  What is the big deal? Or Crocks and Rompers.  Gah.  Seriously.  I didn't make it out to Jackson Hole this year.  That dream will have to transfer over to this year.  I didn't learn how to play the harmonica, but I can kind of walk in heels now (well not that well..).  So they can cancel each other out...I'm hoping year 25 is full of excitement and adventure.  We shall see.  All I know is that I want to do something great. I have no idea what that means, but I am going to figure it out.  (I know that sounds weird, but bear with me people)  Clearly I am getting delirious. And I need to go try on the bridesmaid's dress.  Yikes.  I will leave you with that. So here lies my last post as a little whipper snapper 24 year old.
Rock on,

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